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Funny Guy On The Prowl -- A Voice Wailing in the Wilderness -- presents America Ya Gotta Love It, pithy thoughts and cheap shots, witty prose and bon mots, hot tirades, rollicking rants, and just plain grousing.  Catch it on 94.5 Roxy weekdays at 6:10 in the morning and at 6:10 in the afternoon.  Now you'll never miss an exciting episode.  The five most recent editions of America Ya Gotta Love It are available below. A new audio essay is available after 7:00 each weekday morning. You can also check the Funny Guy on the Prowl Podcast.

Bobby Hart interviews Caveman Cody Lyman (10.23.13) 

Bobby Hart interviews Elliott Gould (10.18.13) 

Bobby Hart, Derik Nelson, Jerry Farmer

Bobby Hart interviews Derik Nelson (9.13.13) 

Kris Marshall interviews Leslie Johnson, Director at Squaxin Island Tribe, Tourism Department about the 14th Annual Water Sounds Native Art Auction & Traditional Dinner (9.11.13)

Kris Marshall with Edgar Martinez (3.22.13)

Bobby Hart with 2013 Lacey Loves to Read featured author Jennifer L. Holm (2.28.13)

Bobby Hart with actor and comedian Larry Miller (10.10.11)

Bobby Hart with the 2011 Lacey Loves to Read featured author Kirby Larson (2.17.11)

Bobby Hart with longtime Olympia broadcaster Dick Pust (1.14.11)

Bobby Hart with Doobie Brother Patrick Simmons (8.13.10)