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Friday 1.29.16
Morning Trivia: Tomorrow is the anniversary of the release of this album which would go on to become the longest charting album by a female solo artist and sell 24 million copies worldwide. Can you name the artist and the album?

The Seattle Seahawks’ 2016 Pro Bowl collective is suiting up on opposite sidelines this Sunday. Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Michael Bennett are representing Team Irvin at this year’s NFL all-star game, while Tyler Lockett and Bobby Wagner are lining up with Team Rice. The Seattle split comes after this week's Pro Bowl draft that saw Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receivers Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice, this year’s team captains, take turns picking their respective squads from 2016’s Pro Bowl attendees. The Pro Bowl is being played Sunday at Honolulu's Aloha Stadium. ESPN has the coverage Sunday afternoon at 4:00.

Birthdays: Actress Katharine Ross is 76; actress Claudine Longet is 74; he was Magnum P.I. now NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods, actor Tom Selleck is 71; actress Ann Jillian is 66; talk-show host, network owner, Weight Watchers partner and spokesperson, and very rich person, Oprah Winfrey is 62; Olympic diver Greg Louganis is 57; he was James Martines on NYPD Blue, actor Nicholas Turturro is 54; actor Edward Burns is 48; is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan is 46; she was Darlene on Rosanne, actress Sara Gilbert is 41; musician Jonny Lang is 35; and singer Adam Lambert is 34.

Paul Kantner, one of the founding members of 1960s San Francisco psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane, died on yeterday. Kantner died from multiple organ failure and septic shock after suffering a heart attack earlier this week, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Kantner and singer Marty Balin formed Jefferson Airplane in the mid-1960s with musicians including Grace Slick, scoring hits such as Somebody to Love and White Rabbit. The band split in 1972 and Kantner formed a spin-off group, Jefferson Starship. Jefferson Airplane was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, and will receive a Grammy lifetime achievement award at next month's Grammy Awards ceremony. Paul Kantner was 74.

It’s Carnation Day. Today is National Puzzle Day. Whether it’s a crossword, jigsaw, word search, brain teaser or Soduku, puzzles put our brains to work. It’s Free Thinkers Day, also known as Thomas Paine Day, whose birthday is today, .It's National Cornchip Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1845, The Raven was published in the New York Evening Mirror, the first publication with the name of the author, Edgar Allan Poe. In 1900, the American League is organized in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with 8 founding teams. In 1936, the first inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame were announced. They included Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Babe Ruth, and Honus Wagner. In 1979, Emerson, Lake & Palmer disbanded. In 1990, Joseph Hazelwood, the former skipper of the Exxon Valdez, went on trial in Anchorage, Alaska, on charges that stemmed from America's worst oil spill. Hazelwood was later acquitted of all the major charges and was convicted of a misdemeanor. In 1995, the San Francisco 49ers became the first team in National Football League history to win five Super Bowl titles. The 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers 49-26. In 1997, America Online agreed to give refunds to frustrated customers under threat of lawsuits across the country. Customers were unable to log on after AOL offered a flat $19.95-a-month rate. In 2002, in his State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush described "regimes that sponsor terror" as an Axis of Evil, in which he included Iraq, Iran and North Korea. In 2009, Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich was convicted of several corruption charges, including the alleged solicitation of personal benefit in exchange for an appointment to the United States Senate as a replacement for then president-elect Barack Obama.

If a lawmaker gets his way, the 12th Man flag would be banned from flying above state ferries ... and that's not the only flag that would disappear. Representative Brad Klippert begins, "The bill says that, to be flown on our ferries that are owned by the citizens of Washington state ... those ferries should not fly anything except for the Washington state flag, the United States flag, and any maritime flags that might be appropriate for maritime communication." Some may agree that House Bill 2702 makes sense. If it's a government agency, it should fly government-sanctioned flags only. Ian Sterling is a spokesperson for Washington State Ferries. He says, "We don't have an officially written policy (for flags on ferries). It's at the discretion of the head of ferries as to what might be flown." He said, "We've flown the 12th Man flag, we've flown visitors' bureau flags for folks up in the San Juan Islands, that type of a thing." But it's not those flags Representative Klippert has an issue with. He says, "They flew a flag over our Washington State Ferries, which once again I say are owned by the citizens of Washington, which is very politically controversial. And our citizen-owned ferries should not be used for partisan politics." So what flag was flown that prompted his terse reaction? He says, "My understanding it (the flag) was a rainbow-colored flag and it was associated with gay pride, is what was told to me, in reference to a Supreme Court decision and a gay pride celebration in Seattle." He says It was a very inappropriate use of our citizen-owned ferries. The majority of citizens in the state support the Seahawks and the 12th man flag. The majority of citizens also voted and approved same-sex marriage. Klippert says, "A much higher number of citizens in my legislative district voted against that initiative so it's not a fair representation of all the citizens of Washington State because my legislative district voted no (for same-sax marriage)." Klippert represents the 8th District, which is in Kennewick. This bill impacts state ferries, none of which sail through the 8th District.

Jerry Dipoto did not go quietly into the Seattle Mariners offseason. The entire overhaul Dipoto embarked upon after taking over as the Mariners general manager was not subtle -- was not quiet. It was attention-grabbing, and as Dipoto said yesterday during the Mariners' pre-spring training luncheon, successful. He said, ""I think we did what we said we were going to do. And I feel very confident our game plan has been executed. Now we're going to find out as the season starts how good the game plan was." The Mariners arrive in Arizona in about three weeks with one of the more remodeled rosters in baseball, including 17 new additions to their 40-man roster -- additions that were with other clubs a year ago. The expectation is that the majority of those new acquisitions will be on the final 25-man roster when Seattle breaks camp in early April. That means the early part of spring training will be as much about the Mariners getting to know one another as it will be about assessing what the talent is on the field. Dipoto didn't shy away from saying the roster he's created should be able to post a winning record in 2016. "I believe this club is as well-suited as anybody in the (AL) West. It's a tough division. We're going to start the season with the idea that we're going to get into the mid-80s (total wins). We've built the roster with the idea of getting into the mid-80s and if you can get into that 85-, 86-win zone and then let the chips fall where they may, it's amazing how frequently you're going to end up winning a lot more games than that. It's all going to be about the culture we develop. We will make strategic mistakes, we will have injuries, every team does. What we cannot do is allow our culture to rattle." The Mariners FanFest is this weekend, both tomorrow and Sunday. From 11 til 4 each day at Safeco. Tickets are $10 but it's free for those 14 & under. See to find out more.

A decent seat to a popular event costs more than it should and the average fan has almost no chance to buy a ticket at face value, according to the results of a three-year investigation of the ticket industry. The investigation found less than half of tickets for concerts, sports, and other events are reserved for the public. Most are held for the venue, the performer, the promoter, or for pre-sale to insiders. Much of what is released ends up with brokers who resell at a markup. In an extreme case cited in the report, a $79 ticket to One Direction at New York's Beacon Theatre was sold for $4,635. The brokers illegally used special software to gobble up a batch of tickets at high speeds. In one instance, 1,012 tickets for U2 at Madison Square Garden in 2015 were purchased in one minute. The New York attorney general’s office has reached deals with two unlicensed ticket brokers. The report, the settlements, and the NFL probe together signal the start of a broad investigation into the entire ticketing industry.

Trivia Answer: It was January 30th of 1971 when Carole King's Tapestry album was released. It then spent nearly six years on the Billboard album chart. King also set the record for most consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 for any one album by a female solo artist with 15 weeks, also the Tapestry album.

Thursday 1.28.16
Morning Trivia: He was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of drip painting. During his lifetime, he enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety; he was a major artist of his generation. Regarded as reclusive, he had a volatile personality, and struggled with alcoholism for most of his life. In 1945, he married the artist Lee Krasner, who became an important influence on his career and on his legacy. Who was he?

Seattle Seahawks Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are skipping participation in the Pro Bowl in Honolulu Sunday, ostensibly to rest. Chancellor had a tailbone injury late in the season. The Seahawks had seven named to the event, tying a team record set in 1984 and 2005. Also included were DE Michael Bennett, return specialist Tyler Lockett, CB Richard Sherman, LB Bobby Wagner and QB Russell Wilson. Arizona and New England also had seven named. Carolina led with 10, all of whom will be otherwise occupied. No other Seahawks have been named as replacements.

Russell Wilson, by the way, was selected with the first pick in the Pro Bowl Draft. Wilson was chosen by Michael Irvin, who is serving as a Pro Bowl legend captain opposite fellow Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. Rice took New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning with his first pick, the second overall in the draft. The Pro Bowl is being played Sunday at Aloha Stadium. ESPN has the coverage.

Birthdays: Actor Alan Alda is 60; Donna on Dallas, actress Susan Howard is 72; model and actress Barbi Benton is 66; singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan is 48; a former baseball player in the Majors from 2001 until 2014, he played for the Milwaukee Brewers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto Blue Jays, Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves, and New York Yankees, Lyle Overbay from Centralia is 39; singer Joey Fatone of ‘N Sync is 39; Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is 36; actor Elijah Wood is 35; Ariel Winter from Modern Family is 18; and today is Sesame Street's Ernie's Birthday.

Today is Data Privacy Day. In our digital and cyberspace world, data privacy is becoming an increasingly important issue. Every day seems to bring another incident of a breach in security, resulting in the theft of personal data affecting millions of us. Hacking and breaking into corporate and government databases is being accomplished by young kids, cyber crooks, and foreign governments. Today is a day for business to make positive and effective efforts to protect the privacy of their customers and their personal data. It's the perfect day for companies to hold forums and meetings to identify and eliminate weaknesses in their security systems. It's also a day for you to get proactive in pushing businesses and government to do more to protect personal data and records. Data Privacy Day is an international effort. Many corporations are international. And, many hackers are outside the US. It's National Blueberry Pancake Day. Today is National Kazoo Day. Today is also Fun at Work Day -- a day to have fun at work for once. Ideally, work should be fun. But normally, work is not intended to have fun. It's intended to get work done. You're a very lucky person, if you if you can get work done and have fun doing it.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1878, the first telephone switchboard was installed in New Haven, Connecticutt. In 1915, an act of the US Congress created the United States Coast Guard. In 1917, municipally owned streetcars took to the streets of San Francisco. In 1922, the National Football League franchise in Decatur, Illinois, transferred to Chicago. The team took the name Chicago Bears. In 1958, the Lego company patented the design of its Lego bricks, still compatible with bricks produced today. In 1985, supergroup USA for Africa (United Support of Artists for Africa) recorded the hit single We Are the World, to help raise funds for Ethiopian famine relief. In 1986, Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart after liftoff killing all seven astronauts on board. In 1996, Diana Ross was the featured halftime performer at Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, Arizona.

The Capital Lakefair royalty coronation is this weekend. Each participant gets a $500 scholarship. The five selected to serve on the court receive an additional $2,500 scholarship, while the queen receives an additional $4,500 scholarship. Admission to the coronation is free. It's happening at 7 o'clock Saturday night at the Red Lion Hotel Olympia.

Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung will undergo surgery on his left shoulder after he dislocated it in Seattle's loss to Carolina in the NFC divisional round. That according to a series of tweets from CBS tweeted yesterday morning that Okung, an impending unrestricted free agent, sent out an email to all 32 NFL teams announcing the surgery, saying the recovery will take five months. Okung expects to be healthy by June. Okung is representing himself in free agency and under contract with the Seahawks until March 9th. If a team replies to his email before he becomes a free agent, it would be considered tamperingOkung is one of 17 Seahawks set to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

Trivia Answer: Jackson Pollock who was born on this date in 1912. Pollock died at the age of 44 in an alcohol-related single-car accident when he was driving. In December 1956, several months after his death, Pollock was given a memorial retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Wednesday 1.27.16
Morning Trivia: This American author is best known for a 1951 novel, as well as his reclusive nature. He made headlines around the globe in June of 2009, after filing a lawsuit against another writer for copyright infringement resulting from that writer's use of one of this author's characters from that 1951 novel. Who is he?

NFL stars are fleeing the 2016 Pro Bowl in historic numbers, the culmination of a trend that should prompt serious discussion about the future of the all-star event. As of yesterday afternoon, the official number of players either voted to the Pro Bowl or added as an alternate had reached 133. That's the highest number in NFL history, according to Elias Sports Bureau research, and well beyond the previous high of 119 set after the 2009 season. A total of 86 players were originally voted to the game, to be played Sunday in Honolulu, Hawaii. It will be televised Sunday night on ESPN. Players decline invitations for a variety of reasons, including injuries and whether they are a member of a Super Bowl entrant. But this year has produced an increased number of players who were simply uninterested. The quarterback position has been especially hard hit. The Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson is the only player voted in who remains on the roster. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is playing in Super Bowl 50, but the New England Patriots' Tom Brady, the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers, the Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger and the Arizona Cardinals' Carson Palmer have all backed out. By the way, Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor plans to sit out the Pro Bowl, according to a release from the Indianapolis Colts. The development broke earlier this week when the Colts team website released a statement saying Indianapolis safety Mike Adams had been named as an alternate to replace Chancellor. The Seahawks have yet to confirm the news.

Russell Wilson is once again the most popular figure in the NFL -- at least, in terms of official merchandise sales. NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing arm of the NFLPA, released its Top 50 Players Sales list yesterday, and the Seahawks quarterback held off Patriots quarterback Tom Brady through the third fiscal quarter, which spanned March 1st through November 30th. Wilson first gained the lead through August, when he overtook Brady in overall sales. The Seahawks have the most players of any NFL team ranked on the list, with cornerback Richard Sherman at No. 11, running back Marshawn Lynch at No. 13, tight end Jimmy Graham at No. 21, strong safety Kam Chancellor at No. 35 and free safety Earl Thomas at No. 45.

Birthdays: Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason is 72; dancer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov is 68; the 17th and current Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Justice John Roberts is 60; Mrs. Kensington in Austin Powers, actress Mimi Rogers is 60; former football player, now a sportscaster for NBC, Cris Collinsworth is 57; TV’s Keith Olbermann is also 57; and actress Bridget Fonda is 52.

Abe Vigoda has died. No, really. After spending three decades jokingly refuting rumors of his demise, the actor best known for roles in The Godfather and the 1970s sitcom Barney Miller died yesterday. Vigoda spent years amiably proving he was still alive after People magazine mistakenly declared him "the late Abe Vigoda" in 1982, when he was 62. The question of his mortality became a running gag that he learned to live with. To disprove the People report, he posed for a photo sitting in a coffin. His alive-or-dead status became an often-revisited joke in his appearances on Conan O'Brien's late-night show and in a skit on David Letterman's show, he curtly advised the host, "I'm not dead yet, you pinhead!" The website was set up simply to give his status -- Abe Vigoda is alive -- above a photo of the actor and a date/time stamp. Yesterday, that was changed to Abe Vigoda is dead. Vigoda's daughter, Carol Vigoda Fuchs, said her father died at her home in New Jersey. She said, "He died in his sleep, of natural causes. He was not sick." Abe Vigoda was 94.

Today is Thomas Crapper Day. He died on this date in 1910. Thomas was a plumber who founded Thomas Crapper & Co. in London. Contrary to widespread misconceptions, Crapper did not invent the flush toilet. He did, however, do much to increase the popularity of the toilet, and developed some important related inventions. Today is Laverne & Shirley Day, marking the debut of the sitcom on this date in 1976. A spin-off from Happy Days, the show starred Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. Today is Chocolate Cake Day. It's a chocolate lovers delight, and a day to eat cake.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1880, Thomas Alva Edison of Menlo Park, New Jersey, patented the incandescent electric lamp. In 1956, RCA released its first record by Elvis Presley. Heartbreak Hotel hit #1 on both the pop and country charts. In 1968, Otis Redding's (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay was released. The release came six weeks after he was killed in a plane crash. In 1971, British musician David Bowie arrived in America for the first time. He did not perform, but received lots of publicity in Texas and Louisiana for wearing dresses. In 1981, at the White House, President Reagan greeted the 52 former American hostages released by Iran. In 1984, Cindy Lauper released Time After Time. In 1991, Whitney Houston sang the Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXV. In 2001, actress Beverley D'Angelo gave birth to twin girls, making actor Al Pacino a father again at age 60. In 2003, the first selections for the National Recording Registry were announced by the Library of Congress. There were 50 selections overall including the Military Band doing Stars and Stripes Forever, Abbot and Costello’s Who’s on First, Kate Smith’s God Bless America, Orson Welle’s The War of The Worlds, and Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. In 2006, Western Union discontinued its Telegram and Commercial Messaging services. In 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad.

The 18th Annual Seattle Mariners FanFest is coming up this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. From 11 til 4 each day at Safeco. Tickets are $10 but it's free for those 14 & under. Among those scheduled to be on hand are Charlie Furbush, Chris Iannetta, Leonys Martin, James Paxton, Kyle Seager, Taijuan Walker, GM Jerry Dipoto, Jay Buhner, Dave Valle, Dan Wilson, broadcasters Aaron Goldsmith and Rick Rizzs. You can also run around the bases, ride the zipline, try to knock one out of the park, tour the clubhouse, and more. See for more specifics.

Trivia Answer: J.D. Salinger -- Jerome David Salinger. The 1951 novel was The Catcher in the Rye. The original success of The Catcher in the Rye led to public attention and scrutiny and Salinger became reclusive, publishing new work less frequently. His last published work, a novella entitled "Hapworth 16, 1924", appeared in The New Yorker on June 19th of 1965. He gave his last interview in 1980. Salinger died of natural causes six years ago today at his home in New Hampshire at the age of 91. Salinger emerged, at least in the pages of court documents, to try to stop a novel that presents Holden Caulfield, the disaffected teen hero of his classic The Catcher in the Rye, as an old man. The J.D. Salinger estate settled the lawsuit against Swedish publisher and author Fredrik Colting. Colting agreed not to publish or otherwise distribute the book, e-book, or any other editions of 60 Years Later in the US or Canada until The Catcher in the Rye enters the public domain. Notably, however, Colting is free to sell the book in other international territories without fear of interference. Colting also cannot include Coming Through the Rye as part of the book title. In addition, the author cannot refer to Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, or his legal battles in the book. The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger was first published in 1951, the copyright was later renewed. The US copyright now expires in 2044.

Tuesday 1.26.16
Morning Trivia: He was an actor, film director, entrepreneur, professional racing driver and team owner, environmentalist, activist and philanthropist. He won numerous awards but surprisingly, just one Academy Award. However, he was nominated on nine other occasions. In fact, he is one of four actors to have been nominated for an Academy Award in five different decades. The other nominees were Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine, and Jack Nicholson. Who is he?

The Carolina Panthers are heading to Santa Clara favored by more than a field goal to win the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history. Oddsmakers didn't even wait until the Panthers finished off the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday to install them as favorites for the game against the Denver Broncos in two weeks. The Panthers are favored by 4.

Birthdays: Baseball's Bob Uecker -- just a bit outside -- is 83; singer Jean Knight -- remember Mr. Big Stuff? -- is 73; author and perennial presidential candidate Angela Davis is 72; drummer Corky Laing is 68; singer Lucinda Williams is 63; guitarist Eddie Van Halen is 61; comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is 58; The Great One, hockey’s Wayne Gretzky is 55; the other half of Wham!, guitarist Andrew Ridgeley is 53; and the Suleman octuplets (Octomom's kids) are 7.

Tonight is Wipeout Night in West Virginia, marking this night in 1960 when Burnsville wiped out Widen in basketball 173 to 43. Burnsville’s Danny Heater scored 135 points. Today is Dukes of Hazzard Day. The TV series premiered on this date in 1979, starring John Schneider and Tom Wopat as Bo and Luke and Catharine Bach as Cousin Daisy. Today is National Peanut Brittle Day. Today is Spouses Day -- a time to enjoy and appreciate your better half. You can use this day as a prelude or warm up to Valentine's Day, perhaps. The average consumer received 26 emails a day in 2015 -- that’s over 9,000 emails over the course of a year. Many of the messages are ‘graymail’ -- newsletters or notifications that you may have registered for but may no longer be interested in. The 9th annual Clean Out Your Inbox week is underway.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1784, in a letter to his daughter, Benjamin Franklin complained about the choice of the eagle as America's symbol, saying he preferred the turkey. In 1970, John Lennon wrote and recorded Instant Karma. In 1984, Michael Jackson was hospitalized with scalp burns after a spark ignited his hair during filming of a Pepsi TV commercial. In 1988, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Phantom of the Opera opened at Broadway's Majestic Theater. In 1997, ZZ Top, James Brown and the Blues Brothers performed at the Super Bowl XXXI halftime show. In 2003, Billy Joel was hospitalized for several hours after crashing his car into a tree in Sag Harbor, NY. He was released early the next morning. In 2005, confirmed by the US Senate, Condoleezza Rice was sworn in as secretary of state. In 2010, it was announced that James Cameron's movie Avatar had become the highest-grossing film worldwide. In 2014, the US First Class postage rate increased to 49 cents.

Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana -- Spice -- before that October 14th wreck that saw another driver suffer a significant head injury. That word from the Bellevue Police Department. Investigators requested that Coleman be charged with vehicular assault and hit-and-run in the crash, claiming Coleman’s driving was "rash and heedless" while he was impaired. The claims against Coleman were forwarded to the King County Prosecutor’s Office yesterday. A charging decision is expected in coming weeks. Police reports released yesterday indicate Coleman did not test positive for synthetic cannabinoids, chemical compounds marketed as providing a similar high to marijuana. Police, however, say he failed several sobriety tests following the crash. As the first legally deaf offensive player in NFL history, the 25-year-old fullback drew national attention. He was featured in a Duracell commercial, and played a role on the Seahawks team that won the Super Bowl XLVIII.

An Australian family of four will increase more than two-fold when Kim Tucci gives birth to quintuplets (5 babies). The mom from Perth has to eat 6,000 calories a day. The 26-year-old has been documenting her pregnancy on her Facebook page, Surprised By Five. Tucci, who already has two young daughters, was trying for a third child when she fell pregnant naturally. She initially thought she was expecting twins but was shocked to hear five heartbeats -- those of four girls and a boy.

When a military wife's furnace broke down, a Pennsylvania repairman stepped in and fixed the malfunctioning unit at a huge discount. He charged her $1. Paul Betlyn of Betlyn Heating and Cooling said the job normally would have cost about $150, but he gave Stevens, a mother of two, a "deployment discount." He told a local TV station: "I’m not the hero here. The deployed, they’re the heroes."

Then there was the kid in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who tried to score a snow day last week by pretending to be a school superintendent on Twitter and direct-messaging a local TV station by saying school had been cancelled. The station responded: "Ha ha --nice try. You obviously don’t know the password."

Trivia Answer: Paul Newman who was born on this date in 1925. That one Academy Award was for his performance in the 1986 film The Color of Money. Newman was married to actress Joanne Woodward from 1958 until his death. He was a co-founder of Newman's Own, a food company from which Newman donated all post-tax profits and royalties to charity. As of the end of last month, some $450 million has been donated to to charities since 1982. In June 2008, it was widely reported that Newman had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Newman's spokesman told the press that the star was "doing nicely", but neither confirmed nor denied that he had cancer. Newman died the morning of September 26th of 2008 at the age of 83.

Monday 1.25.16
Morning Trivia: This actor was best known for his light-hearted leading roles in several Walt Disney films between 1965 and 1977, such as The Love Bug. Who was he? 

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are headed to the Super Bowl, sending the Patriots back to New England. The Broncos won the AFC Championship by a tight score of 20 to 18 yesterday. The game was the fifth postseason meeting between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. It could potentially be the last time the two quaterbacks face each other, depending on what happens in the off-season. This will be Peyton Manning's fourth Super Bowl appearance.

On the NFC side of things, The Carolina Panthers are headed to the Super Bowl after shutting down the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship game. The final score in Charlotte was a whopping 49 to 15. Super Bowl 50 is coming up in Santa Clara on Sunday, February 7th.

By the way, Cam Newton was nine when Payton Manning entered the NFL.

Birthdays: Rachel Welles on Peyton Place, actress Leigh Taylor-Young is 71; the voice of Flo in Cars, actress Jenifer Lewis is 59; and singer Alicia Keys is 35.

It’s Speak up and Succeed Day, time to face your fear of public speaking and speak out anyway. Today is A Room of One's Own Day, for anyone who knows or longs for the bliss of having a private place. Celebrate yourself, today in a room of your own. And it’s National Opposite Day. Thought for the Day: Opposites attract. And today being the Last Monday in January, it's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. As anyone who has ever come in contact with it knows, bubble wrap is not just a protective wrapping for things. It is also a wonderful stress reliever! Just squeeze the bubbles in the Bubble wrap, and feel the stress disappear with each pop ... pop ... pop.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1959, American Airlines opened the jet age in the US with the first scheduled transcontinental flight of a Boeing 707. In 1964, The Beatles reached #1 on US music charts with I Want to Hold Your Hand. In 1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival released their single Proud Mary. In 1993, President Bill Clinton appointed his wife Hillary to lead a task force on health-care reform. Also in 1993, Sears announced, after 97 years, it was closing its catalog sales department. Alas, the Sears Catalog was gone. In 201, KISS rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

With a blizzard hammering the East Coast, Leonardo DiCaprio's The Revenant topped a subdued box office with $16 million this weekend. Winter Storm Jonas shut down theaters Saturday in New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, cutting the nation's overall moviegoing for the day by as much as 10% with as many as 400 locations affected. Star Wars: The Force Awakens placed second. Ride Along 2 finished third. Despite the storm, a trio of newcomers came in at the higher end of moderate expectations. Raunchy comedy Dirty Grandpa finished fourth, followed by the horror-thriller The Boy at number five and then sci-fi thriller The 5th Wave at number 6.

From West Virginia to southern Maine, millions of people are digging out following that massive storm that dumped up to three feet of snow in the Washington DC area, halted most travel in New York City, and flooded some coastal areas in New Jersey. New York and Baltimore began lifting travel restrictions yesterday and hearty souls ventured out on snow-choked streets while mass transit systems up and down the coast gradually restored service. The storm dropped snow from the Gulf Coast to New England, with areas of the other Washington surpassing 30 inches. The heaviest official report was 42 inches, in Glengary, West Virginia. At least 29 people have died as a result of the mammoth snowstorm that pounded the eastern US. The deaths occurred in car accidents, from carbon monoxide poisoning, and from heart attacks while shoveling snow.

Trivia Answer: Dean Jones who was born on this date in 1931. Jones started his film career by signing a contract at MGM, beginning with a small role as a soldier in Somebody Up There Likes Me in 1956, and he later played disc jockey Teddy Talbot in the Elvis Presley film Jailhouse Rock in 1957. After appearing in minor film and television roles, Jones made his Broadway debut along with Jane Fonda) in the 1960 play There Was a Little Girl. Jones subsequently starred in the NBC television sitcom Ensign O'Toole in the early 1960s. Ensign O'Toole was the lead-in show on NBC to Walt Disney's The Wonderful World of Color. Disney signed Jones on for a string of Disney films in the 1960s and 1970s, beginning with That Darn Cat!. His performance was so well-received that Disney used him for future movies including The Ugly Dachshund in 1966, Blackbeard's Ghost in 1968, and Snowball Express in 1972. Jones' signature Disney role, though, would be as race car driver Jim Douglas in the highly successful The Love Bug series. He appeared in two feature films, The Love Bug in 1968 and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo in 1977, as well as the short-lived Herbie, The Love Bug television series and the made-for-TV movie The Love Bug in 1997. Jones then appeared as Dr. Herman Varnick, the evil veterinarian in the family film Beethoven in 1992. He also appeared in a small role as Director of Central Intelligence Judge Arthur Moore in the film adaptation of Tom Clancy's Clear and Present Danger , which stars Harrison Ford, in 1994. Jones died from Parkinson's disease on this past September 1st at the age of 84.

Friday 1.22.16
Morning Trivia: She's best known for her role as the possessed child in the 1973 film The Exorcist, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globes, winning one. Who is she?

There are four teams left in the NFL Super Bowl derby going into the weekend. Only two will be around come Monday. It's Conference Championship weekend -- perhaps more accurately Conference Championship Sunday. For the AFC, the New England Patriots are at Denver to face the Broncos on CBS Sunday at 12:05. For the NFC, the Carolina Panthers are hosting the Arizona Cardinals Sunday afternoon at 3:40 on FOX.

Birthdays: The Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr is 82; actor John Hurt is 76; former Journey frontman Steve Perry is 67; actress Linda Blair is 57; DJ Jazzy Jeff is 51; actress Diane Lane is also 51; Karen Arnold on The Wonder Years, actress Olivia d’Abo is 47; and singer-songwriter and pretty good guitarist, Orianthi is 31.

Today is Celebration of Life Day, a day when we are supposed to take a step back and truly appreciate our children and grandchildren. Granted, some may do this on an everyday basis, but it’s an opportunity to look at our young ones’ lives from a different angle, and think about what it is that makes them truly special. It’s National Poka Dot Day. Ever wondered why your feline companion acts a certain way or starts meowing at you for no apparent reason? Today is the day to unravel the mystery. It’s Answer Your Cat's Question Day. Today is National Blonde Brownie Day. What's a blonde brownie, you ask? Well, to make blonde brownies, light brown sugar is used in the recipe in place of dark brown chocolate.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1946, the Central Intelligence Group, forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency, was created. In 1947, KTLA, the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River, began operation in Hollywood. In 1951, Fidel Castro was ejected from a Winter League baseball game after hitting a batter. He later gave up baseball for politics. In 1968, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In debuted on NBC. In 1973, the Supreme Court delivered its decision in Roe v. Wade, legalizing elective abortion in all fifty states. In 1983, Bjorn Borg retired from tennis. He had set a record by winning five consecutive Wimbledon championships. In 1984, the Apple Macintosh, the first consumer computer to popularize the computer mouse and the graphical user interface, was introduced during Super Bowl XVIII with its famous 1984 television commercial. In 1997, the US Senate confirmed Madeleine Albright as the first female secretary of state. In 2002, Kmart became the largest retailer in United States history to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In 2002, AOL Time Warner filed suit against Microsoft in federal court seeking damages for harm done to AOL's Netscape Internet Browser when Microsoft began giving away its competing browser.

The threat of a huge winter storm has prompted panic and preparations along the East Coast as the head of the National Weather Service said yesterday that tens of millions of people could be effected. Residents in at least a half-dozen states are being warned to keep their travel plans light and prepare for potentially damaging winter weather starting early this weekend. Expected snow totals include 5 to 10 inches in New York, 12 to 19 inches in Philadelphia, 18 to 24 inches in Baltimore, and 18 to 24 inches in Washington, DC. Blizzard and winter storm watches have been issued for parts of Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia and Arkansas by the National Weather Service for through Saturday. More than 5,000 flights have reportedly been canceled for today and tomorrow ahead of the storm. All flights into and out of Philadelphia tomorrow have been cancelled as of this morning.

Next year -- 2017 -- is shaping up to be a big one for likely blockbusters. Disney has announced release dates for the next installments in the Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises. According to Disney, Star Wars: Episode VIII will debut December 15th of 2017, more than six months after its originally announced release date. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will hit theaters on May 26th of 2017, the original release date for Star Wars: Episode VIII. Initially. Pirates was originally scheduled to premiere on July 7th of 2017. The new film again stars Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom are returning, too.

Speaking of movies, out this weekend are a couple of PG-13 rated films, The 5th Wave and The Boy. The R-rated Dirty Grandpa is also out.

Adele has outpaced Psy on the race to 1 billion views on YouTube. The streaming service says the music video for Hello greeted its 1 billionth view in 87 days, breaking the 158-day record previously held by Psy's Gangnam Style. YouTube says 17 videos have reached 1 billion views. Other music videos in the billionaire club include Maroon 5's Sugar, Major Lazer's Lean On, OneRepublic's Counting Stars, LMFAO's Party Rock, and Sia's Chandelier. YouTube says the feat is still rare, but newer music videos such as Katy Perry's Roar and Taylor Swift's Blank Space reached it at a faster pace than older ones like Justin Bieber's Baby and Eminem's Love The Way You Lie. Hello spent its first 10 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

Trivia Answer: Linda Denise Blair who turns 57 today. She began her career as a six-year-old child model. She was selected from a field of 600 applicants for her most notable role as Regan in The Exorcist. The role earned her a Golden Globe and People's Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress as well as an Academy Award nomination. She reprised her role in the sequel, Exorcist II: The Heretic in 1977. Towards the end of the 1970s, Blair encountered trouble with law enforcement authorities as she was arrested and charged with drug possession and conspiracy to sell drugs. She plead guilty to a reduced charge of conspiracy to possess cocaine, in exchange for 3 years probation and a $5000 fine. Blair was also required to make at least 12 major public appearances to tell young people about the dangers of drug abuse. Though she tried to act in subsequent films, Blair found it hard to restart her screen career and landed low grade films. As she herself said in an interview, her career "went down faster than the Titanic." Blair's career took a new turn in the 1980s, as she starred in a number of successful low-budget horror and exploitation films, including Hell Night (1981), Chained Heat (1983) and Savage Streets (1984). Blair has since worked in numerous films, including the Exorcist spoof, Repossessed (1990), and a cameo role in Scream (1996). In 1997, she appeared in a Broadway revival of Grease. Blair has become an animal rights activist and humanitarian, working with PETA, Feed The Children, Variety, the Children's Charity and other organizations. Blair also devotes time to her non-profit organization, the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, which works to rescue abused, neglected and mistreated animals. She is a vegan, and has co-authored the book Going Vegan.

Thursday 1.21.16
Morning Trivia: He was the United States ambassador to China from 2011 to 2014. Prior to that, he was the 21st Governor of Washington from 1997 to 2005, and he served in the Obama administration as United States Secretary of Commerce from 2009 to 2011. Who is he?

It's the NFL's conference championship weekend. For the AFC, the New England Patriots are at Denver to face the Broncos on Sunday. That game is on CBS Sunday at 12:05. For the NFC, the Carolina Panthers are hosting the Arizona Cardinals. That game is Sunday afternoon at 3:40 in Charlotte on FOX.

Birthdays: Golfer Jack Nicklaus is 76; tenor and conductor Plácido Domingo is 75; singer-songwriter-actor Mac Davis is 74; actress Jill Eikenberry is 69; former governor Gary Locke is 66; singer Billy Ocean is 65; billionaire, philanthropist, investor, innovator, Microsoft co-founder, Seahawks owner, and the owner of the Portland Trail Blazers, Paul Allen is 63; actor Robby Benson is 60; actress Geena Davis is also 60; NBA Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon is 52; retired professional basketball player, Detlef Schremph is 53; and Baby Spice, Spice Girl singer Emma Bunton is 40.

Today is National Granola Bar Day. Today is National Hugging Day. It's Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1970, the Boeing 747 made its first commercial flight from New York to London for Pan American. In 1977, President Jimmy Carter pardoned nearly all American Vietnam War draft evaders, some of whom had emigrated to Canada. In 1981, production of the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 sports car began in Northern Ireland. In 1984, Bon Jovi's debut album was released in the US. In 1985, the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan to a second term, already postponed a day because January 20th fell on a Sunday, became the second inauguration in history moved indoors because of freezing temperatures and high winds. The parade was cancelled altogether. Reagan was actually sworn in for his second time on January 20th in a private ceremony at the White House. In 1997, Newt Gingrich became the first leader of the United States House of Representatives to be internally disciplined for ethical misconduct.

A major winter storm -- with the potential to bring historic amounts of snowfall to certain regions -- is expected to hit the East Coast this weekend, according to the National Weather Service. Winter conditions hit the Washington D.C. area last night putting a coating of ice on untreated roads and highways. The storm could impact East Coast regions as far south as northern North Carolina to as far north as Boston. Some 15 states were facing winter storm watches and DC and Baltimore were facing a blizzard watch. This area -- including Baltimore and Washington, D.C. -- will likely be hit hardest and could easily see at least one foot of snow -- possibly even two feet.  Meanwhile, the Washington D.C. Snowball Fight Association (they really have one!) has scheduled a giant Star Wars-themed snowball fight for Saturday. On the event's Facebook page, organizers encourage participants to bring their best Star Wars costumes.

The 18th Annual Seattle Mariners FanFest is coming up Saturday and Sunday, the 30th and 31st. From 11 til 4 each day at Safeco. Tickets are $10 but it's free for those 14 & under. Among those scheduled to be on hand are Charlie Furbush, Chris Iannetta, Leonys Martin, James Paxton, Kyle Seager, Taijuan Walker, GM Jerry Dipoto, Jay Buhner, Dave Valle, Dan Wilson, broadcasters Aaron Goldsmith and Rick Rizzs. You can also run around the bases, ride the zipline, try to knock one out of the park, tour the clubhouse, and more. See for more specifics.

The Army is planning to test artillery at Joint Base Lewis-McChord despite objections from some nearby residents. The News-Tribune reports that JBLM will hold the three-day test at a firing range in March. They plan to fire 27 practice rounds using the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, which can fire rockets from a truck and then quickly move soldiers to a safe place. The booms will be especially noticeable to residents in DuPont, Roy, Yelm and the Nisqually reservation. Until now, JBLM has been conducting training in Central Washington because of worries that the weapon is too loud for the suburban communities near its South Sound location. But now the Army wants to see whether those concerns are warranted.

Adele, whose album 25 swiftly became the biggest seller of 2015, is set to perform at the 2016 Grammy Awards in February. She's not been nominated this year because her album was released in November, outside of the eligibility period for Grammy consideration. But she'll be among performers taking the stage at the awards ceremony in Los Angeles on February 15th. Adele won six Grammys for her 2011 album 21, broke opening week sales records in the United States when she returned to recording after a four-year absence with 25. The album has sold more than 7.4 million copies in the this country alone, according to data from Nielsen Music.

Trivia Answer: Gary Locke who is 66 today. He was born in Seattle. Locke was the first governor in the continental United States of Asian descent, and is the only Chinese American ever to serve as a governor of any state. He was also the first Chinese American to serve as the US ambassador to China. Locke married his wife, Mona Lee, a television reporter for KING 5 and former Miss Asian America, on October 15th of 1994. The Lockes have three children: Emily Nicole, Dylan James, and Madeline Lee. Regarding his ethnicity and being the only person of Chinese descent to have served as an ambassador to China, he said, "I’m proud of my Chinese heritage. I’m proud of the great contributions that China has made to world civilization over thousands of years. But I’m thoroughly American. I’m proud of the great values that America has brought to the entire world and all that America stands for."

Wednesday 1.20.16
Morning Trivia: He was one of the few entertainers whose career successfully spanned vaudeville, film, radio, and television. In fact, he has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One for TV, one for Live Performance, and one for Film. His arched eyebrow and cigar-smoke punctuation became familiar trademarks for over three-quarters of a century. He was born Nathan Birnbaum but that's not what we know him as. Who is he?

The New England Patriots are at Denver to face the Broncos on Sunday. That game is on CBS Sunday at 12:05. The Carolina Panthers, meanwhile, are hosting the Arizona Cardinals. That game is Sunday afternoon at 3:40 in Charlotte.

Did I mention that Mariners' Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training February 19th.

Birthdays: From Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Arte Johnson is 87; astronaut Buzz Aldrin – the second person to walk on the moon -- is 86; director David Lynch is 70; Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley is 64; comedian and TV host Bill Maher is 60; actor Lorenzo Lamas is 58; from The Office and from Seattle, actor Rainn Wilson is 50; the daughter of Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers is 48; singer Edwin McCain is 46; the drummer with The Roots, Questlove is 45, Linkin Park drummer Rob Bourdon is 37.

Today is National Cheese Lover’s Day. Did you know that the average American consumes about 31 pounds of cheese each year? That may seem like a lot, but for the average French person it’s 50 pounds. It's National Buttercrunch Day. Today is also Penguin Awareness Day. a great opportunity to learn about and appreciate one of the few natives of Antarctica. It's also a good time to wear black and white -- penguin colors.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1885, the roller coaster was patented by La Marcus Thompson of, where else, Coney Island, NY. His coaster was 450 feet long with the highest drop being 30 feet. In 1892, the first organized basketball game was played by students at the Springfield, Massachusettes, YMCA Training School. In 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union was founded. In 1981, twenty minutes after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as US President, Iran released 52 American hostages. In 1982, Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off of a bat in Des Moines, Iowa, and was hospitalized to undertake a series of rabies shots. In 1985, the most-watched Super Bowl game in history was seen by an estimated 115.9 million people. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Miami Dolphins, 38-16. Super Bowl XIX marked the first time that TV commercials sold for a million dollars a minute. In 2007, the first McDonald's drive-through opened in Beijing.

Less than a month to go before Mariners' Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training. Meanwhile, the Mariner Caravan is making a stop in Lacey today. The caravan is at Worthington Center at Saint Martin's this afternoon from 5:00 to 6:30. Dan Wilson and Rick Rizzs are amongst those scheduled to be in attendance.

Speaking of the Ms, the 18th Annual Seattle Mariners FanFest is on the schedule. It's coming up Saturday and Sunday, the 30th and 31st. From 11 til 4 each day at Safeco. Tickets are $10 but it's free for those 14 & under. Among those scheduled to be on hand are Charlie Furbush, Chris Iannetta, Leonys Martin, James Paxton, Kyle Seager, Taijuan Walker, GM Jerry Dipoto, Jay Buhner, Dave Valle, Dan Wilson, broadcasters Aaron Goldsmith and Rick Rizzs. See for more specifics.

Sometimes you just let the facts speak for themselves. Yesterday in Iowa, ex-Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Forget ketchup. McDonald's Japan is serving up French fries smothered in chocolate. The McChoco Potato is an order of French fries served with white chocolate and cacao-flavored sauces, and Japanese menus are adding the concoction on the 26th. McDonald's said in a statement, "The combination creates a wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste." There are more than 36,000 Mickey-Ds locations worldwide. That includes 3,494 stores operated by foreign affiliates, and they're primarily in Japan.

Trivia Answer: George Burns who was born on this date in 1896. He continued to work until shortly before his death, in 1996, at the age of 100, of cardiac arrest in his home. Late in his life he quipped, "I can't die. I'm booked."

Tuesday 1.19.16
Morning Trivia: He was a singer, songwriter, and musician. He was known for his distinctive soulful voice, eclectic mix of musical styles on his albums -- combining soul, jazz, rock, pop, reggae and blues. He was also a pretty sharp dresser. He found success both in his solo career and with The Power Station, and had Top 10 songs in both the UK and the US. Who was he?

The last time Tom Brady and the New England Patriots went to Denver, Peyton Manning watched the game on television from inside the locker room. Not this coming Sunday, though. The Broncos quarterback will take in his customary spot in the huddle. Manning meets Brady for a 17th time -- with a trip to Super Bowl 50 at stake. Perhaps it's only fitting these two quarterbacks meet in the AFC title game, since Manning didn't get to suit up against New England on November 29th because of a foot injury. That game was a thriller, too, with Brock Osweiler leading the Broncos to a 30-24 overtime victory. Manning's foot is healed -- at least as healed as it's going to get for now -- and he guided the Broncos to a 23-16 win over Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Brady is still vintage Brady, passing, bootlegging and quarterback-sneaking the Super Bowl champion Patriots past the Chiefs on Saturday and into the AFC title game for a fifth straight season. Brady's Patriots have opened as a 2 1/2-point favorite over Manning's Broncos.That game coming up on CBS Sunday at 12:05. The Carolina Panthers, meanwhile, are 3-point favorites over the Arizona Cardinals. That game is Sunday afternoon at 3:40 in Charlotte.

Birthdays: From the movie The Birds, actress Tippi Hedren is 86; actress Shelley Fabares is 72; singer/songwriter/actress Dolly Parton is 70; from The Motels, singer Martha Davis is 65; frontman for the band America, Dewey Bunnell is 64; actor and musician Desi Arnaz, Jr. is 63; Peg on Married With Children, Katey Sagal is 62; comedian and actor Paul Rodriguez is 61; best known as the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of the band Marcy Playground, John Wozniak is 45; and comedian/impressionist Frank Caliendo is 42.

The Eagles' guitarist and founding member Glenn Frey died yesterday in New York. Frey co-founded the Eagles with Don Henley. From the band's website:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of husband, best friend, father, comrade, and Eagles founder, Glenn Frey, in New York City on Monday, January 18th, 2016. Glenn fought a courageous battle for the past several weeks but, sadly, succumbed to complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia.The Frey family would like to thank everyone who joined Glenn to fight this fight and hoped and prayed for his recovery. Words can neither describe our sorrow, nor our love and respect for all that he has given to us, his family, the music community & millions of fans worldwide.

Cindy Frey • Taylor Frey • Deacon Frey • Otis Frey • Don Henley • Joe Walsh • Timothy B. Schmit • Bernie Leadon • Irving Azoff

Glenn Frey was 67.

It's National Popcorn Day. Today is Little Ricky Day, marking the birth of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s TV son on I Love Lucy on this date in 1953. Today is Tin Can Day, marking the patent of a process for storing food in tin cans issued to Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett. Today is Women's Healthy weight Day, a day to honor women of all sizes, and confirm that beauty, talent, and love cannot be weighed. Today is Get to Know Your Customer Day. Today is Whisper I Love You Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1953, sixty-eight percent of all TV sets in the US were tuned to CBS-TV, as Lucy Ricardo, of I Love Lucy, gave birth to a baby boy. In 1955, a presidential news conference was filmed for television for the first time, with the permission of President Eisenhower. In 1978, the last US-made Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the assembly line. Twenty years later, the Beetle returned. In 1988, a statue of singer Janis Joplin was unveiled in her hometown, Port Arthur, Texas, on what would have been her 45th birthday. In 1989, on his last day in office, Ronald Reagan pardoned New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who had been convicted of contributing illegally in 1972 to Richard Nixon's reelection campaign. In 1993, IBM announced a loss of $4.97 billion for 1992. It was the largest single-year loss in US corporate history. In 1993, Fleetwood Mac reunited for the Inaugural Ball of President-elect Bill Clinton. In 2013, in Scottsdale, Arizona, the original Batmobile for the TV series Batman sold at auction for $4.6 million. It was the first of six Batmobiles produced for the show.

Three months remain until Tax Day, so you have plenty of time to file your tax returns before the April 18th deadline. But, if you're ready, you can start filing as early as today. The Internal Revenue Service is basically allowing you to go ahead and file early if you have the information you need to accurately file your 2015 tax return, according to an attorney. This applies to taxpayers who already have their W-2 forms or had no income in 2015. The attorney adds, "Very few people I can think of will generally have all the information that they need to go ahead and completely file an accurate tax return this early."

Before we get all misty-eyed over the fact that this is the Farewell Season of American Idol, you should know that not all the people involved in the show necessarily believe that the 15th season of the Fox reality show is indeed the last one. At the Television Critics' Association Winter Press Tour event on Friday, the judges and host Ryan Seacrest didn't seem quite ready to say goodbye to Idol. Asked if the show might be rebooted in the future, Jennifer Lopez told reporters, "You never know with a format like this that can work at any time -- it’s possible." Ryan Seacrest went even further, adding, "When you've got a franchise that has this kind of heritage and you've got a franchise that generates X amount of millions of people if it sustains, does that mean it's the end? I'm not so sure." Asked if they'd return as judges if the show did come back at some point, Keith Urban said, "I'd do it!" while Harry Connick Jr. said he was so happy about the current season that he can't think about the future. Lopez said, "I haven't thought about it much either but if, hypothetically, if that happened, I mean....American Idol has a special place in my heart. It's something that I would always consider."

On TV tonight, Marvel's Captain America: 75 Heroic Years. This special celebrates the history of Captain America and shows how the character has reflected the times from 1941 to present day. It's tonight on ABC.

So how many credit cards do you have? Walter Cavanagh holds the record for the most. He has 1,497. His total line of credit is $1.7 million. Cavanagh says his credit card obsession started in the late 1960s when he made a silly bet with a friend: the guy who could collect the most credit cards by the end of the year would win dinner.

Trivia Answer: Robert Allen Palmer who was born on this date in 1949. Palmer received a number of awards throughout his career, including two Grammy Awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, an MTV Video Music Award, and two Brit Award nominations for Best British Male. Palmer died in a Paris hotel room from a cardiac arrest on September 26th of 2003 at the age of 54. He had been in the French capital after recording a television appearance in London, a retrospective titled "My Kinda People". He was survived by his parents, his son Jim and daughter Jane, and by his girlfriend Mary Ambrose. Among those who paid tribute were Duran Duran, stating; "He was a very dear friend and a great artist. This is a tragic loss to the British music industry."

Monday 1.18.16
Morning Trivia: He was a British author, best known for his books about a teddy bear in the Hundred Acre Wood and for various children's poems. He was a noted writer, primarily as a playwright, before the huge success of his children's books overshadowed all his previous work. Who is he?

As discussed on Friday, eight NFL teams were around going into the weekend and only four are left standing today. We really thought the Seahawks would be one of the final four but such was not to be the case. If the Carolina Panthers win their first NFL championship, they can credit the lesson they learned from Seattle yesterday. Playoff games are never truly over until that final gun. Emphatically backing up their superb regular season with one of the most dominating halves in football history, the Panthers then hung on in the face of a furious Seahawks rally before surviving 31-24. The Panthers have won 12 straight home games, and next Sunday, Carolina hosts Arizona for a trip to the Super Bowl. Timberline grad Jonathan Stewart, returning from a foot injury, scored two touchdowns after jumpstarting the Panthers with a 59-yard sprint on their first play. Cam Newton threw for a touchdown and there was an early interception run in for a score as Carolina built a 31-0 lead. Seattle, showing its pedigree as two-time NFC champs, climbed back within seven points. The Seahawks got two touchdowns in the first 7:20 of the third quarter. Finally with time to throw, Russell Wilson hit Jermaine Kearse for a 13-yard score and rookie Tyler Lockett for 33 yards, making it 31-14 and making the full house at Bank of America Stadium unnerved. When the Seahawks succeeded on a fake punt from their 23, an epic comeback seemed possible. That drive stalled, but with Carolina's offense sputtering, Seattle later got closer on Kearse's 3-yard catch of a jump ball against All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman. With Newton waving the crowd into frenzied cheers on the sideline, the Panthers' defense couldn't stop a 60-yard drive capped by Steven Hauschka's 36-yard field goal with 1:12 remaining. At 31-24, All-Pro linebacker Thomas Davis hauled in Hauschka's onside kick and Charlotte could breathe again. This will be the Panthers' fourth trip to the NFC championship game, and their first time as host.

Meanwhile on Saturday, the New England Patriots advanced after downing the Kansas City Chiefs 36-20, and the Arizona Cardinals eliminated the Green Bay Packers with a 26-20 overtime victory. In the late game yesterday, the Denver Broncos shut down the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-16. Conference Championships coming up next weekend: the Denver Boncos host the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship, then the Arizona Cardinals travel to Charlotte to face the Carolina Panthers.

Birthdays: Singer-songwriter Bobby Goldsboro is 75; the youngest member of The Hudson Brothers, Brett Hudson is 63; actor and director Kevin Costner is 61; and comedian Dave Attell is 51.

A rough week for Celine Dion. Her 59-year-old brother died on Saturday after a long battle with cancer. He died just two days after the death of Celene's husband. Daniel Dion, the eighth oldest of 13 siblings, passed away peacefully surrounded by family in Québec.

It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Held on the third Monday in January. Born on January 15th of 1929, Martin Luther King Jr. grew to become one of the greatest Social Activists the world has ever known. At 35, he became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace prize. He was assassinated on April 4th of 1968 while making a speech from the balcony of his hotel room in Memphis, Tennessee. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day became a National Holiday by an act of Congress in 1983.

Lost for words? Before falling back on your standard, boring vocabulary, consider using taking advantage of Thesaurus Day today and lookup an exciting alternative. Today is UFO Day, marking the first reported sighting of a UFO in America by Pilgrims in Boston. The year was 1644. And today is Winnie the Pooh Day, celebrating the birth of A.A . Milne in 1882. He was an author of children's story books, and created Winnie the Pooh and his friends, including Christopher Robin, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Roo. By the way, the initials stand for Allan Alexander.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1964, the plans for the original World Trade Center in New York were unveiled to the public. In 1973, Pink Floyd began recording Dark Side of the Moon, which would set a record by staying on the Billboard album chart for over 14 years. In 1989, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York City inducted the Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, and Dion. In 1993, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was observed in all 50 US states for the first time. In 1996, Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce from Michael Jackson after 20 months of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. In 1996, Australian scientists who claimed to have contacted life on other planets stumbled on the real source of the signals -- a microwave oven in the kitchen of their laboratory.

Its long reign is over. After four weeks atop box office charts, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has ceded first place to Ride Along 2. The comedy sequel picked up a leading $34 million over the weekend. The Revenant was bolstered by its strong showing at the Oscar nominations on Thursday when it picked up a leading 12 nods, including for Best Picture and for the performances of stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. The story of a fur trapper seeking revenge finished second. The space opera slid to third place. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi flirted with political controversy, drawing a rebuke from a CIA spokesman, pulled into fourth place. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg rounded out the top five in Daddy's Home.

Sorry, Friends fans, but that much-hyped reunion will be incomplete. NBC announced last week that all six original Friends cast members -- Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer -- would appear in a tribute special for legendary TV director James Burrows. NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt had expressed hope to reporters that the stars would "be in the same room at the same time," but it seems it's not meant to be. It turns out Matthew Perry is unable to attend the tribute because he's in London rehearsing a play. However, he may tape a cameo for the special, which airs February 21st.

Valentine’s Day chocolate could cost more this year. Cocoa is diminishing due to adverse weather conditions and poor farming techniques. Combine that with the fact that the demand for the sweet stuff hit an all-time high last year, and the world has an imbalance that has forced the price of the commodity up almost 40 percent since 2012.

John and Lisa Robinson are one of three winners of the of Wednesday’s $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot. On Friday’s Today show, and then again at the lottery office in Tennessee, the Robinsons claimed they weren’t going to quit their jobs. It’s the Monday after you won Powerball — would you be at work today?

A survey of more than 5,000 singles probed emoji use in dating. The dating site found people who think about sex a lot are more likely to use emoji. The survey also revealed both men and women favor the winky face when flirting.

Trivia Answer: A.A. Milne -- Alan Alexander Milne -- who was born on this date in 1882. Milne is most famous for his two books about a boy named Christopher Robin -- named after the author's son, Christopher Robin Milne -- and various characters inspired by his son's stuffed animals, most notably the bear named Winnie-the-Pooh. Christopher Robin Milne's stuffed bear was originally named Edward but was renamed Winnie-the-Pooh after a Canadian black bear named Winnie (after Winnipeg), which was used as a military mascot in World War I, and left to the London Zoo during the war. The rest of Christopher Robin Milne's toys, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, Owl, Rabbit and Tigger, were incorporated into A.A. Milne's stories. Christopher Robin Milne's own toys are now under glass in New York. The fictional Hundred Acre Wood of the Pooh stories is derived from Five Hundred Acre Wood in Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, South East England, where the Pooh stories were set. Milne lived on the northern edge of the Forest and took his son walking there. The adult Christopher Robin commented: "Pooh's Forest and Ashdown Forest are identical". The wooden Pooh Bridge in Ashdown Forest, where Pooh and Piglet invented Poohsticks, is a tourist attraction. Winnie-the-Pooh was published in 1926, followed by The House at Pooh Corner in 1928. A second collection of nursery rhymes, Now We Are Six, was published in 1927.

Friday 1.15.16
Morning Trivia: This quarterback played college football for Purdue University, and was chosen by the San Diego Chargers with the first pick in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He left college as one of the most-decorated players in Purdue and Big Ten history, establishing 2 NCAA records, 13 Big Ten Conference records, and 19 Purdue University records. He remains the Big Ten Conference record-holder in virtually every passing category, including completions (1,026), yards (11,792) and touchdowns (90). He started his professional career with the Chargers, earning the starting job in 2002 and making the Pro Bowl in 2004. After injuring his shoulder at the end of the 2005 season, he signed with the New Orleans Saints. Who is he?

It seems Beastmode will be on the field when the Seahawks take on the Carolina Panthers this weekend. In a text message to ESPN's Kenny Mayne, Lynch had a simple and brief message: "I'm ready." Lynch has participated in practice this week, but coach Pete Carroll hasn't yet confirmed if he'll play in the NFC divisional playoff game. We'll find out for sure Sunday morning.

UPDATE: Marshawn was reportedly on the team bus as it left the VMAC to go to the team flight this afternoon.

Eight go in but only four will be around come Monday. The NFL playoffs continue this weekend. The AFC gets it started with the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots meeting up tomorrow afternoon at 1:30. The late game tomorrow turns to the NFC with the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals facing off. Sunday, the Seahawks get things started against the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte at 10:00. Then the final game of the weekend features the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos at 1:40 Sunday afternoon.

Birthdays: Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been 87 today. MLK Day is Monday but today is his real birthday; singer and dancer Charo is 65; actor and director Mario Van Peebles is 59; singer Lisa Lisa is 50; actor Chad Lowe is 48;

New Orleans Saint quarterback Drew Brees 37; Pitbull is 35; and electronic music producer, DJ, singer and songwriter Skrillex is 28.

After a long struggle with throat cancer, Celine Dion's husband and former manager, Rene Angélil, has died. Celine and Rene's marriage was one of pop music's great love stories. In 1980, when Celine was just 12, he heard her demo tape and decided to make her a star. In 1981, he mortgaged his home to raise money for her first record, which was a huge hit in her native Quebec. Despite their 26-year age difference, in the early nineties, the two became romantically involved, but kept their relationship under wraps. In 1993, they went public with their relationship, and wed in an extravagant ceremony in Montreal in 1994. Since then, the two have worked side by side until fairly recently, when Rene stepped down as Celine's manager due to his ongoing health problems. Rene Angélil was 73.

Dan Haggerty -- who played Grizzly Adams -- died from cancer early this morning. Haggerty died after battling cancer for the last few months. Sources close to Dan's family say doctors discovered the cancer after he had surgery for back pain. Haggerty starred in the hit TV show The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams as the lovable mountain man whose BFF was a grizzly bear. He also guest starred on several TV shows like CHiPs and Charlie's Angels. Dan Haggerty was 74.

Today is National Hat Day. Today is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1889, the Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, was originally incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1892, James Naismith published the rules of basketball. In 1943, the Pentagon was dedicated as the world's largest office building just outside Washington, DC, in Arlington, VA. The structure covers 34 acres of land and has 17 miles of corridors. In 1967, the first Super Bowl was played. It was in Los Angeles. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35–10. In 1974, Happy Days premiered on ABC-TV. In 1987, Paramount Home Video reported that it would place a commercial at the front of one of its video releases for the first time. It was a 30-second Diet Pepsi ad at the beginning of Top Gun. In 2001, Wikipedia, a free content encyclopedia, went online. In 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 makes an emergency landing in the Hudson River shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York, New York. All passengers and crew members survive. The incident became known as the Miracle on the Hudson. In 2013, Bruno Mars released the single When I Was Your Man.

Ricardo Lockette was supposed to raise the 12th Man flag atop the Space Needle this morning but at the last minute, Marcus Trufant stepped in and did the honors at about 9 this morning ahead of Sunday’s divisional round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte. The flag will remain up through Sunday. Seahawks legend Jim Zorn raised last Friday’s flag.

The City of Lacey had its own Blue Friday rally today at Lacey City Hall. The 12th man festivities got going at 12.

Chip Kelly is the new head coach for the San Francisco 49ers. Kelly was hired just 11 days after the 49ers fired their coach Jim Tomsula after a 5-and-11 season. Kelly interviewed with the 49ers last week and his appointment to head coach is being announced at a press conference next week.

The weekend's here. New in theaters: The R-rated 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, the PG-rated Norm of the North, and the PG-13 rated Ride Along 2.

And there is no mention of Wall Street today, on purpose.  Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Trivia Answer: Russell Wilson's idol -- Drew Brees who turns 37 today. Once he signed with New Orleans as a free agent, Brees met with immediate success, earning eight trips to the Pro Bowl and leading the Saints to their first Super Bowl. Since joining the Saints in 2006, he has led all NFL quarterbacks in touchdowns, passing yards, and 300-yard games. He was the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year in 2004, the Offensive Player of the Year in 2008 and 2011, and the MVP of Super Bowl XLIV. Sports Illustrated named Brees its 2010 Sportsman of the Year.

Thursday 1.14.16
Morning Trivia: He was a Mexican-born radio, television, theatre, and film actor. He had a career spanning seven decades -- appearing in motion pictures from 1941 to 2006. During the mid-1970s, he was most notable as the spokesman in automobile advertisements for the Chrysler Cordoba in which he famously extolled the soft Corinthian leather used for its interior. Who is he?

Marshawn Lynch was a full participant in yesterday's Seahawks practice and has a chance to play in the team's NFC divisional round matchup with the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sunday. Lynch returned to practice last week for the first time since undergoing abdominal surgery on November 25th. But after being a full participant in practice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week, Marshawn didn't feel like he would be able to play, according to coach Pete Carroll. Lynch did not travel with the team, electing instead to stay in Seattle and continue his rehab. After practice yesterday, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said Lynch looked better than he had last week. Lynch hasn't played since the Seahawks' Week 10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on November 15th. He rushed for a career-low 417 yards and three touchdowns on 111 carries in just seven games played during the regular season. Sunday morning at 10, the Seahawks and Panthers on FOX.

Birthdays: Singer Jack Jones -- he sang The Love Boat Theme -- is 78; actress Faye Dunaway is 75; ainger and producer T-Bone Burnett is 68; actor Carl Weathers is 68; Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate is 57; Dennis Blunden on Head of the Class, actor Dan Schneider is 50; actress Emily Watson is 49; rapper and actor, LL Cool J is 48; actor Jason Bateman is 47; from Nirvana and Foo Fighters, musician Dave Grohl is 47; and from Kings of Leon, frontman Caleb Followill is 34.

British actor Alan Rickman, who played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films and portrayed memorable villains in Hollywood movies, has died. In a statement his family said he had died after a battle with cancer. Alan Rickman was 69.

Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. It’s also the C-Section’s birthday marking the first successful operation in 1794.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first President of the United States to travel via airplane while in office when he traveled from Miami, Florida to Morocco to meet with Winston Churchill. In 1952, NBC's morning news program Today debuted, with host Dave Garroway. In 1954, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married. The marriage only lasted nine months. In 1957, the Wham-O Company developed the first frisbee. In 1966, David Jones changed his name to David Bowie to avoid confusion with Davy Jones from The Monkees. In 1973, the Miami Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII and became the first NFL team to go undefeated in a season. In 1973, Elvis Presley's concert Aloha from Hawaii was broadcast live via satellite, and set a record as the most watched broadcast by an individual entertainer in television history. In 1978, the English punk rock band Sex Pistols broke up amidst their US tour. In 1988, the US Supreme Court ruled that public school officials can censor student newspapers. In 1993, David Letterman announced he was moving from NBC to CBS.

An eye-popping and unprecedented Powerball jackpot whose rise to $1.6 billion became a national fascination will be split three ways. The winners' identities remain a mystery, but they bought their tickets in Florida, Tennessee and a Los Angeles suburb where even lottery losers were celebrating that such heady riches were won in their modest city. The winners of the world-record jackpot overcame odds of 1 in 292.2 million to land on the numbers drawn last night, 4-8-19-27-34 and Powerball 10. They can take the winnings in annual payments spread over decades or a smaller amount in a lump sum. The California ticket was sold at a 7-Eleven in Chino Hills. The winning ticket in Tennessee was sold in Munford, north of Memphis. The Florida ticket was sold in Melbourne Beach. By the way, there are two $1 million winners and seven $50 thousand winners here in Washington.

The Seattle Seahawks have announced that Ricardo Lockette is raising the 12th Man flag atop the Space Needle tomorrow. It has been less than 10 weeks since Lockette had neck surgery to stabilize ligament damage. Lockette was injured during the Seahawks game against the Dallas Cowboys. He missed the rest of the season. Lockette is raising the flag at about 9 tomorrow morning ahead of Sunday’s divisional round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte. The flag will remain up through Sunday. Seahawks legend Jim Zorn raised last Friday’s flag.

Speaking of flags, a warning to any 12s making the trek to Charlotte to see the Seahawks take on the Panthers in Sunday's NFC Divisional Round matchup: If you're taking a big '12' flag, you'll have to leave it outside the stadium, according to the Charlotte Observer. It's apparently nothing personal against the Seahawks or the 12s -- the team says the policy was put in place long before the Seahawks were on the schedule. The Observer says it stems from what happened earlier this season when Panthers quarterback Cam Newton tore down a huge Packers banner before their game against Green Bay. Scott Paul is the Panthers' director of stadium operations. He says, "We did make some adjustments after the Green Bay game, and I think for a lot of reasons for what we may or may not see with the playoffs and Green Bay coming back," As long as the flag is 24 inches-by-24 inches or smaller and isn't attached to poles or sticks, it's fine, but anything larger won't be allowed in. You also won't be allowed to affix a '12' flag to any part of the stadium.

NBC-TV just announced a Friends reunion. The network's entertainment chief, Bob Greenblatt, shared details with TV critics yesterday. All six Friends stars -- Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow -- are participating in an all-star tribute to comedy maestro James Burrows, who recently celebrated a milestone: He helmed his 1,000th TV episode. Burrows directed too many TV hits to name: Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Will and Grace, The Big Bang Theory and, of course, Friends. The tribute is scheduled to air February 21st.

Trivia Answer: Ricardo Montalbán who died on this date in 2009. In 1941, he appeared in his first motion pictures, three-minute musicals produced for the Soundies film jukeboxes. Many of his early roles were in Westerns in which he played character parts, usually as an "Indian" or as a "Latin Lover". In 1950 he was cast against type, playing a Cape Cod police officer in the film Mystery Street. In 1957, he played Nakamura in the Oscar-winning film Sayonara. Montalbán appeared in many diverse films including The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! as well as two films from both the Planet of the Apes and Spy Kids series. In addition, he appeared in various musicals, such as 1966's The Singing Nun, also starring Debbie Reynolds. Over the course of his long career, he played lead roles or guest-starred in dozens of television series. In fact, from 1977 to 1984 he became famous as Mr. Roarke, the main star in the television series Fantasy Island. He won an Emmy Award in 1978, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 1993. Ricardo often repeated "the five stages of the actor" in several interviews and public speeches:

  • Who is Ricardo Montalbán?
  • Get me Ricardo Montalbán.
  • Get me a Ricardo Montalbán type.
  • Get me a young Ricardo Montalbán.
  • Who is Ricardo Montalbán?

Montalbán died on January 14th of 2009 at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 88.

Wednesday 1.13.16
Morning Trivia: If all the US state capitals were listed in alphabetical order, the first and last on the list would be capitals of bordering states. Can you name the cities and states?

The playoff bye week came at the right time for the Carolina Panthers. Carolina coach Ron Rivera revealed to reporters that the NFC South champions expect running back Jonathan Stewart, wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. and safety Kurt Coleman to return from injuries for Sunday's NFC divisional round matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. The Panthers finished the regular season 15-1, earned the conference's No. 1 seed and thus a bye in the NFC wild-card round to go along with home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The return of Stewart is perhaps the biggest boost considering the Timberline grad racked up 989 rushing yards on 242 attempts (4.1 yards-per-carry) and seven touchdowns (six running, one receiving) before missing the final three games with a sprained foot. Stewart's role Sunday could be bigger than usual, considering his backup's status for Sunday is uncertain because of a high ankle sprain. In Carolina's 27-23 win over the Seahawks in October, Stewart had 20 carries for 78 rushing yards and two touchdowns, plus one catch for eight yards. Hawks-Panthers Sunday morning at 10:00 on FOX.

Birthdays: Comedian Rip Taylor is 82; Bull on Night Court, actor Richard Moll is 73; former Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin is 62; Elaine from Seinfeld, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is 55; from Gray’s Anatomy, actor Patrick Dempsey is 50; actor Orlando Bloom is 39; William Hung -- the guy that did the off-key performance of Ricky Martin's She Bangs on the third season of American Idol -- is 33.

Today is Radio Day, marking the first public radio broadcast on this date in 1910 when tube inventor Lee DeForest broadcast the voices of Metropolitan Opera stars to several receivers in New York City. Today is International Skeptics Day -- the perfect day for the doubting Thomas. Perhaps the earth isn't really round!? Maybe, the sky isn't truely blue!? Does she really love me? Today is National Peach Melba Day. Today is Make Your Dreams Come True Day (that Powerball jackpot would help, eh?)

Calendar notes: On this date in 1966, Elizabeth Montgomery’s character, Samantha, on Bewitched, had a baby. The baby's name was Tabitha. In 1978, The Police began recording their debut album. In 1979, the YMCA filed a lawsuit against the Village People over their song. The suit was later dropped. In 1981, 11-year-old Donna Griffiths of Pershore, England, caught a cold and started sneezing. She sneezed about every 30 seconds until September 16th of 1983, 978 days later. It's the world sneezing record. In 1987, the Supreme Court ruled that states could require employers to grant unpaid leaves of absence to pregnant women. In 1998, NBC agreed to pay almost $13 million for each episode of the TV show ER. It was the highest amount ever paid for a TV show. Also in 1998, ABC and ESPN negotiated to keep Monday Night Football for $1.15 billion a season. In 1999, Michael Jordan, regarded by many as the greatest basketball player ever, announced his retirement. He had led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships.

The St. Louis Rams are headed back to Los Angeles. At a National Football League owners meeting yesterday, voters approved the relocation of the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles. Their home will be in Inglewood, California where a new stadium opens in 2019. The Rams were last based in Los Angeles in 1994 and spent 49 seasons there. News of the decision came after the Rams, the San Diego Chargers, and the Oakland Raiders applied for relocation to Los Angeles in the 2016 season over a week ago. The Chargers have the option to move with the Rams to Los Angeles. The Oakland Raiders will be staying in the Bay Area, unless the Chargers decide not to relocate. If the Chargers and/or the Raiders decide not to move, the NFL will give the team(s) $100 million to improve their stadiums.

Lottery ticket buyers have to suspend their belief in math to drop $2 on an infinitesimal chance to win the Powerball jackpot, but in Nevada, they also have to drive across the desert and wait in lines that can stretch for hours. In Hawaii and Alaska, they need to cross an ocean or mountains to reach a lottery kiosk. As if the 1 in 292.2 million odds of winning weren't inconvenient enough, people who live in the six states that don't participate in Powerball -- none of the six states has a lottery of any kind -- must put in considerable extra effort to get a ticket. With the giant jackpot on his mind, retiree William Burke drove 45 minutes Monday from his home in Henderson, Nevada, to buy tickets in Nipton, California. Then he waited three hours to spend $20 on 10 tickets at a store that is among the nation's busiest lottery retailers.

Regarding those states without a lottery: Religious beliefs have posed a barrier in Alabama, Mississippi and Utah. Alaska has been more concerned that a lottery wouldn't pay off in such a sparsely populated state. In Hawaii, lawmakers have proposed lottery measures, but the idea always fails. And in Nevada, the lottery snub is largely a nod to the state's casinos, which have no interest in the competition.

A money expert writing in the New York Times says when you win the Powerball jackpot tonight you should not take the one-time lump sum. You want to take what's called the annuity -- $22.6 million annual payments over thirty years. It all comes down to taxes -- not having to pay taxes twice: once on the winnings, and again on investments.

Trivia Answer: Albany, New York and Trenton, New Jersey. 

Tuesday 1.12.16
Morning Trivia: He was an Olympic gold medallist, professional boxer, and undisputed world heavyweight champion. His professional career lasted from 1965 to 1976, with a one-fight comeback in 1981. He was known for his sheer strength, durability, punch power, and all-out relentless attack. He emerged as the top contender in the late 1960s, defeating opponents en route to becoming undisputed heavyweight champion in 1970, and followed up by defeating Muhammad Ali by unanimous decision in the highly anticipated "Fight of the Century" in 1971. Who was he?

The Seattle Seahawks have opened as three-point underdogs for Sunday's NFC divisional round road game against the Carolina Panthers according to most betting sites. After finishing the regular season at 15-and-1, the No. 1-seed Panthers received a first-round bye this past weekend, while the Seahawks escaped Minnesota with a 10-9 win after Vikings kicker Blair Walsh in the final minute missed a potential game-winning, 27-yard field goal. This marks the second time the Seahawks and Panthers have faced this season, and continues what's become a fierce matchup between two NFC heavyweights. On October 18th, the Panthers defeated the Seahawks 27-23 at CenturyLink Field after quarterback Cam Newton led Carolina on two 80-yard touchdown drives in the fourth quarter to erase a 23-14 deficit. The collapse dropped the Seahawks to 2-4, while the Panthers improved to 5-0. They also faced off last season in the NFC divisional round, with the Seahawks prevailing 31-17 at the Clink in a game where strong safety Kam Chancellor had a pick-six to seal the victory. According to, the Seahawks chances of winning Super Bowl 50 improved to 13 percent with Sunday's win. But they won't be favored unless the betting line moves by more than three points, meaning this will be the third time in coach Pete Carroll's 10 playoff games with the Seahawks where Seattle is the underdog. Hawks-Panthers, Sunday morning at 10:05 on FOX.

The Seahawks' 10-9 win over the Vikings last Sunday was the most-watched early NFL wild-card game since at least 1988, when records began. According to NBC, the game averaged 35.3 million viewers, a 25 percent increase from the 28.3 million that viewed last season's Bengals-Colts early wild-card game.

Alabama won its fourth college football national title in seven seasons, defeating Clemson 45-40 in the championship game of the College Football Playoff last night at Glendale, Arizona. It's the 14th NCAA national title for the Crimson Tide, which finishes the season 14-and-1. The title is the fifth for Alabama head coach Nick Saban, who also won one at Louisiana State.

Birthdays: Actress Kirstie Alley is 65; political commentator Rush Limbaugh is 65; CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour is 58; Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is 52; singer Rob Zombie is 51; model, activist, and Paul McCartney’s ex, Heather Mills is 48; Melanie Chisholm -- Sporty Spice -- is 42; and the younger daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger is 24.

Today is National Pharmacist Day. Today is Batman Day, marking Batman’s TV debut on this date in 1966. The campy series starred Adam West as Bruce Wayne and Batman and Burt Ward is Dick Grayson and Robin. Some 120 episodes are still in syndication. Today is HAL's Birthday. According to Arthur C. Clarke's book and movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the HAL 9000 computer was brought to consciousness on January 12th of 1997 in Urbana, Illinois. HAL stands for a heuristically-programmed algorithmic computer. Today is Little League Girls Baseball Day. Girls were first allowed to play Little League baseball on this date in 1974. Ironically, today is Rejection Day, marking this date in 1915 when the US House rejected a proposal to grant women the right to vote. Today is Eat Crackers and Try To Whistle Day, just to see if it’s still as much fun as it was when you were a kid.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1959, Berry Gordy borrowed $800 to found the Motown record empire. In 1969, Led Zeppelin's debut album was released in the United States. In 1970, the Boeing 747 jetliner made its maiden voyage. In 1971, the first episode of All In The Family aired on CBS-TV, featuring the first toilet flush on network television. In 1985, after a record 24 weeks as the #1 album in the nation, Prince's Purple Rain was knocked off by Bruce Springsteen’s Born In the USA. In 1991, Congress passed a resolution authorizing President Bush to use military power to force Iraq out of Kuwait. In 2006, the US Mint began shipping new 5-cent coins to the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks. The coin has an image of Thomas Jefferson taken from an 1800 Rembrandt Peale portrait in which the president is looking forward. Since 1909, when presidents were first depicted on circulating coins, all presidents had been shown in profile.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch announced yesterday that he is set to wed Jerry Hall, the former model and actress who was in a longtime relationship with Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. Murdoch is 84. Hall is 59. The announcement was made rather quietly in the Births, Marriages and Deaths section of The Times of London, which Murdoch owns. According to The Daily Mail, Murdoch proposed to Hall while the couple was in Los Angeles for Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards. This is the fourth wedding for Murdoch, the founder and chairman of News Corp and 21st Century Fox. He was previously in a 14-year marriage with Wendi Deng, which ended in 2014. Hall was with Jagger until 1999, but they're unofficial ceremony was declared invalid following their split. The couple had four children together. Murdoch and Hall were first reported to be dating three months ago.

With the 2015 regular season complete, the Seahawks now at least know who they'll play in the regular season during the 2016 season. The NFL uses a scheduling formula that in addition to playing a home-and-home series against your division mates, rotates opponents based on their division and placement within your own division. For the 2016 season, the NFC West will play all teams from the AFC East and the NFC South, plus one game each against the NFC North and NFC East, based on where teams finished within their own division. For the Seahawks, that means games against fellow second-place-division finishers Green Bay and Philadelphia. So the Seahawks home games will be against San Francisco, St. Louis, Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, Buffalo, Miami, and Philadelphia, according to the Seahawks official website. Road games will be against San Francisco, St. Louis, Arizona, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, New England, New York (Jets), and Green Bay. Dates and times will be released closer to the start of the season.

On TV tonight, it's the MADTV 20th Anniversary Reunion. This new showcase features signature parodies. Returning cast members include Ike Barinholtz, Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Crista Flanagan, Anjelah Johnson, Nicole Randall Johnson, Keegan-Michael Key, Phil LaMarr, Artie Lange, and Bobby Lee. It's tonight on CW.

Trivia Answer: Smokin' Joe Frazier who was born on this date in 1944. Two years after the "Fight of the Century," Frazier lost his title when he was knocked out by George Foreman. Frazier's last world title challenge came in 1975, but he was beaten by Ali in their brutal rubbermatch. He retired in 1976 following a second loss to Foreman. He made a comeback in 1981, fighting just once, before retiring. After retiring, Frazier made cameo appearances in several Hollywood movies, and two episodes of The Simpsons. His son Marvis became a boxer—trained by Frazier himself—but was unable to match his father's success. His daughter Jackie Frazier-Lyde also boxed professionally. Frazier continued to train fighters in his gym in Philadelphia. His later years saw periodic insults and bitter feelings towards Ali, interspersed with brief reconciliations. Frazier was diagnosed with liver cancer in late September of 2011 and admitted to hospice care. He died on November 7th of 2011.

Monday 1.11.16
Morning Trivia: He was nicknamed The Big Man. He was a saxophonist, musician, and actor. He was reported to be 6' 5" tall, hence his nickname. Who was he?

Kam Chancellor might have been the only individual in America who believed it possible that Minnesota kicker Blair Walsh would botch/scotch/gag/shank a 27-yard, game-winning field goal attempt with less than a minute to play yesterday. But Walsh improbably, or incredibly, did, gifting the Seahawks with a 10-9 wild card victory that sends Seattle to the divisional round of the NFC playoffs next Sunday against the 15-and-1 Carolina Panthers in Charlotte. In the third-coldest game in NFL history -- a minus-6 degrees at kickoff and -1 when it ended -- the Seahawks seemed on the verge of blowing their sixth fourth-quarter lead of the season when Walsh lined up for what should have been the clincher. Walsh had already given Minnesota a 9-0 lead on field goals of 22, 43 and 47 yards. But he got a laces-first look as the ball was placed and hooked it left. Way left. The attempt was not even close, allowing the Seahawks to take one of the biggest knees in franchise history and escape the Minneapolis ice cap with a win that keeps a third consecutive trip to the Super Bowl still possible. Now, the Seahawks kickoff against the Carolina Panthers at Charlotte next Sunday morning at 10:00.

After the Seahawks' shocking win yesterday, coach Pete Carroll was asked what the sequence of events were that led to Marshawn Lynch not traveling with the team to Minnesota. Lynch returned to practice last Monday following November 25th abdominal surgery. He practiced all week, but apparently suffered a setback Friday. Coach said, "We finished practice. And after practice, I went right to you guys to talk to the media just going on what I had seen." Carroll continued, "But when he went back to his locker and sat down, he just didn't feel it. He didn't feel like he could go, and that's it. He just didn't feel like he had it. There wasn't enough time to build the confidence he needed that he could come here and do something. That's it. So we just took off and left." Lynch missed the Seahawks final seven regular season games, and it doesn't sound like Carroll knows when the 29-year-old will be healthy enough to return. On Saturday, Lynch's agent, Doug Hendrickson told The Seattle Times that his client simply wasn't healthy after suffering a tweak Friday, while others speculated there may be a rift between Lynch and the organization that contributed to his absence. Hendrickson denied there was friction, saying Lynch hoped to play against Carolina.

Coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide are looking for their fourth BCS national championship since 2009 as they face the top ranked Clemson Tigers tonight at 5:30 on ESPN.

The University of Southern California said Friday that a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by former head football coach Steve Sarkisian last month violates an arbitration agreement between the school and the coach. obtained the formal legal response filed by the school, which also disputed some of Sarkisian's claims, calling them "half-truths and, in many cases, outright falsehoods." Sarkisian was fired in October 2015 after he was asked to take an indefinite leave of absence over accusations that he arrived at team facilities while appearing to be intoxicated. That followed a preseason incident in which Sarkisian apologized for remarks at a booster event in which he slurred his words and used profanity. Sarkisian's lawsuit seeks $30 million in damages, saying that he suffers from alcoholism, which is a protected disability in the state of California. USC's response says, "It is absolutely false that Sarkisian ever admitted to having a drinking problem, to being an alcoholic, or to needing to seek treatment." The school also says that Sarkisian blamed his inability to perform aspects of his job on "marital stress, lack of sleep and anxiety for which he was taking medication."

Birthdays: Singer Naomi Judd is 70; golfer Ben Crenshaw is 64; jazz guitarist, session musician, and composer Lee Ritenour is 64; Phyllis Logan from Downton Abbey)is 60; guitarist with The Bangles, Vicki Peterson is 58; No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont is 48; and singer Mary J. Blige is 45.

Legendary British rock star David Bowie, whose career was framed with daringly androgynous displays of sexuality and glittering costumes, has died. A chameleon visionary, Bowie straddled the worlds of hedonistic rock, fashion and drama for five decades, pushing the boundaries of music and his own sanity to produce some of the most innovative songs of his generation. Londoners laid flowers at a makeshift memorial to Bowie in the Brixton area where he was born and British Prime Minister David Cameron hailed the singer as a genius saying, "I grew up listening to and watching the pop genius David Bowie. He was a master of re-invention who kept getting it right. A huge loss." Critics had just given the thumbs-up to his new album, Blackstar, released on his 69th birthday on Friday. Born David Jones in south London two years after the end of World War Two, he took up the saxophone at 13 before changing his name to David Bowie to avoid confusion with the Monkees' Davy Jones. He shot to fame in Britain in 1969 with Space Oddity, whose lyrics he said were inspired by watching Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey. But it was Bowie's 1972 portrayal of a doomed bisexual rock envoy from space, Ziggy Stardust, that propelled him to global stardom. Bowie and Ziggy, wearing outrageous costumes, makeup and bright orange hair, took the rock world by storm. Bowie reinvented himself again in the mid-seventies, adopting a soul and funk sound, and abandoning stack heels for designer suits and flat shoes. He scored his first US number one with Fame and created a new persona, the Thin White Duke, for his Station to Station album. In 1983 Bowie changed tack again, signing a multi-million-dollar five-album deal with EMI. The first, "Let's Dance, returned him to chart success and almost paid off his advance. He starred on Broadway in The Elephant Man at the start of the decade and also had roles in an array of films. Bowie kept a low profile after undergoing emergency heart surgery in 2004. It was not widely known that he was fighting cancer. David Bowie was 69.

It’s International Thank You Day, time to thank someone who did something nice for you. Today is National Step In a Puddle and Splash a Friend Day. Today is Smoking May Be Hazardous to Your Health Day. US Surgeon General Luther Terry issued the first government report saying smoking might be hazardous to your health on this date in 1964.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1922, at Toronto's General Hospital, 14-year-old diabetic Leonard Thompson became the first person to be treated successfully with the drug insulin. In 1963, The Whiskey-a-Go-Go nightclub opened in Los Angeles. It is recognized as the first disco in the US. In 1967, Jimi Hendrix began recording Purple Haze. In 1973, American League baseball team owners voted to adopt the designated-hitter rule on a trial basis. In 1984, the Denver Nuggets beat the San Antonio Spurs 163-155: The 318 points, the most ever scored in an NBA game without overtime.

The force was strong with Leonardo DiCaprio, but not quite strong enough to dethrone Star Wars from its perch atop box office charts. Throughout the weekend, The Force Awakens was locked in a pitched battle with The Revenant for first place, but as the dust settled yesterday, the Star Wars sequel had managed to retain its crown for the fourth straight weekend, picking up $41.6 million in receipts. That brings the space opera's stateside haul to $812 million, making it the first film to ever cross $800 million domestically. The Revenant still had much to celebrate. The revenge drama about a fur trapper whose quest for vengeance finds him braving roaring rapids, dodging hostile Native American tribes, and disemboweling a dead horse, became an unlikely box office winner. The film, which is expected to land DiCaprio in the Oscar race, pulled in a sterling $38 million in its wide release debut. Daddy's Home, a comedy about a step-father played by Will Ferrell locked in a fierce battle with his wife's first husband played by Mark Wahlberg for her kid's affections, took third place. The thriller The Forest got a fourth place finish. Sisters with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey rounded out the top five.

Speaking of movies, the 73rd Golden Globes were handed out last night. The Revenant won best movie drama and The Martian won best movie comedy. The awards for best actor and actress in a motion picture, drama, went to Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant and Brie Larson for Room. Matt Damon and Jennifer Lawrence won Golden Globes for best actor and actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy. Damon won for his role in The Martian and Lawrence won for her role in Joy.

Another Powerball drawing failed to produce a jackpot winner on Saturday after reaching a staggering $900 million earlier in the day -- by far the largest ever. Now lottery officials estimate the jackpot is already at $1.3 billion -- the largest ever on the planet -- ahead of the next drawing Wednesday night. The jackpot has been growing since November 7th. It first broke into the top 10 largest jackpots ranking last weekend, when it hit $400 million. Since then ticket sales have only taken off. It hit $700 million on Thursday after nobody won on Wednesday night -- the 18th drawing without a winner. The buying frenzy continued all day Saturday. A few hours before the drawing, the Texas Lottery reported that $5,838,152 in Powerball tickets were sold in a one-hour period. The numbers drawn Saturday night were 32, 16, 19, 57 and 34, and the Powerball was 13. The odds of winning are 1 in 292 million.

Trivia Answer: Clarence Clemons, Jr. who was born on this date in 1942. From 1972 until his death in June of 2011, he was a prominent member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, playing the tenor saxophone. He released several solo albums and in 1985, had a hit single with You're a Friend of Mine, a duet with Jackson Browne. As a guest musician he also featured on Aretha Franklin's classic Freeway of Love. He also worked with Twisted Sister and Lady Gaga, performed in concert with the Grateful Dead and Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. As an actor Clemons featured in several films, including New York, New York and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. He also made cameo appearances in several TV series, including Diff'rent Strokes, Nash Bridges, The Simpsons, and The Wire. Clemons suffered a stroke on June 12th of 2011, and died of complications from it on June 18th. Three years following his death, Clemons, along with the rest of the E Street Band, was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Friday 1.8.16
Morning Trivia: She was an educator and businessperson, widely known for coining the phrase speed reading and for creating a system to increase a reader's speed (over the average reading rate of 250 to 300 words a minute) by a factor of two to five times, while increasing retention. The system was taught in seminars. Who was she?

The Seahawks aren't too worried about playing their wild card playoff game versus the Minnesota Vikings in sub-zero temperatures. The forecast temperature for kickoff is hovering around 1 degree, with the wind chill expected to drop well below zero. It will likely be the coldest game in Seahawks history, but head coach Pete Carroll said the team would be well prepared. At the VMAC yesterday, Carroll said, "It's not going to be an issue for us going forward. We're just going to go play football and do the things that we know how to do and try to do them really well regardless of what the conditions are, whether it hits way low temperatures or it doesn't. I think we've already addressed it and the preparation's underway." Part of that preparation involved opening the doors at the indoor practice facility at the VMAC on Wednesday, but on a day when the temperature in Renton hovered in the mid-40s, it wasn't exactly a close equivalent. Still, there's only so much the team can do. Carroll said he thought ball security might be an issue, as well as the ball not flying as far as usual in the kicking game. But running back Fred Jackson, who played for eight seasons in Buffalo, said the players likely wouldn't be too affected. He said, "The coldest part of the game is when you're standing on the sideline not doing anything. As long as you're out there moving around, you'll be OK." Sunday's game is at 10:00 on NBC.

Late word: Marshawn Lynch didn't make the trip. Said he couldn't play Sunday.

Birthdays: From F Troop, Larry Storch is 93; former senator Slade Gorton is 88; radio and TV journalist Charles Osgood is 83; Elvis Presley would have been 81; game show host Bob Eubanks is 78; famed scientist Stephen Hawking is 74; the guitarist in The Doors, Robby Krieger is 70; David Bowie is 69; from Loverboy, singer Mike Reno is 61; singer R. Kelly is 49; and former Mariner Mike Cameron is 43.

Pat Harrington Jr., best known for playing the wisecracking building superintendent Dwayne Schneider on the hit '70s sitcom One Day at a Time, died Wednesday night. On One Day at a Time, Harrington's Schneider was an invaluable helpmate to Bonnie Franklin's Anne Romano, a divorced mom raising two teenage daughters, played by Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips. Franklin died in March of 2013 at age 69. Harrington won a Golden Globe in 1981 and an Emmy in 1984 for the role. Harrington's last TV appearance came in 2012, when he played an apartment building manager on Bertinelli's TV Land sitcom, Hot in Cleveland. In addition to his stint on One Day at a Time, Harrington appeared on The Danny Thomas Show; Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law; The Beverly Hillbillies; F Troop; The Munsters; The Rookies; Murder, She Wrote; and Curb Your Enthusiasm. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Harrington suffered from Alzheimer's and had been hospitalized after a fall. Pat Harrington Jr. was 86.

Today is National Man Watcher's Day. Remember back in school when it was your turn for Show & Tell? You got to bring in your pet, your baby brother, or a medal you’d won and be the proud center of attention for a few moments. Such fun should does not have to end once you are grown up. Today is Show & Tell At Work Day. Today is National Argyle Day. Today is National Bubble Bath Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1790, George Washington delivered the first State of the Union address in New York, New York. In 1835, the United States national debt was 0 for the only time. In 1889, the tabulating machine was patented by Dr. Herman Hollerith. His firm, Tabulating Machine Company, later became International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). In 1982, the break up of AT&T: the company agrees to divest itself of twenty-two subdivisions. In 1987, the Dow Jones industrial average closed over the 2000 mark for the first time at 2,002.25. In 2002, President George W. Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act. In 2004, the RMS Queen Mary 2, the largest passenger ship ever built, was christened by her namesake's granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II. In 2005, the rate for US First Class mail was raised to 39¢.

Ken Griffey Jr. is going into Baseball's Hall of Fame with a Seattle Mariners' cap and Mike Piazza with a New York Mets' hat. The pair made their announcements at a news conference yesterday, a day after they were elected by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Griffey spent a lengthy period of his career with Cincinnati, and Piazza reached the major leagues with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Griffey is the first Mariners' player in the Hall. Induction ceremonies are being held in Cooperstown on July 24th. Known for wearing his cap backwards, Griffey joked about that with Piazza, the top offensive catcher in baseball history. Junior said, "He wore it backwards more than I did."

A tweet by Delta Airlines in support of the Seahawks sparked dozens of replies this week by angry Vikings fans, some saying they would not be flying on Delta again. The tweet, accompanied by a photo of the Seahawks running onto the field, said "Hey 12s! We’re turning up the volume on Sunday! #GoHawks." When a man replied to the tweet saying there were many affordable flights on American Airlines for the weekend, Delta’s competitor took advantage. American Airlines tweeted, "We'd be thrilled to have our planes filled with Viking fans for the weekend!" Many other angry replies followed, some threatening to book trips with other airlines. One said, @Delta Why would Delta send a pro-Seahawks tweet & reference that 12th man crap when Minneapolis is a Delta hub & the game is here? While Delta is the official airline of the Seahawks, it is also the official airline of the Vikings, prompting tweets from people asking why they would pick sides. @Delta honestly, what are you thinking? You're the official airline of both teams why pick sides? Delta tweeted a pro-Vikings message about 3 hours later, but the damage was done. Not everyone was upset about the tweets, though. One guy tweeted @Delta thank you delta. Now I will fly you more often! #GoHawks.

HBO has confirmed that the sixth season of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, April 24th. Game of Thrones season six’s premiere will be followed by the returns of Silicon Valley and Veep.

The weekend is here, and -- not that it matters with Star Wars still in theaters -- a couple of new movies are out: the R-rated The Revenant and The Forest rated PG-13.

Trivia Answer: Evelyn Wood who was born on this date in 1909. The system was taught in seminars called Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Dynamics. It was a business Wood co-founded with her husband, Doug Wood, which ultimately had over 150 outlets in the United States. Wood first began to study reading while she was a teacher and girls' counselor at Jordan High School in Sandy, Utah. In her studies, Wood was capable of reading 6,000 words a minute, often sharing the traits of reading down the page rather than left to right, reading groups of words or complete thoughts rather than single words, and avoiding involuntary rereading of material. Her book Reading Skills was published in 1959 and she and her husband subsequently started the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics business. In 1967, the Woods sold the business, Doug Wood continuing to serve as President until he retired in 1974. After two strokes, Evelyn Wood died in 1995 at the age of 86. One of Wood's speed reading students appeared on the CBS television program I've Got a Secret, claiming she could read the 689 page novel Gone With the Wind in less than one hour.

Thursday 1.7.16
Morning Trivia: This singer and songwriter is best known for a number of hits in the 70s. Originally part of a duo, he has also recorded as a solo artist and written hit songs for other artists. He was in a couple of bands in the late 60s. His career continued in the 70s where he attracted the attention of a fellow singer-songwriter and they formed a duo that continued until 1976 when this guy set out on his own. In 1977, he produced his first solo album, Celebrate Me Home. In 1978 he released an album called Nightwatch which included the hit Whenever I Call You Friend, a duet with Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks. He also co-wrote the song What a Fool Believes with Michael McDonald. Who is he?

After missing nine games during the 2015 regular season, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was a full participant in practice yesterday and looks likely to be on the field when Seattle takes on the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC wild card round on Sunday. Coaches Pete Carroll, Tom Cable, and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell all expect Lynch to be ready for a heavy workload if he's able to take the field versus the Vikings. Meanwhile, rookie wide receiver Tyler Lockett missed practice wth a hip injury yesterday, the same day he was named the NFC special teams player of the week. Lockett broke the Seahawks franchise record with 139 yards on four punt returns in Sunday's win over the Arizona Cardinals. In addition to Lynch, the Seahawks should return a number of starters against Minnesota, including strong safety Kam Chancellor, tackle Russell Okung, guard J.R. Sweezy, and tight end Luke Willson. Carroll said that while the team needs to see how each player responds in practice this week, he was optimistic all could play this weekend. Kick-off at 10 Sunday morning on NBC.

Ken Griffey Jr., who played 22 seasons in the major leagues, including 13 with the Mariners, yesterday became the first player drafted and developed by the franchise to earn election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Griffey received landslide backing, collecting a record 99.3 percent of the vote from the Baseball Writers Association of America. As was the case last year with Randy Johnson, whose Seattle career coincided with Griffey's, Griffey gained enshrinement in his first year of eligibility. A 10-time All-Star, a 10-time Gold Glove winner, and the 1997 unanimous American League Most Valuable Player with the Mariners, Griffey is the most significant player in Seattle baseball history. During his first 10 seasons, Griffey became the club's first major gate attraction, its first superstar, its first annual All-Star starter, its most forceful personality, and the main reason the franchise escaped its dubious history to become a Northwest summer-entertainment fixture. Junior got all but three votes from the Baseball Writer's Association -- collecting 437 of 440 votes. Bob Castas has opined that we need to find the three that didn't vote for the kid, and not let them vote ever again. It's now being revealed that those three guys were named Larry, Mo, and Curly.

Birthdays: Writer and filmmaker -- most famous for The Exorcist -- William Peter Blatty is 88; publisher Jann Wenner -- he co-founded Rolling Stone magazine -- is 70; actor David Caruso is 60; journalist Katie Couric is 59; Go-Go's bassist Kathy Valentine is 57; presidential candidate Rand Paul is 53; actor Nicolas Cage is 52; John Ondrasik, known by his stage name Five for Fighting, is 51; the original Blue Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, actor David Yost is 47; and singer Aloe Blacc is 37.

Today is Old Rock Day. Dig out some Airplane, some Stones, some Hendrix. Actually. Old Rock Day is, in fact, the day that Geologists and amateur rock enthusiasts take it upon themselves to show their appreciation of all things fossilised and stony. The exact origins of this day are unclear and unconfirmed but there has been a suggestion that this day was first created by the cartoon family known as The Flintstones. Nobody from The Flintstones however was available for comment. Today is I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day, a day when we can fight back against all the injustices inflicted upon us.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1927, the first transatlantic telephone service was established – from New York to London. Thirty-one calls were made on the first day. In 1968, the cost of a US first class stamp was raised to 6 cents. In 1970, Max Yasgur was sued for $35,000 in property damages by neighboring farmers. It was Yasgur's farm on which the August 1969 Woodstock Festival was held. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter authorized legislation giving $1.5 billion in loans to bail out the Chrysler Corporation. In 1990, the interior of the Leaning Tower of Pisa was closed to the public for safety reasons.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has become the highest grossing film of all time in the United States and Canada according to the Walt Disney Company. The film crossed the $800 million mark at overseas box offices Tuesday. The Force Awakens has taken in $1.5 billion so far globally, and is already the fourth highest-grossing movie of all time after just three weeks in release. To beat the global record haul of $2.8 billion for Avatar, The Force Awakens must play well in China, where it opens on Saturday. The Force Awakens, the seventh movie in the 40-year-old franchise, opened at theaters in much of the world on December 16th after a mammoth marketing campaign and glowing reviews. It reunites original cast members Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill as well as introducing new characters who are expected to develop the sci-fi saga through at least three more new movies. Creator George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney in 2012 for $4.05 billion.

No Powerball jackpot winner last night. There was a $1 milllion winner in the Seattle area and two other Washingtonians won $50 thousand, but no jackpot winner. A lottery spokeswoman says Saturday's jackpot estimated to rise to $675,000,000 -- the largest in US history.

With the 2015 regular season complete, the Seahawks now at least know who they'll play in the regular season during the 2016 season. The NFL uses a scheduling formula that in addition to playing a home-and-home series against your division mates, rotates opponents based on their division and placement within your own division. For the 2016 season, the NFC West will play all teams from the AFC East and the NFC South, plus one game each against the NFC North and NFC East, based on where teams finished within their own division. For the Seahawks, that means games against fellow second-place-division finishers Green Bay and Philadelphia. So the Seahawks home games will be against San Francisco, St. Louis, Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, Buffalo, Miami, and Philadelphia, according to the Seahawks official website. Road games will be against San Francisco, St. Louis, Arizona, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, New England, New York (Jets), and Green Bay. Dates and times will be released closer to the start of the season.

Mike Rowe says, "I am not the Medford, Oregon bank robber." The TV celebrity posted a message to the people of Medford, Oregon, after finding himself in an awkward spot. Rowe looks strikingly similar to a bank robbery suspect. Rowe posted the message on his Facebook page.

Trivia Answer: Kenneth Clark Loggins -- Kenny Loggins -- who turns 68 today. He was born here in the Northwest, up in Everett. During the 80s, Loggins recorded many hit songs for movie soundtracks. It began with I'm Alright from Caddyshack. Hits followed with Footloose from Footloose, and Danger Zone from Top Gun. Loggins also performed Nobody's Fool from the unsuccessful movie Caddyshack 2. He also performed as a member of USA for Africa on the famine-relief fundraising single We Are the World. In 2005, Loggins reconnected with Jimmy Messina. The two decided to hit the road again; the result was a successful nationwide tour that resulted in the CD and DVD Loggins and Messina Sittin' In Again. On November 16th of 2008, Loggins sang the National Anthem before the Seattle Seahawks / Arizona Cardinals NFL football game at then-Qwest Field in Seattle. Loggins has a cousin, singer-songwriter Dave Loggins, who scored in 1974 with the hit Please Come To Boston.

Wednesday 1.6.16
Morning Trivia: This actress was best known for her leading role as divorced mother Ms. Ann Romano in the television series One Day at a Time from 1975 to 1984. She was nominated for Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe Awards. Who was she?

Minnesota Vikings fans are no strangers to playoff letdowns. The franchise has lost four Super Bowls. It's only championship came in 1969 before the AFL/NFL merger. And that's despite a respectable 28 postseason appearances since it joined the NFL as an expansion club in 1960. Maybe that explains the curious results in a poll posted this week in the Star Tribune. The Minneapolis-St. Paul newspaper asked readers to predict the outcome of Sunday's Seahawks-Vikings game. As of yesterday, 37 percent of voters in the poll chose the option, Seahawks (will win) by more than 10 points. That was the top selection. Twenty-three percent went with Vikings by 1-3 points. Another 17 percent went with Seahawks by 4-9 points, According to online sportsbook Bovada, the Seahawks are six-point favorites in the NFC wild-card round matchup, Sunday morning at 10:00 on NBC.

Birthdays: Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz is 79; guitarist Malcolm Young of AC/DC is 63; Sting's wife, actress Trudie Styler is 62; perhaps best known as Mr. Bean, actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson is 61; football great turned sportscaster Howie Long is 56; and The Sheriff, former Mariner pitcher Norm Charlton, is 53.

Today is National Smith Day, marking the birth of Captain John Smith in 1580, but honoring everyone named Smith, including the 2.4-million North American Smiths. Today is Schoolhouse Rock Day. The Emmy Award-winning Saturday morning educational cartoon series and pop culture phenomenon premiered on ABC-TV on this date in 1973. Today is Wheel of Fortune Day, marking the debut of The Wheel, hosted by Chuck Woolery, on this date in 1975. Pat Sajak became host in 1981, assisted by Vanna White. Former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary today, extending their standing as the longest-married presidential couple. (They passed John and Abigail Adams, married for 54 years, in 2000.) The Bushes married when George was 20, and Barbara was 19. Today is National Cuddle Up Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1759, George Washington and Martha Dandridge Custis were married. In 1952, Peanuts debuted in Sunday papers across the United States. In 1957, Elvis Presley made his last appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in New York City. In 1976, Ted Turner purchased the Atlanta Braves for a reported $12 million. In 1976, the album, Frampton Comes Alive, was released in the US. In 1989, Madonna and Sean Penn announced they were getting a divorce. In 1994, figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed on the right leg by an assailant in Detroit. Four men, including the ex-husband of Kerrigan's rival, Tonya Harding, were sentenced to prison for the attack. In 2003, a 20-ounce hamburger debuted at New York City's Old Homestead restaurant, the first burger ever on the menu at the 135-year-old steakhouse. At $41, it was the most expensive hamburger in the city. It came with fries.

The Baseball Hall of Fame announces this year's inductees today. Ken Griffey Jr., who ranks sixth all-time with 630 homers, isn't just a shoo-in but he's trying to become the first player to be unanimously elected to the Hall by eligible voters from the Baseball Writers' of Association of America. The announcement of the National Baseball Hall of Fame's Class of 2016 is coming up at 3:00 this afternoon our time in a simulcast on MLB Network and

The People's Choice Awards are on TV tonight. Jane Lynch hosts the awards show that's entirely voted on by fans. Scheduled performers include Shawn Mendes and Jason Derulo. It's tonight at 9:00 on CBS.

Yet another reason the terrorists hate us, A device unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show lets you check on the food in your refrigerator when you're not home. Fridge Cam mounts to the inside of your fridge using a suction mount. Using an app, you can take a quick snapshot of what's inside you fridge and see what you might need to stock up on.

Trivia Answer: Bonnie Franklin who was born on this date in 1944. Franklin was best known for her portrayal of Ann Romano on the television situation comedy One Day at a Time. She guest-starred on several television series, including The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Hazel in a 1965 episode. She had a semi-regular role in the ABC series Gidget. She directed several episodes of the 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge. In 2011, she was reunited with her One Day at a Time costar Valerie Bertinelli on Hot in Cleveland, playing the mother of Bertinelli's character's boyfriend. In 2012, Franklin appeared in several episodes of the daytime drama The Young and the Restless. She was scheduled to appear in a one-woman play in April 2013, but withdrew because of illness. On September 24th of 2012, a family spokesman announced that Franklin had pancreatic cancer, and was undergoing treatment. Franklin died at the age of 69, on March 1st of 2013. 

Tuesday 1.5.16
Morning Trivia: He was a professional football player, assistant coach, and head coach. His sole head coaching position was for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1969 to 1991. When he retired after 23 years, only three other head coaches in NFL history had longer tenures with one team. Who was he?

The 12s were all abuzz yesterday as word came that Marshawn Lynch was back working out with the Seahawks. Assuming he makes it through this week with no setbacks and looks healthy, Pete Carroll says Lynch will start Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC wild card round. About the return of Beastmode, coach Pete Carroll said, "We'll need to find out what it looks like. We'll see. We anticipate that." Asked if it was realistic that Lynch could get 20 carries against the Vikings, Carroll said, "I think so, yeah." Temperatures are expected to be in single digits for Sunday's game at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. NBC has the coverage Sunday morning at 10:00.

Tom Coughlin's time as the head coach for the New York Giants is over. In a statement yesterday, Coughlin said he met with the team's owners and "informed them that it is in the best interest of the organization that I step down as head coach. I strongly believe the time is right for me and my family, and as I said, the Giants organization." The 69-year-old Coughlin has coached the Giants since 2004, leading them to two Super Bowl championships.

Birthdays: Former Vice-President Walter Mondale is 88; actor Robert Duvall is 85; talk show host Charlie Rose is 74; actress Diane Keaton is 70; actor Ted Lange (Isaac the bartender on The Love Boat) is 68; actress Pamela Sue Martin is 63; musician Marilyn Manson is 47; actor Bradley Cooper is 41; from Mad Men, actress January Jones is 38.

Australian-born music mogul Robert Stigwood, who managed The BeeGees at the height of their fame and guided musician Eric Clapton's successful solo career while producing musicals for the stage, has died. Further details about his death were not immediately available. Stigwood worked with a staggering number of groundbreaking acts, both on the Broadway stage and on the pop charts, producing counterculture stage hits Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar. He produced the groundbreaking film of The Who's rock opera Tommy and Saturday Night Fever, which introduced disco music and a young John Travolta to audiences around the world, while propelling The BeeGees to global stardom. Robert Stigwood was 81.

Today is All My Children Day. The popular soap opera debuted on his date in 1970. One of the original characters was 15-year-old Erica Kane, played by actress Susan Lucci. Today is Review Your Wrestling Holds Day, a day to try to get someone to let you practice all the wrestling holds you learned as a child: the hammerlock, half-nelson, flying scissors. Don't try the sleeper. Today is National Whipped Cream Day. The holiday falls on the birthday of Reddi-wip founder Aaron 'Bunny' Lapin. It celebrates the ice cream topper, and its contribution to the dessert world. While whipped cream existed long before Lapin, it wasn't until 1946 and the invention of the aerosol canister that the treat took off as many of us know it to be today.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1643, iIn the first legal divorce in the American colonies, Anne Clarke of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was granted a divorce from Denis Clarke. She accused her husband of adultery. In 1914, the Ford Motor Company announced that there would be a new daily minimum wage of $5 and an eight-hour workday. In 1933, construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began. In 1971, the New Jersey Reds defeated the Harlem Globetrotters 100-99, raising the Reds' career record against the Globetrotters to 1 win and 2,495 losses. It was the Globetrotters' first loss in nine years. In 1990, TV Guide gave its Phoney Baloney Award to the impostor who duped ABC's 20-20 by claiming to be Buckwheat from the Our Gang comedies. The real Buckwheat, Billy Thomas, died in 1980. In 1993, the state of Washington executed Westley Allan Dodd. It was America's first legal hanging since 1965. Dodd was an admitted child sex killer. In 1998, Sonny Bono, the 1960's pop star-turned-politician, was killed when he struck a tree while skiing in South Lake Tahoe, California. He was 62. In 2004, after 14 years of denials, Pete Rose admitted publicly he had bet on baseball games involving his own team.

Longtime Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott is retiring. He announced yesterday he won't seek a 15th term. McDermott was first elected in 1988 and is the longest-serving member of the state's congressional delegation. His 7th Congressional District includes most of Seattle and some surrounding suburbs. McDermott becomes the 31st House member to announce plans to retire or seek other office. He has been re-elected by wide margins, and his seat is certain to stay in Democratic hands.

The next Powerball winner will have a chance to claim one of the game's 10 biggest prizes this week when the jackpot grows to roughly $400 million. Lottery officials say no one claimed Saturday's $334 million prize, although someone from Pennsylvania won $2 million and three players from California, Connecticut and South Carolina won $1 million in the game. When the jackpot reaches $400 million, it might exceed the size of the sixth-largest prize in Powerball history. That was a $399.4 million prize won in 2013 by someone from South Carolina. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million.

Washington state transportation officials are hoping repairs to Highway 12 will be completed by this summer. Crews have a plan to strengthen slopes, improve drainage, and replace washed-out sections of the roadway over White Pass. Traffic has been moving over the pass since single lanes were reopened December 22nd.Engineers are assessing the integrity of soil where large sections of the eastbound lane collapsed after heavy rain and flooding tore away slopes above and below the road and buried a section under rock and mud on December 9th. The landslide and road collapse shut down a 27-mile stretch of the highway from State Route 123 near Packwood to just west of the Rimrock Tunnel. Engineers are working on ways to shore up the road, build retaining walls, add more drainage points and possibly larger culverts.

Trivia Answer: Chuck Noll who was born on this date in 1932. In 1969 Noll took the helm of a franchise which had played in only one post-season game in its previous 36 years, a game it lost 21-0, and turned it into a perennial contender. As head coach, he won nine AFC Central Division championships, and he compiled a 209-156-1 record in all games, including a 16-8-0 post-season record. He had winning records in 15 of his final 20 seasons. His four Super Bowl victories remains more than any other head coach in NFL history. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993, his first year of eligibility. Noll died of natural causes in his suburban Pittsburgh condo in June of 2014, having suffered for years from Alzheimer's disease, a heart condition and back problems.

Monday 1.4.16
Morning Trivia: This actor is best known for his roles in 9 to 5, WarGames, You've Got Mail, Sworn to Silence, The Beverly Hillbillies, and as the voice of Principal Peter Prickly in Recess and Recess: School's Out. Who is he?

Well, school kids throughout the South Sound had their winter breaks extended at least by a couple of hours today. Most schools in Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater -- well, Thurston, Mason, and Pierce Counties got started two hours last because of the inclement weather. It snowed! Where was it a week ago? We missed a white Christmas by that much. Good news though. That burn ban here in Thurston County has been lifted.

After thumping the Arizona Cardinals 36-6, the Seahawks had to wait for the Green Bay vs. Minnesota outcome last night to determine their seeding and wild card opponent next weekend.

As bad as the Hawks looked last weekend, they looked as good yesterday. Russell Wilson orchestrated yesterday's unexpected romp over the NFC West champion Cardinals, throwing three touchdown passes without an interception and setting two franchise records in the process. With 34 TD passes, Wilson broke the previous club record of 32 by QB Dave Krieg in 1984. Wilson also became the first quarterback in franchise history to exceed 4,000 passing yards in a season, finishing with 4,024 to break Matt Hasselbeck's record of 3,966 in 2007. The Seahawks, who started 0-2 and 2-4 and were still under water after nine games at 4-5, won six of their final seven to finish 10-6, the fourth consecutive year that Seattle has recorded 10 or more wins. The Cardinals entered with an outside shot at claiming the NFC's No. 1 seed (Carolina got it by routing Tampa Bay), but the Seahawks dominated from the outset, holding the NFL's No. 1-ranked offense to 232 total yards and one touchdown (PAT missed). The Seahawks are participating in the postseason for the fourth consecutive year and for the fifth time in six seasons under Pete Carroll. The Seahawks, with 19 wins in their past 26 regular-season games, tied the all-time series with the Cardinals 17-17. The Seahawks have beaten Arizona in five of the past seven meetings. Wilson has 46 wins to begin his career, most in NFL history over a player's first four seasons. That game last night, by the way, saw the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau 20-13. So, the Seahawks play the Vikings in Minnesota Sunday morning at 10:05 on NBC.

Birthdays: Football coach Don Shula is 86; actress Dyan Cannon is 79; Max Headroom, actor Matt Frewer is 58; and from R.E.M., singer Michael Stipe is 56.

Today is Short People Day, marking the birthday of General Tom Thumb on this day in 1838. Today is Dimpled Chad Day, commemorating all the dimpled chads left over from various contested elections. Today is National Spaghetti Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1965, CBS bought the Fender Guitar Company from Leo Fender for $13 million. In 1974, President Nixon refused to release any more documents subpoenaed by the Senate Watergate Committee. In 1981, the Broadway show Frankenstein opened and closed on the same night at a reported loss of $2 million. In 1987, TV evangelist Oral Roberts said God would strike him down unless donations improved. The money poured in at first, then dropped off, and within two years Roberts had to sell much of his property in Tulsa. In 1994, the 104th Congress convened, the first Republican Congress since the Eisenhower era. Newt Gingrich was elected speaker of the House. In 1999, former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura took the oath of office as Minnesota's 37th governor. In 2006, Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House of Representatives. She was the first woman to hold the position.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has marched confidently into the new year, raking in an additional $88.3 million and topping the box office for a third week. In the first weekend of 2016, the record-busting film blew past the domestic grosses of both Jurassic World and Titanic to become the second-highest earner of all time with $740.3 million in just 19 days of release. The top domestic film is still Avatar with a $760.5 million lifetime domestic gross. The Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell comedy Daddy's Home came in second with an estimated $29 million. Quentin Tarantino's bloody Western The Hateful Eight took third with $16.2 million in its first weekend in wide release.

Car thieves struck twice in Thurston County Saturday morning, targeting owners who left their cars unattended while warming them up.

The Baseball Hall of Fame announces the results of its 2016 election on Wednesday. The focus will be Ken Griffey Jr. Will he come the first unanimous selection to the hall? And here's hoping for the best for Edgar Martinez.

Michigan's Lake Superior State University has released its 41st annual list of words that should be banned. The tongue-in-cheek wish-list includes starting an answer with the word "So," using "presser" instead of press conference, "problematic," and the phrase "break the Internet."

The dating experts say yesterday was the busiest day for online dating. One dating website, Plenty of Fish, says users who sign up during the first week of January find a partner an average of two weeks faster than those who sign up later, taking an average of just 10 weeks compared to an average of 12 weeks throughout the year.

Trivia Answer: Dabney Coleman who turned 84 yesterday. Coleman is a character actor who has a wide range, with over 60 films to his credit. He is often typecast as a comic relief villain, the smarmy, devious foil to the main character. Coleman's fate in these types of roles was cemented with roles such as that of Franklin Hart, Jr. in 1980's Nine to Five, a sexist boss whose murder is fantasized about by his office employees (Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin). He also worked on the TV series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman where he played Fernwood's mayor, Merle Jeeter. He played military computer scientist John McKittrick in WarGames in 1983. In 1987 he received an Emmy award for his role in the TV Movie Sworn to Silence.