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Friday 12.23.16
Morning Trivia: He's an actor, comedian, writer, voice artist, musician, author, radio host and director. In August 1979, he was hired as a writer and cast member on Saturday Night Live, one of the first additions to the cast, and an unofficial replacement for John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, who were both leaving the show. He later co-created, co-wrote and co-starred in Rob Reiner's 1984 film This Is Spinal Tap. In 1989, he became part of the cast of The Simpsons and continues to be to this day. Who is he?

Are you ready for some more football? It's the Seahawks' final regular season home game as they host the Arizona Cardinals tomorrow afternoon at 1:25. Then coming up Tuesday afternoon, it's the Holiday Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. The WSU Cougars and the Minnesota Golden Gophers square off.

Birthdays: Actress Susan Lucci is 70; our old friend Jim Harbaugh is 53; from Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder is 52; and race car driver Greg Biffle, born in Vancouver, USA, is 47.

Today is Festivus -- for the rest of us. Are you feeling a little left out!? You don't celebrate Christmas or Chanukah. Kwanzaa just isn't your thing. And, you don't even know what Ramadan is. Then, experience the joy and the Miracle of Festivus. One might say that the Festivus holiday is a miracle in itself. Still not sure if Festivus is for you? It's non-denominational. So, everyone can partake. The Festivus slogan is "A Festivus for the rest of us!" And, that means you, too. So Happy Festivus to you. Festivus came into being as the direct result of a Jerry Seinfeld television episode. It first aired on December 18th of 1997. The holiday was promoted by Kramer. The Festivus holiday was created by Seinfeld scriptwriter Daniel O'Keefe. His dad, also named Daniel, had found reference to an obscure holiday called Festivus, which was first celebrated in 1966. No, there isn't a Festivus Tree. Rather, an unadorned aluminum pole is the symbol of Festivus. The Festivus holiday is celebrated with a dinner. Meatloaf is the suggested main course. Dinner is followed by a Feats of Strength session. Another popular Festivus tradition, is an Airing of Grievances. This is where you can tell someone how disappointed you are over what they did or didn't do during the past year. Happy Festivus.

Today is Long-Haired Lover Day, marking this date in 1972 when 9-year-old Jimmy Osmond became the youngest recording artist ever to reach #1 on Britain’s music charts with Long Haired Lover from Liverpool. Today is National Pfeffernuesse Day, a day to make those spicy cookies that are a Christmas tradition in Europe. Don't forget to add the Puderzucker. They're just not Pfeffernuesses without the Puderzucker. Today is Roots Day. Celebrate your genealogy. It's a great day to celebrate your heritage. Many of us are returning to our roots today, as we head home for Christmas. Returning to our roots is a warm, cozy and comfortable feeling, a sense of belonging. Today is Popcorn Popping Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1776, Thomas Paine wrote, "These are the times that try men's souls." In 1823, the Clement Moore poem A Visit from St. Nicholas was published in New York. It began "Twas the night before Christmas...." In 1922, the British Broadcasting Corporation began daily news broadcasts. In 1947, the transistor was first demonstrated at Bell Laboratories. In 1951, a National Football League championship game was televised nationally for the first time. The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cleveland Browns 24-17. In 1969, Elton John and Bernie Taupin began writing songs together. In 1977, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusef Islam. In 1982, actor Jack Webb, Dragnet's Sergeant Joe Friday died of a heart attack at the age of 62. Flags flew at half-mast at police stations throughout Los Angeles. In 2003, New York Governor George Pataki posthumously pardoned comedian Lenny Bruce for his 1964 obscenity conviction.

She said she would and now she has. The secretary of state's office says that four electors who cast their vote for someone other than Democrat Hillary Clinton are each being fined $1,000 next week. A spokesman for Secretary of State Kim Wyman told The Associated Press yesterday that the electors will have 60 days to pay the fine, and said the office is putting together an appeals process in case of a challenge. During Monday's Electoral College vote here in Olympia, Clinton got eight votes, while former Secretary of State Colin Powell got three and Native American tribal elder and activist Faith Spotted Eagle got one vote. The last time an elector broke from the popular vote in the state was in 1976, when Mike Padden of Spokane Valley, who is currently a Republican state senator, voted for Ronald Reagan in 1976 instead of Gerald Ford, who had won the state. The fine -- which has never previously been imposed -- was first established by the Legislature following Padden's vote in 1976.

Was 2016 a dream or a nightmare? Try something in between: "surreal," which is Merriam-Webster's word of the year. Meaning "marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream," or "unbelievable, fantastic," the word joins Oxford's "post-truth" and's "xenophobia" as the year's top choices. Peter Sokolowski isMerriam-Webster's editor at large. He says, "It just seems like one of those years," The company tracks year-over-year growth and spikes in lookups of words on its website to come up with the top choice. According to Sokolowski, this time around, there were many periods of interest in "surreal" throughout the year, often in the aftermath of tragedy.

It's terrible. You fight the crowds, stand in line, and pay an outrageous price just to give a present to someone who says, "You didn't have to do that."

Merry and Happy to you and yours from all of us at Roxy.

Trivia Answer: Harry Shearer who is 73 today. He began his career as a child actor, appearing in The Jack Benny Program, as well as the 1953 films Abbott and Costello Go to Mars and The Robe. In 1957, he played the precursor to the Eddie Haskell character in the pilot episode for the television series Leave It to Beaver, but his parents decided not to let him continue in the role so that he could have a normal childhood. Shearer may be best known for his prolific work as a voice actor on The Simpsons. Matt Groening, the creator of the show, was a fan of Shearer's work, while Shearer was a fan of a column Groening used to write. Shearer was asked if he wanted to be in the series, but he was initially reluctant because he thought the recording sessions would be too much trouble. He felt voice acting was "not a lot of fun" because traditionally, voice actors record their parts separately. He was told that the actors would record their lines together and after three calls, executive producer James L. Brooks managed to convince Shearer to join the cast. Shearer provides voices for Principal Skinner, Kent Brockman, Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Ned Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy, Dr. Hibbert, Lenny Leonard, Otto Mann, Rainier Wolfcastle, Dr. Marvin Monroe and many others. Shearer played Derek Smalls in Spinal Tap. For the movie, there was no script, although there was a written breakdown of most of the scenes, and many of the lines were ad-libbed. It was filmed in 25 days.

Thursday 12.22.16
Morning Trivia: She was a film, television, and character actress, who in her five decades of television came to prominence in the 1950s as the quintessential everyday mother. Two decades later she provided the voice of the unseen Nanny on Jim Henson's Muppet Babies. spoofed her wholesome image with a brief appearance in the comedy Airplane! Who is she?

Thursday Night Football: the New York Giants are in Philadelphia to face the Eagles. It's on the NFL Netowrk, NBC, and is streaming on Twitter.

This weekend, it's the Seahawks' final regular season home game as they host Arizona Saturday afternoon at 1:25.

Tuesday afternoon, it's the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. The WSU Cougars and the Minnesota Golden Gophers square off.

Birthdays: TV journalist Diane Sawyer is 71; Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen is 68; former presidential candidate Ted Cruz is 46; from The Blair Witch Project, actress Heather Donahue is 42; and the winner of season six of American Idol, singer Jordin Sparks is 27.

Today is National Date-Nut Bread Day. Today is Chipmunks Day, marking the day in 1958 when Alvin, Simon, and Theodore hit #1 with The Chipmunk Song. Today is Santa Claus Clearance Day, the day the Federal Aviation Administration usually clears Santa Claus for his annual flight. The FAA says Santa’s sleigh is equipped with an in-flight de-icing system for polar routes, a Terrain Avoidance Warning System required for low-altitude flights, and a special seat belt extension for a rotund pilot.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1882, the first Christmas tree with electric lights was turned on at the home of Ed Johnson in New York City. He was an associate of light bulb inventor Thomas Edison. In 1963, an official 30-day mourning period following the assassination of President Kennedy came to an end. In 1976, the last show of Let’s Make A Deal was aired. In 2000, Madonna and film director Guy Ritchie were married in Scotland. In 2006, a report from the Austin Energy power company in Texas revealed approximately 20 percent of all its power outages were the result of squirrels. The squirrels had a habit of coming into contact with sensitive electrical equipment on utility poles and were likely responsible for nearly 700 area outages a year. In 2010, the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, the 17-year-old policy banning homosexuals serving openly in the United States military, was signed into law by President Barack Obama.

Super Mario Run was released one week ago today and it's already setting records. In its first four days alone Mario had over 40 million downloads, which breaks records for Apple’s mobile software store.

Dick Van Dyke is appearing in Disney's upcoming sequel to Mary Poppins. Van Dyke played chimney sweep Bert in the 1964 original as well as the elderly banker, Mr. Dawes. He tells Entertainment Tonight that in Mary Poppins Returns, he'll play Mr. Dawes' son. The 91-year-old comedy legend says he'll be going to London in the spring to shoot his part, which he calls "a little song-and-dance number." He tells The Hollywood Reporter that the movie will be set 20 years after the original. Emily Blunt is set to play Mary Poppins. Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury and Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda are also starring.

Alec Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live is currently one of TV’s most popular roles. For that you might think Baldwin is making big bucks -- but he's not. He tells the New York Times he makes $1,400 per appearance.

Trivia Answer: Barbara Billingsley who was born on this date in 1915. Best known as June Cleaver, wife of Ward Cleaver, and mother to Wally and Beaver, on Leave it to Beaver. In the show, Billingsley often could be seen doing household chores wearing pearls and earrings. The pearls were her idea. The actress had an unsightly surgical scar on her neck and thought that wearing a strand of pearls could cover it up for the cameras. In later seasons of the show she also started wearing high heels to compensate for the fact that the actors who played her sons were getting taller than her. The sitcom ran from 1957 to 1963 and proved to be very lucrative for Billingsley. When production of the show ended in 1963, Billingsley became typecast as saccharine sweet and had trouble obtaining acting jobs for years. She traveled extensively abroad until the late 1970s. After an absence of 17 years from the public eye, Billingsley spoofed her wholesome image with a brief appearance in the comedy Airplane! in 1980, as a passenger who could "speak jive." Billingsley died at her home in Santa Monica at the age of 94.

Wednesday 12.21.16
Morning Trivia: This was the first full-length cel-animated feature in motion picture history, as well as the first animated feature film produced in America, and the first produced in full color. It premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Hollywood on December 21st of 1937, and was released to theaters nationwide by RKO Radio Pictures on February 4th of 1938. What was the movie?

Four Seattle Seahawks -- Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril -- were selected to the 2017 Pro Bowl yesterday in a combined vote by fans, players, and coaches. All are Pro Bowl repeaters except Avril, tapped for the first time in his nine-year career. Sherman is a Pro Bowler for the fourth time, Wagner for the third and Bennett for the second. Named as alternates were Doug Baldwin, K.J. Wright, Justin Britt, Kam Chancellor, Jimmy Graham, Stephen Hauschka, Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson. Hawks-Cardinals Saturday afternoon at 1;25.

Birthdays: Talk show host Phil Donahue is 81; actress Jane Fonda is 79; actor Samuel L. Jackson is 68; musician Nick Gilder is 65; tennis star Chris Evert is 62; she was Lois on Malcolm in the Middle, actress Jane Kaczmarek is 61; the star of Everybody Loves Raymond, actor and comedian Ray Romano is 59; and actor Kiefer Sutherland is 50.

Today is Humbug Day. Today everyone is allowed 12 "bah humbugs." Today is Look at the Bright Side Day -- always on Humbug Day. Today is National French Fried Shrimp Day. Today is Forefathers Day, marking the Pilgrim landing at Plymouth Rock on this day in 1620. Today is National Flashlight Day. The basic requirement for this day: a flashlight and good batteries. National Flashlight Day arrives on Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day -- and longest night -- of the year.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1966, The Beach Boys received a gold record for the single, Good Vibrations. In 1970, Elvis Presley met President Richard Nixon at the White House after the singer offered to become a Federal Agent-at-Large to help fight drug abuse. Elvis was not made an agent, but his photo with Nixon is the most requested reproduction from the National Archives -- even more than the US Constitution. In 1979, Willie Nelson made his acting debut in the Robert Redford film, The Electric Horseman. In 1993, First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, in an interview with Associated Press, said her husband, President Bill Clinton, had solicited her advice on major issues; but, she added, her powers were limited. In 1993, TV Guide reported that early Gilligan's Island press releases gave Gilligan's first name as Willy. The name was never used on the TV show.

Congrats to all of our winners in the 94.5 Roxy Christmas Cash Contest. Each of the participants listed on the home page scored $94.50. On top of that, our Grand Prize Winner, John Young from Rochester, picked up $945.

Trivia Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was based on a German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It was the first to be produced by Walt Disney and Walt Disney Productions, and the first in the Walt Disney Animated Classics canon. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was one of only two animated films to rank in the American Film Institute's list of the 100 greatest American films of all time in 1997 (the other being Disney's Fantasia), ranking number 49. It achieved a higher ranking (#34) in the list's 2007 update, this time being the only traditionally animated film on the list. The following year AFI named the film as the greatest American animated film of all time. In 1989, the film was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

Tuesday 12.20.16
Morning Trivia: This self-proclaimed psychic is known for his trademark television performances of spoon bending and other supposed psychic effects. His career as an entertainer has spanned almost four decades, with television shows and appearances in numerous countries. He used to call his abilities "psychic" but now prefers to refer to himself as a "mystifier" and entertainer. Who is he?

Birthdays: Jonathan Higgins III on Magnum P.I., actor John Hillerman is 84; best known as a co-founder, original drummer, and occasional vocalist of Kiss, Peter Criss is 71; the producer of the Law & Order franchise, Dick Wolf is 70; from The Alan Parsons Project, Alan Parsons is 68; from The Black Crowes, singer Chris Robinson is 50; and the winner of the seventh season of American Idol, David Cook is 34.

Today is Dating Game Day, marking the TV debut of The Dating Game on this date in 1965. Hosted by Jim Lange, the show was developed by Chuck Barris. Today is National Go Caroling Day. Today is Try To Remember Where You Hid The Christmas Gifts Day.

Calendar notes: On this day in 1879, Thomas Edison demonstrated his incandescent light at Menlo Park, New Jersey. In 1920, English-born Leslie Townes Hope became a US citizen at the age of 17. He had lived in the US since he was five. Though he dreamed of becoming a boxer, instead he became comedian Bob Hope. In 1946, the film It's a Wonderful Life premiered in New York City. It starred Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, Donna Reed as Mary Bailey, Henry Travers as Clarence Oddbody (trying to earn his wings) and Lionel Barrymore as Mr. Potter. In 1975, guitarist Joe Walsh joined The Eagles, replacing Bernie Leadon. In 1998, a 15-pound concrete garden frog was returned to its home in Swansea, Massachusetts, after a seven-month vacation. The owners had received a letter, saying the frog just needed to get away from the grind of garden life, but would be home for the holidays. They also received photos and postcards from the frog in New York, Venezuela, Venice, and Indonesia. In 1999, Billboard declared that the year’s top-selling single was Cher's Believe. In 2003, Judge Tom DuBois in Columbia City, Indiana, continued his Christmas amnesty tradition of letting minor traffic offenders off without a fine -- if they stand up in court and sing a Christmas carol. Some singers need a little help, so he sometimes forms duets, trios and quartets. Most offenders sing either Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has officially announced next year's inductees: Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Journey, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra, and Joan Baez all join as the class of 2017. Chic's Nile Rodgers will be given the Award For Musical Excellence. The induction ceremony is at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on April 7th. An edited version will later air on HBO.

For the first time in four decades, members of the Electoral College in Washington state have broken from the state's popular vote for president, with four electors casting their votes for candidates other than Democrat Hillary Clinton. Clinton got eight votes, while former Secretary of State Colin Powell got three and Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle got one vote. The last time an elector broke from the popular vote in the state was in 1976, when Mike Padden of Spokane Valley, who is currently a Republican state senator, voted for Ronald Reagan in 1976 instead of Gerald Ford, who had won the state. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win, which Trump surpassed yesterday afternoon. The penalty in Washington state for so-called "faithless electors" is a fine of up to $1,000. Efforts by two Democratic electors from Washington state to avoid being fined if they ignore the results of the state's popular vote were rejected by federal courts last week. The fine -- which has never previously been imposed -- was first established by the Legislature following Padden's vote in 1976. A spokesman for Secretary of State Kim Wyman, said that a civil penalty will be imposed, but that the details were currently being worked out with the attorney general's office. Congress will officially tally the state votes on January 6th, and the presidential inauguration will be January 20th.

On TV tonight, Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best is Yet to Come. Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder and Elton John honor Tony Bennett for his birthday (which was in August). Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Billy Joel, Diana Krall, Rufus Wainwright and k.d. lang are among the other performers. Non-musical guests include Steve Buscemi, John Travolta, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin, Bruce Willis, and Homer Simpson. It's tonight on NBC.

Trivia Answer: Uri Geller who turns 70 today. Geller's first name is pronounced oori, not yoori. Throughout the years, Geller has been accused of using simple conjuring tricks to simulate the effects of psychokinesis and telepathy. Geller first started to perform in theatres, public halls, auditoriums, military bases, and universities in Israel. By the 1970s, Geller had become known in the United States and Europe. He also received attention from the scientific community, whose members were interested in examining his reported psychic abilities. At the peak of his career in the 1970s, he worked full-time, performing for television audiences worldwide. Geller gained notice for demonstrating on television what he claimed to be psychokinesis, and telepathy. His performance included bending spoons, describing hidden drawings, and making watches stop or run faster. Geller said he performs these feats through will power and the strength of his mind. Magicians have said that his performances can be duplicated using stage magic tricks. One of Geller's most prominent critics is the skeptic James Randi, who has accused Geller repeatedly of trying to pass off magic tricks as paranormal displays. Randi often duplicated Geller's performances using stage magic techniques.

Monday 12.19.16
Morning Trivia: She's an actress, producer and former singer. She's best known for her roles in Who's the Boss?, Melrose Place, Charmed, and Mistresses. Who is she?

The University of Minnesota football team is playing in the Holiday Bowl after all, reversing a threat to boycott the game because of the suspension of 10 players accused of sexual assault. The players made the announcement at a news conference Saturday after a group of seniors from the team met with the board of regents, university President Eric Kaler and athletic director Mark Coyle on Friday night. The school declined the players' request to reinstate the suspended players. However, the team rescinded its boycott and will play the Washington State Cougars on the 27th in San Diego.

Birthdays: He was Venus Flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati, actor Tim Reid is 72; Bobby on The Brady Bunch, actor Mike Lookinland is 55; actress Jennifer Beals is 53; football's Warren Sapp is 44; actor Jake Gyllenhaal is 36.

Zsa Zsa Gabor has died. A former Miss Hungary and film actress, Gabor became best-known as a socialite who married nine times. Gabor endured several health issues over the past few years. For the past half-decade, Gabor has not been seen in public. Gabor reportedly suffered a heart attack, and died at the hospital. She was 99.

Here's a toughie around here. Today is Look for an Evergreen Day. Every year one thing remains the same around the holidays, people everywhere have to decide at what point before the big day they're going to go out and hunt down a Christmas tree. Look for an Evergreen Day is about the last opportunity you have. Look for an Evergreen Day was originally established by the National Arborist Association to create a day to appreciate the beauty of these trees outside of the confines of merely being bedecked with glittering lights and ornaments. There is no shortage of types of Christmas trees. Generally classified as firs, spruces, and pines, the most popular varieties have changed over the years. Today is Oatmeal Muffin Day. Today is Greetings from Space Day. On this date in 1958, President Dwight Eisenhower broadcast history's first Christmas greeting from outer space, a message transmitted from the US satellite Atlas, expressing America's wish for "peace and goodwill toward men everywhere." Today is E-Mail Santa Claus Just in Case He Didn't Get Your Letter Day.

Calendar notes: On this day in 1843, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol was first published in England. In 1922, 24-year-old Theresa Vaughn was tried for bigamy in England. In five years she had accumulated 62 husbands. In 1974, guitarist Ron Wood joined The Rolling Stones. In 1980, the film 9-to-5 starring Dolly Parton opened. In 1995, two bandits tried to rob Z's Sports Tap bar in Chicago where a police retirement party was underway. The 100 off-duty police officers arrested the suspects at the scene without a fight. In 1987, Paul Simon, the musician, and Paul Simon, the former presidential candidate, both hosted NBC’s Saturday Night Live. In 2001, Dick Clark filed a 10-million dollar lawsuit against Recording Academy president Michael Greene. The charge was that Greene would bar artists who appeared on Clark's American Music Awards from performing on the Grammy Awards. Also in 2001, research by the Reno Gazette-Journal in Nevada determined the most effective way to get rid of a fruitcake is to drive over it with an SUV or kick it like a football. Dropping a fruitcake from the roof of a two-story building or shooting it with a submachine gun was not effective at all.

The prequel Rogue One: A Star Wars Story easily took first place at the box office during its opening weekend, earning an estimated $155 million domestically -- just ahead of expectations. Counting international returns, the hotly anticipated Star Wars movie earned $290.5 million globally as it opened in all major territories abroad, except for China and South Korea. The domestic debut of the new Star Wars film is the second biggest December opening of all time, behind The Force Awakens. Disney dominated the weekend, as returning animated hit Moana came in second place with $11.7 million. Office Christmas Party, in its second week, placed third. Collateral Beauty fell short of expectations came in fourth. Now in its fifth week, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them rounded out the top five.

A 17-6 loss by Detroit yesterday to the New York Giants allowed the NFC West champion Seahawks, who beat the Los Angeles Rams Thursday,  to move ahead of the Lions and back into into second place in the NFC playoff seedings with two games remaining. The Seahawks host Arizona Saturday, then travel to woebegone San Francisco on New Year’s Day. If they win out, Seattle will hold the No. 2 seed and the benefits that come with it: A first-round bye, then a home game in the second round.

Monday Night Football: the Carolina Panthers at Washington tonight at 5:30.

Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza announced Saturday that he's returning to work at the beginning of the new year. Snaza was injured in a Montana motorcycle crash August 23rd. He made the announcement about returning to work in a video posted to Facebook. In the video, he apologizes to Thurston County residents for being away from work for so long. He then thanked the community for the support he received during that time. Undersheriff Tim Braniff has been managing the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in Snaza’s absence.

Today's the day. Five hundred thirty-eight people are meeting to determine who will be the next president. These meetings of the Electoral College are convened in every state and the District of Columbia just shy of six weeks after Election Day. It's long been little more than a formality. But the victory of President-elect Donald J. Trump, who lost the popular vote but is projected to win the most electoral votes, has thrust the Electoral College into the spotlight once more. So hang on.

Trivia Answer: Alyssa Milano who turns 44 today. Milano began her career at age seven, when her babysitter, without notifying her parents, took her to an audition for one of the four principal parts n a national touring company of Annie. Milano was one of four selected from more than 1,500 girls. Following that, she appeared in television commercials and did several roles in off-Broadway productions. Later, Milano auditioned for and won the part as Tony Danza's daughter on the sitcom Who's the Boss? and the rest is history. Coming up next year, Milano is scheduled to join the cast of the Netflix comedy series Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.

Friday 12.16.16
Morning Trivia: He was a musician, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist whose music was inspired by sources as diverse as folk, pop, rock, classical, jazz, and bluegrass. He is best known for his early 1980s hits, including Longer in 1980, Leader of the Band in 1981, and Same Old Lang Syne in 1981. Who was he?

Russell Wilson threw three touchdown passes, Tyler Lockett had 130 yards receiving and a score, and the Seattle Seahawks nailed down the NFC West title with a 24-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams last night. Seattle claimed its third NFC West title in four seasons, assuring itself of at least one home game in the playoffs and keeping the pressure on Detroit in the competition for the No. 2 seed in the NFC and a first-round bye. Seattle also snapped a three-game losing streak to the Rams. Another mostly forgettable Thursday night game was made at least somewhat more entertaining by the Seahawks and their highlighter green uniforms that drew wild opinions all over social media. Personally, if I never see those uniforms again, it'll be too soon. The Action Green uniforms had very little action in the first half, before a second-half effort that assured another banner would be raised at CenturyLink Field. Up next, Seattle hosts Arizona on Christmas Eve.

Birthdays: Actress Liv Ullmann is 78; journalist Lesley Stahl is 75; writer and producer Steven Bochco is 73; from ABBA, frontman Benny Anderson is 70; ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons is 67; and football's William "The Refrigerator" Perry 54.

Chocolaholics rejoice. Today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Today, we get to enjoy our beloved chocolate by covering something -- just about anything -- in a generous amount of chocolate. Pour, spread, or drizzle chocolate over cakes, cupcakes, pies, pancakes or waffles, nuts, raisins, even ants. Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Today is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Today is Barbie and Barney Backlash Day, the one day each year when Mom & Dad can tell the kids that Barbie and Barney don’t exist. Today is Underdog Day, saluting the underdogs, the unsung heroes, the #2 folks who contribute so much to the #1 people we hear about. Today is Stupid Toy Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1773, nearly 350 chests of tea were dumped into Boston Harbor off of British ships by Colonial patriots. The patriots were disguised as Indians. The act was to protest taxation without representation and the monopoly the government granted to the East India Company. In 1966, the Jimi Hendrix single Hey Joe was released in the UK. In 1971, Don McLean's eight-minute-plus version of American Pie was released. In 1972, the Miami Dolphins became the first NFL team to go unbeaten and untied in a 14-game regular season. The Dolphins went on to defeat the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII. In 1980, Colonel Harland Sanders died at 90. He founded Kentucky Fried Chicken at age 66, and sold it four years later for $2-million. In 1993, MTV aired Nirvana's New York Unplugged performance. In 2000, US President-elect George W. Bush selected Colin Powell to be the first African-American secretary of state. Powell was sworn in January 20, 2001. In 2004, Britain's highest court ruled the government could not detain foreign suspects indefinitely without trial. In 2005, Jessica Simpson filed for divorce from husband Nick Lachey, citing irreconcilable differences. In 2006, a nervous grandmother mistakenly put her 1-month-old grandson through an X-ray machine at Los Angeles International Airport. A startled security worker noticed the shape of a child on the monitor and immediately pulled him out. Doctors at a local hospital said he did not receive a dangerous dose of radiation.

The entire Minnesota football team says it is boycotting all football activities until it gets satisfactory answers from the university about the suspension of 10 players this week. The school suspended the players after an internal investigation into a sexual assault case. Police declined to charge any of the players, but the school suspended them based on internal regulations involving sexual assault allegations. The team's players said they have not ruled out skipping the Holiday Bowl on December 27th against the Washington State Cougars. They asked the bowl's committee to be patient while they work through the situation. The university announced the suspensions Tuesday night without disclosing why. The incident at an off-campus apartment in September led to three-game suspensions of four of the players earlier this season. Another six were added to that list this week after the internal investigation. The players boycotted practice yesterday to start their show of displeasure.

New in theaters this weekend, the PG-13 rated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the PG13 rated Collateral Beauty with Will Smith, the R-rated Manchester by the Sea, and the PG-13 rated La La Land.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theaters and fans are already wondering: When will we see the trailer for Star Wars: Episode 8? Kathleen Kennedy, Executive Producer of Rogue One and The Force Awakens, says we'll see an Episode 8 trailer "probably heading into spring."

If you see two people laughing at a joke you didn’t hear, chances are you will smile anyway — even if you don’t realize it. According to a study, laughter truly is contagious: the brain responds to the sound of laughter and preps the muscles in the face to join in the gaiety.

Trivia Answer: Dan Fogelberg who died on this date in 2007. In May 2004, Fogelberg was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. After undergoing therapy, he achieved a partial remission. On August 13, 2005, his 54th birthday, he announced the success of his cancer treatments. However, his cancer returned, and on December 16th of 2007, Fogelberg died at the age of 56 at his home in Deer Isle, Maine. His ashes were scattered into the Atlantic Ocean. Fogelberg was born in Peoria, Illinois. In tribute to Fogelberg and the Fogelberg family, the city of Peoria renamed Abington Street in the city's East Bluff neighborhood Fogelberg Parkway. The street runs along the northeast side of Woodruff High School, Fogelberg's alma mater, and where his father was a teacher and bandleader. Fogelberg Parkway continues to the intersection of North Prospect and East Frye, the location of the convenience store where Fogelberg ran into his old high school sweetheart one Christmas Eve -- a chance encounter described in the song Same Old Lang Syne.

Thursday 12.15.16
Morning Trivia: He's known for his role as the inept Ensign Charles Parker in the 1960s World War II-set situation comedy McHale's Navy, for his sketch comedy as a co-star on the 1970s variety program The Carol Burnett Show, for starring as the title character in the Dorf series of comedy films, and for his cartoon voice work as the voice of Barnacle Boy from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. Who is he?

A couple of inches of snow for the afternoon commute yesterday put Portland area highways at a standstill. Commuters began leaving work early, hoping to beat the storm, but they quickly found themselves on streets that were clogged with traffic that was inching along on snow-slick streets. The suddenness of the storm caught many off guard.

That same storm ventured north making for some slick roadways and delaying school. There was a major accident near Maytown that shut down I-5 for a bit on the north bound side. At one point a seven-mile backup was reported.

Most schools here in the South Sound opened and operated today albeit with a two-hour delay.

For all of their wild inconsistency this season, the path is straightforward for the Seattle Seahawks. The Hawks can wrap up their third NFC West title in the past four seasons with a win over the Los Angeles Rams tonight. At this point, the Seahawks clinching the division title is a formality, holding a three-game lead over Arizona with three games remaining. The Rams can only dream of that kind of success after another lost season that culminated with this week's decision to fire coach Jeff Fisher. The more important task for Seattle is trying to regain control of the No. 2 seed in the NFC and a coveted first-round bye in the playoffs. The Seahawks are a half-game behind Detroit in the NFC standings, but face a far easier schedule than the Lions over the final three weeks. While Seattle closes with Los Angeles, Arizona and San Francisco, the Lions finish off the season at the New York Giants, at Dallas and home for Green Bay. While the immediate focus is taking care of the division, there is a decent chance if Seattle can finish 3-and-0, they'll end up with a bye. Couple Fisher's firing with the short week and there's no telling how motivated -- or indifferent -- the Rams will be even with a three-game win streak over the Seahawks. Get your eyes ready for a Color Rush combination that will test even high definition. Seattle is wearing its Action Green uniforms for tonight's game. It's the first time a shade of green is the primary color in the Seahawks uniform since a maligned version worn during the 2009 season and was never to be seen again. The shade of green has been an accent color since Seattle's uniforms were redesigned in 2012. Los Angeles won't be wearing any blinding shades of uniform, but will have a nod to its past with blue and white helmets. Tonight at 5:25 on the NFL Network, NBC, and streaming on Twitter.

Birthdays: From The Supremes, singer Cindy Birdsong is 77; from The Dave Clark Five, drummer Dave Clark is 77 ... or 74; rummer and percussionist Carmine Appice is 70; actor Don Johnson is 67; Dave Matthew Band's lead guitarist Tim Reynolds is 59; and a former NFL player who currently serves as a commentator for Sunday Night Football on NBC, Rodney Harrison is 44.

Bernard Fox, the mustachioed actor known to TV viewers as Dr. Bombay on Bewitched and Col. Crittendon on Hogan's Heroes has died. It's reported that he died yesterday of heart failure at a Los Angeles-area hospital. The Welsh-born actor's extensive, wide-ranging film and TV credits included The Mummy, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, The Dyke Van Dyke Show, McHale’s Navy, and Columbo. Bernard Fox was 89.

Today is Trivial Pursuit Day, honoring Canadians Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, who created the game on this date in 1979. Today is National Lemon Cupcake Day. Today is Bill of Rights Day. The first 10 amendments to the US constitution became effective when Virginia ratified on this date in 1791. Today is Cat Herders Day. The day recognizes the frustration of trying to manage the unmanageable. Whether it's work, home, school, or other areas of life, if it feels like herding cats, today’s your day. Today is Coonskin Cap Day, marking the debut of Davy Crockett on TV's Disneyland on this date in 1954. Within weeks, millions of kids were wearing coonskin caps (though the real Davy, himself, never wore one).

Calendar notes: On this date in 1877, Thomas Edison patented the phonograph. In 1939, Gone With the Wind, produced by David O. Selznick based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell, premiered at Loew's Grand Theater in Atlanta. The movie starred Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. In 1941, singer Lena Horne recorded her classic Stormy Weather for Victor Records. In 1944, a small plane carrying band leader Glenn Miller disappeared on a flight from England to Paris. Forty years later a British bomber crew admitted they had accidentally dropped bombs onto Miller's plane over the English Channel. In 1950, a 221-foot Douglas fir, the tallest cut Christmas tree on record, was hoisted at the Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle. In 1966, Walt Disney died in Los Angeles at the age of 65. In 1997, the San Francisco 49ers retired Joe Montana's number 16 during halftime of a game against the Denver Broncos. In 2000, New York Senator-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton agreed to accept an $8 million book deal with Simon & Schuster. The book was to be about her eight years in the White House. The advance was the highest ever to be paid to a member of the US Congress. In 2001, it was announced that Siena Heights University would begin offering a class called Animated Philosophy and Religion. The two-credit class would cover how religion and philosophy are part of popular culture and was based on the television series The Simpsons. In 2009, Boeing's 787 Dreamliner made its maiden flight from Seattle.

Trivia Answer: Tim Conway who turns 83 today. In 2002, Conway was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

Wednesday 12.14.16
Morning Trivia: He was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide. He is best known for his book The Prophecies, the first edition of which appeared in 1555. Since the publication of this book, which has rarely been out of print since his death, he has attracted a following that, along with the popular press, credits him with predicting many major world events. Who is he?

The Los Angeles Rams fired head coach Jeff Fisher earlier this week. Not a totally shocking move, but the timing was suspect for various reasons. However, the most imminent issue with the Monday firing was the fact that the Rams are set to face the NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football tomorrow night. Mid-season firings can be hard enough for a team and its players. But it only adds to the chaos when a new head coach is thrust into action with just two days to prepare. So at this point, why not pile on, right? Yesterday, a reporter asked Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll about reports that the Rams were interested in him for the job. He had no comment. When asked whether he'd ruled out putting his hat in the ring, Carroll's definitive answer was delivered with a laugh. There's no chance that the person who asked that question (or anyone else listening) actually thought for even one second that Carroll would say that he would leave Seattle to come coach the Rams. But while he was still in the middle of his immensely successful tenure as head coach of USC's football team, Carroll was considered the favorite to take over the Rams if/when they returned to Los Angeles. Yet the details surrounding his controversial departure from the school in 2011 are murky at best. Meanwhile, in his nearly six seasons with the Seahawks, Carroll is 68-40-1 with two Super Bowl appearances (and one ring) as well as twelve playoff games. He coaches one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and has had an elite defense for years. Carroll also signed a three-year contract extension this summer that makes him the highest-paid head coach in the league. Also, Seahawks owner Paul Allen is the only NFL owner worth more money than Rams owner Stan Kroenke. If Carroll were to leave, it would be because he was sick and tired of a good thing. Los Angeles comes with baggage and the Rams are in need of a whole lot of work. The general consensus is that the next head coach of the team will be someone in search of redemption, a promotion, more money or all of the above. Carroll doesn't need any of that. Hawks-Rams at the CLink tomorrow night at 5:25 on the NFL Network, NBC, and on Twitter.

Birthdays: Mary in ET, actress Dee Wallace is 68; baseball's Bill Buckner is 67; Cliff Williams of AC/DC is 66; and actress Vanessa Hudgens is 28.

Alan Thicke, the Growing Pains star who played one of the quintessential television fathers of the 1980s, has died. According to the TMZ, Thicke suffered a heart attack while playing hockey with his son. He was then taken to a hospital in Burbank, where he died. Thicke remained a consistent presence on TV in recent years with guest appearances. As an actor, he was best known for Growing Pains, the multi-camera family comedy that aired on ABC from 1985 to 1992. Thicke played Jason Seaver. Thicke came to US television after having risen to prominence as a host and frequent talk-show guest in his native Canada. Prior to Growing Pains, he hosted a short-lived syndicated late-night talk show, Thicke of the Night, that was one of the first efforts at challenging the dominance of NBC’s The Tonight Show. He was also an accomplished songwriter, having composed the themes to Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life, as well as several game shows. Alan Thicke was 69.

Today is Play An Old Song That You Didn't Like To See If You Still Don't Like It Day. Today is National Bouillabaisse Day. Bouillabaisse is a fish stew or soup. All agree the fish should be white fillets. Recipes call for a variety of fish, including cod, snapper, flounder, halibut, sea bass, monk fish, and more. Bouillabaisse is believed to have originated in Marseilles, France. It is extremely popular all around the Mediterranean, and is a specialty in ports across the region. Today is Roast Chestnuts Day. Every Christmas holiday we all sing about Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.... But, have you ever roasted chestnuts? Some people have never even tasted a chestnut. It's time we changed that, by simply roasting some chestnuts today. Roast them in early evening, so they will be done in time for an evening snack. They go great with a cup of hot chocolate.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1882, in a speech against allowing women to vote, Senator George G. Vest of Missouri declared, "A woman's place is in the home." In 1968, Tommy James and the Shondells released Crimson & Clover. In 1977, the movie Saturday Night Fever opened in New York, and the sale of polyester leisure suits skyrocketed. The soundtrack album sold 25-million copies worldwide. In 1989, New York City police announced they had lost the trail of Sylvia Matos, who had registered her car at 19 addresses with 36 different license plates. She had 2,800 unpaid parking tickets, totaling $171,000 in fines. In 1995, classified documents from the White House were released that revealed the FBI had spied on John Lennon and his anti-war activities during the early '70s in a possible attempt to have Lennon deported. In 1999, Charles M. Schulz announced he was retiring the Peanuts comic strip. The last original Peanuts comic strip was published on February 13th of 2000.

Jami Kelly's Christmas decorations are pretty simple this year. His neighbor in suburban Detroit went all-out with lights, so Jami used plywood and a few strings of white lights to form the word “Ditto” with an arrow pointing toward the home next-door.

On TV tonight, it's the season finale of Survivor. The 2-hour season finale is followed by the reunion special. That's tonight on CBS.

Trivia Answer: Nostradamus who was born on this date -- December 14th -- or on December 21st -- of 1503. Most academic sources maintain that the associations made between world events and Nostradamus's prophecies are largely the result of misinterpretations or mistranslations (sometimes deliberate) or else are so tenuous as to render them useless as evidence of any genuine predictive power.

Tuesday 12.13.16
Morning Trivia: These fraternal twins are both coaches in the NFL. One is a head coach and the other is an assistant head coach. Their father is a former head coach in the NFL. Can you name the twins?

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is out. Yesterday, the team announced they would be parting ways with the coach after their 42-14 loss against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. Rams owner Stanley Kroenke said in a statement he has "great respect" for Fisher. “He has worked tirelessly despite some challenging circumstances," Kroenke said. "He played an integral role in helping this team make history in returning the NFL to Los Angeles, and we always will be grateful for his commitment and dedication to our organization. “However, this is the right time to make a change as our performance has not lived up to my or our fans' expectations. We all are focused on improving as an organization and building a team that makes Los Angeles proud. Our mission is to celebrate a Super Bowl title with our fans in Los Angeles. Today is the first step to bringing us closer to that goal.” Fisher's firing comes as he was just one loss short of setting the record for the most losses by a head coach in NFL history. Fisher is tied for the record with Dan Reeves at 165. The Hawks host the Jeff Fisher-less Rams Thursday night.

Birthdays: Actor Dick Van Dyke is 91; actor Christopher Plummer is 87; actor-singer-TV host John Davidson is 75; the Rude Nuge, rocker Ted Nugent is 68; a guitarist, known for his stints in Spirit, Steely Dan, and The Doobie Brothers -- more recently, he has been working as a defense consultant and chairs a Congressional Advisory Board on missile defense -- Jeff "Skunk" Baxter is also 68; singer-songwriter Steve Forbert is 62; singer Morris Day is 50; Jody on Family Affair, actor Johnny Whitaker is 57; formerly with ESPN and now with NBC, sportscaster Mike Tirico is 50; actor Jamie Foxx is 49; formerly with Blink-182, Tom Delonge is 41; from Evanescence, singer Amy Lee is 35; and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is 27.

Today is Count the La's in Deck the Halls Day, so you can tell everybody you know how many la's there are. Be careful: don't count the fa's. Today is New Calendar Day, time to pick up the 2017 model.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1843, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, was first published. In 1974, George Harrison became the first rock artist invited to the White House. He had lunch with President Gerald Ford. In 1985, Phil Collins made his acting debut on US TV. His role was as a drug dealer on Miami Vice. In 1988, Bruce Springsteen's divorce from Julianne Phillips became final. In 1998, voters in Puerto Rico rejected US statehood. In 1999, the performing rights group BMI proclaimed the most performed song of the century was The Righteous Brothers' 1965 number-one hit You've Lost That Loving Feeling. In 2000, Republican George W. Bush claimed the presidency a day after the US Supreme Court shut down further recounts of disputed ballots in Florida. Democrat Al Gore conceded and called for national unity. In 2001, NBC-TV announced that it would begin running hard liquor commercials. NBC issued a 19-point policy that outlined the conditions for accepting liquor ads.

The Seattle Sounders and their fans celebrated the team's dramatic MLS Cup victory with a march and rally today.

Employees at a Best Buy in Valley Stream, New York, put their holiday cheer to good use. They noticed a boy who came into the store every day to play the display Wii U. So, the staff chipped in to buy him a Wii U of his very own. The console is worth $299.99 at Best Buy.

Bruno Mars takes 24K Magic to Carpool Karaoke. Bruno is belting out his hit single 24K Magic on Carpool Karaoke tonight with James Corden, along with other recognizable tunes.

Trivia Answer: Rex Ryan and his brother Rob Ryan. They are with the Buffalo Bills. Rex is the head coach and Rob is the assistant head coach. They turn 54 today. Their father is Buddy Ryan who was head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals. It wasn't that long ago that the Buffalo Bills were 4-and-2, holding a shutout victory over their division rival New England, and rolling toward what would have been the team's first playoff berth in this millennium. Since then, the Bills have pinwheeled downward, going 2-and-5 and are now buried deep in the AFC standings, 11th out of 16 teams, to be exact, two games and five teams in the standings separating them from even a wild-card berth. Times are ugly in Buffalo, and various reports indicate Rex Ryan could be the man to take the fall. The Buffalo News reported that offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn could be named interim head coach. The Buffalo News reported that  the owners have decided to fire their head coach. It's no longer a question of whether Ryan will get the heave ho, but when.

Monday 12.12.16
Morning Trivia: This actress, dancer, and singer has a career that has spanned over 70 years. Among her notable acting work are supporting roles in the musical films The King and I and West Side Story, as well as a 1971 to 1977 stint on the children's television series The Electric Company. She was here in Olympia earlier this year to help the Washington Center for the Performing Arts kick off their new season. Who is she?

Well, that was no fun. Nobody helped the Green Bay Packers yesterday so they took care of what they could themselves. And oh, did they take care of the Seattle Seahawks. The Hawks’ 38-10 loss after the snow cleared at Lambeau Field came in such a convincing manner that you had to wonder how this is the same Packers’ team that put itself in the predicament, at 7-and-6 with three games to go, that they still need significant help to win the NFC North. And you have to wonder how this Seahawks team managed to beat the Patriots just a few weeks ago. Russell Wilson with five interceptions? Now a short week for the Hawks. They host the LA Rams Thursday night at the CLink.

Birthdays: Game-show host Bob Barker is 93; singer Connie Francis is 78; singer Dionne Warwick -- Whitney Houston's cousin -- is 76; from The Allman Brothers Band, guitarist Dickey Betts is 73; actress and former gymnast. Cathy Rigby is 64; and singer/percussionist Sheila E. as in Escovedo is 59.

Today is Poinsettia Day, marking the 1799 birth of Dr. Joel Poinsett, who brought the poinsettia plant north from Mexico. He was a US congressman and Secretary of War. Today is Gingerbread House Day. Today is National Ambrosia Day -- Ambrosia, the mythical "food of the gods," is a heavenly treat to real mortal diners at any time of the year. This cool and creamy citrus fruit salad is a light and tasty side dish or dessert. Today is National Ding-A-Ling Day, always on Frank Sinatra's birthday.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1800, Washington, DC, was established as the capital of the United States. In 1899, the US Patent Office issued patent #638,920 to George F. Grant of Boston for his invention of the golf tee. Before that, golfers placed the ball on a small mound of dirt, called a "tee." In 1901, Guglielmo Marconi sent out and received the very first radio signal. In 1917, in Nebraska, Father Edward J. Flanagan founds Boys Town as a farm village for wayward boys. In 1957, DJ Al Priddy was fired from a Portland, Oregon radio station because he played Elvis Presley’s rendition of White Christmas on the air. The station had banned Presley’s interpretations of Christmas carols because they believed that such a sexually charged performer had no business recording religious music. In 2000, a divided US Supreme Court reversed a state court decision for recounts in Florida's contested election, transforming George W. Bush into the president-elect. Also in 2000, a team of developmental pediatricians in Canada released a report declaring Winnie the Pooh and his friends belonged in a child development clinic. The doctors said Pooh was obsessive-compulsive, Eeyore was chronically depressed, Piglet needed medication, Roo was a juvenile delinquent in-the-making, and Christopher Robin had gender issues. They even speculated Christopher Robin might be to blame for Pooh being a Bear of Very Little Brain, saying he may suffer from Shaken Bear Syndrome because of years of Christopher dragging Pooh down the stairs on the back of his head. And in 2000, the Texas Rangers signed Alex Rodriguez to a record breaking 10-year, $252 million contract. The contract amount broke all major league baseball records and all professional sports records. In 2002, the Boring Institute of America declared Ozzy Osbourne the most boring celebrity of the year.

For the third weekend Moana repeated at #1, but that's likely the last one it will see. It's one of several November releases that remain strong, for a top 10 total of $73 million -- a fine number for this time of year, especially without the support of a blockbuster's opening weekend. You also can't discount the trajectory of Office Christmas Party which placed second over the weekend. With no other openers (and even less competition from what little debuted last week) and the seasonal tie-in, it earned $17.5 million. Those were followed by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at No.3, Arrival at No. 4, and Doctor Strange rounding out the Top Five. However, hang on, next week is the arrival of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That film is expected to score the second biggest December opening in history.

On a frigid, tense night in Canada, the Sounders held Toronto FC scoreless for 120 minutes, then triumphed in penalty kicks to secure the club's first MLS championship Saturday night. Thanks to an immense back line performance and a one-of-a-kind evening from keeper Stefan Frei, the Seattle Sounders are MLS champions. Three years to the day after Toronto traded Frei to Seattle for a first-round draft pick, Frei made an unlikely save in extra time and one more during penalty kicks to make club history in a triumph at BMO Field in front of a venue-record 36,045.

Let's review the last 6 months in Toronto: The Cavs eliminated the Raptors, the Indians won the AL pennant over the Blue Jays, and now the Sounders have won MLS Cup over Toronto FC.

Monday Night Football: The Baltimore Ravens are at New England tonight to take on the Patriots.

With a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday a weatherman in Cleveland has to keep his beard for at least another week. Meteorologist Steve Sabol vowed at the start of the Browns’ season not to shave until they won their first game. The team is currently 0-13 with three games left to play. Sabol says he’ll be shaving after the season ends even if the team never wins a game.

Lamar Jackson, a sophomore quarterback at the University of Louisville, was awarded the 2016 Heisman Trophy over the weekend.

A shout out this morning to our friends at JBLM. Strutting just a little today. Army beat Navy over the weekend 21-17 in the annual match-up between the service academy football rivals. The win ended Navy’s 14-year winning streak.

Bette Nash started working as a flight attendant when Dwight Eisenhower was President of the United States and airline tickets were only $12. The 80-year-old airline worker first put on her uniform (Eastern Airlines) when she was just 21 years old — and has no plans to retire. Her regular American Airlines route is Washington National to Boston Logan.

Trivia Answer: Rita Moreno who celebrated her 85th birthday yesterday. Moreno is one of twelve performers to have won all four major annual American entertainment awards: an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy, and a Tony. She is also one of 22 people who have achieved the so-called Triple Crown of Acting, with individual competitive Academy, Emmy, and Tony awards for acting. And she's one of only two people who have achieved both distinctions, the other being Helen Hayes. Moreno also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor.

Friday 12.9.16
Morning Trivia: Sunday is the anniversary of his arrest and and being charged with securities fraud in a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Who is he?

Well, at least here in the South Sound, it seemed the snow showed up later than we were led to believe ... and more of it showed up than we expected. It ended up making a long weekend for a lot of students.

Meanwhile, Russell Wilson says let it snow. He was talking about Sunday's Seahawks game at Green Bay. The former University of Wisconsin quarterback said, "I can't wait. It's going to be awesome." Snow showers are supposed to be a part of Seattle's game at Lambeau Field. He said, "Obviously, I get to go back to Wisconsin." The forecast for Sunday’s 3:25 local-time kickoff at Lambeau: around 29 degrees with winds of 5-10 miles per hour and a 20-percent chance of snow. That chance is predicted to increase into the evening, but the inch or so of snow forecast for Green Bay Sunday is supposed to fall later, closer to midnight. Yet the weather is getting attention this week. Thing is, this Seahawks trip to America’s Great White North won't nearly be like their last one: the -25-degree (wind chill) game day in Minneapolis for Seattle's wild-card playoff win over Minnesota 11 months ago. Bobby Wagner was talking yesterday about how it took him two weeks to get all the feeling back in his fingers from that ice-box game. Hawks-Packers. Sunday afternoon at 1:25 our time. On Fox.

Today is National Pastry Day. Did you know that pastries have been around since 2600 BC? The Egyptians made doughnut-like pastries out of crude flour and honey, and then dipped them in wine. Make a trip to your favorite local bakery and pick up your favorite kind of pastry in honor of National Pastry Day. Today is Christmas Card Day. It honors Sir Henry Cole of England who created the first commercial Christmas Card in 1843.

Birthdays: Actor Kirk Douglas is 100; actor and writer Buck Henry is 86; actor Beau Bridges is 75; Chicago Bear great Dick Butkus is 74; singer and songwriter Joan Armatrading is 66; actor John Malkovich is 63; singer Donny Osmond is 59; actress Felicity Huffman is 54; Bob Dylan’s boy, singer and guitarist Jakob Dylan is 47; from Green Day, drummer Tre Cool is 44; and Simon Helberg from The Big Bang Theory is 36.

John Glenn, arguably Ohio's most accomplished and decorated civilian, has died. The former astronaut, Ohio Senator, and veteran, passed away at the Ohio State James Cancer Hospital surrounded by his loved ones. Glenn was admitted there more than a week before he died. He served in more than100 combat missions over the Pacific as a Navy fighter pilot during his service in World War II and the Korean War. Glenn was then recruited to the newly formed NASA in 1958, where he became the first American to orbit the Earth on February 20th of 1962. He remained a part of the space program until he retired as a Colonel in 1965. After entering the business world as an executive for RC Cola, Glenn became more immersed in politics. After narrowly missing the Democratic party nomination for the US Senate in 1970, he eventually won the Senate seat in 1974, which he held until 1999. At the age of 77, Glenn became the oldest person to go into space when he was a payload specialist in October of 1998, after he lobbied NASA for two years to fly "as a human guinea pig for geriatric studies." He and his wife Annie were married for 73 years. Godspeed John Glenn. He was 95.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1907, the first Christmas Seals went on sale at the Post Office in Wilmington, Delaware. Funds from the sale went to fight tuberculosis. In 1956, at Sun Records in Memphis, a quartet of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis recorded Big Boss Man, Blueberry Hill, Peace in the Valley, That Old Rugged Cross, Isle of Golden Dreams, and I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone. In 1960, Sperry Rand Corporation unveiled a new computer, known as Univac 1107. In 1972, Elton John's Crocodile Rock was released. In 1978, Soul Man -- John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd's version -- was released under the name, The Blues Brothers. In 1992, Britain's Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their separation. In 1992, Bill Wyman left the Rolling Stones after over 30 years with the group. In 2002, United Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after losing $4 billion in the previos two years. It was the sixth largest bankruptcy filing. In 2002, when Madison police tallied up their donated teddy bears to console children at crime and accident scenes, they realized 2,000 of the 3,000 bears were paid for with donations from the Fox Lake Correctional Institution. Inmates had donated $626, enough to purchase 2,000 surplus bears with the help of a Wisconsin marketing company.

The Sounders are off to Canada, eh? They face Toronto FC for the MLS Cup tomorrow. Kickoff is scheduled for 5:00 tomorrow affernoon.

Mick Jagger has welcomed his eighth child. The 73-year old rocker and his 29-year-old girlfriend, American ballerina Melanie Hamrick, welcomed a baby boy yesterday in New York City. Jagger already had seven children ranging in age from 45 to 17.

Super Mario Run is coming December 15th to the iPhone (and later to Android) but already, the runup to its release is expected to lead to some serious cash. Nintendo’s first smartphone game featuring the mustachioed plumber is projected to make $71 million worldwide in the first month alone.

Trivia Answer: Bernard Madoff. He was arrested on December 11th of 2008. He is a former stockbroker, investment advisor, and financier. He's the former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, and the admitted operator of a Ponzi scheme that is considered the largest financial fraud in US history. On June 29th of 2009, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison, the maximum allowed.

Thursday 12.8.16
Morning Trivia: He was an actor and martial artist, best known for his leading role as a warrior monk, Kwai Chang Caine, in the 1970s television series Kung Fu. Who was he?

We get to watch former Seahawk Christine Michael Sunday. He's now a Green Bay Packer. The Hawks meet the Pack at Lambeau Field on Sunday. The current forecast for Lambeau: 28 degrees with snow showers ending before gametime. The Seahawks can clinch the NFC West Sunday if they defeat the Packers and the Arizona Cardinals lose at Miami. Kick-off at 1:25 Sunday. Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and Erin Andrews with the coverage on Fox.

Birthdays: A virtuoso flute player from Belfast, Sir James Galway is 77; she was in town a couple of years ago for the Olympia Film Festival, cult actress Mary Woronov is 73; singer-songwriter George Baker -- he and his band The George Baker Selection did Paloma Blanca -- he's 72; singer-songwriter Bertie Higgins is also 72; from The Allman Brothers, Gregg Allman is 69; actress Kim Basinger is 63; Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen is 59; author and political commentator Ann Coulter is 55. actress Teri Hatcher is 52; singer Sinead O’Connor is 50; retired quarterback Jeff George -- he was a Seahawk for that long -- is 49; singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson is 37; San Diego Charger quarterback Philip Rivers is 35; and rapper & singer-songwriter Nicki Minaj is 34.

Musician Greg Lake, a prog-rock pioneer who co-founded King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, has died. His manager Stewart Young said in a statement that Lake died yesterday after "a long and stubborn battle with cancer." Born in the southern English seaside town of Poole in 1947, Lake founded King Crimson with guitarist Robert Fripp in the late 1960s. The band pioneered the sprawling, ambitious genre that came to be known as progressive rock. He went on to form ELP with keyboardist Keith Emerson, who died in March, and drummer Carl Palmer. With Lake as vocalist and guitarist, ELP impressed the crowds at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, in a lineup that also featured Jimi Hendrix and The Who. Greg Lake was 69.

Today is National Brownie Day, celebrating chocolatey, chewy brownies. Today is Take it in the Ear Day. Take it in the Ear Day is a bizarre day of unknown origin. Research has found absolutely no documentation about the origin and, we have not uncovered any information around the meaning or purpose of this day. Yet, references to this day abound. In any event, Happy Take it in the Ear Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1941, the United States entered World War II when it declared war against Japan. The act came one day after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. In 1952, on the show I Love Lucy, a pregnancy was acknowledged in a TV show for the first time. In 1980, John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman in front of The Dakota in New York City. In 1993, President Clinton signed into law the North American Free Trade Agreement. In 1995, Courtney Love was interviewed by Barbara Walters for ABC's 10 Most Fascinating People of 1995. During the interview Love told Walters that she wished she had done "eight thousand million things" differently to prevent husband Kurt Cobain's death. In 2003, in England, Ozzy Osbourne was injured in an all-terrain vehicle accident. His injuries included a fractured left collarbone, eight fractured ribs and stable fracture to one of the vertebrae in his neck.

Thursday Night Football has the Oakland Raiders in Kansas City against the Chiefs. It's on the NFL Network, NBC, and Twitter tonight at 5:25. Next Thursday, it's the Rams and Seahawks.

The Seattle Sounders headed out yesterday to Toronto for the MLS Cup final. Fans were there to send them off. Fans were allowed to watch the final training session at Starfire Sports in Tukwila. The game against Toronto FC comes up 5 Saturday afternoon at BMO Field in Toronto.

Pinball machines are illegal in Kokomo, Indiana. But that could change Monday. The arcane, unenforced law that prohibits pinball machines in Kokomo should be repealed next week.

Trivia Answer: David Carradine, born on this date in 1936. He was a member of a productive acting family that began with his father, John Carradine. His acting career, which included major and minor roles on stage, television and cinema, spanned over four decades. A prolific "B" movie actor, he appeared in more than 100 feature films and was nominated four times for a Golden Globe Award. The last nomination was for his title role in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. For three seasons, David Carradine starred as a half-Chinese, half-Caucasian monk, Kwai Chang Caine, on the ABC TV series Kung Fu -- 1972–1975 -- and was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award for the role. The show, which took place in the Old West, helped to popularize the martial arts and Eastern philosophy in the west, and immortalized the character of Kwai Chang Caine, also referred to as Grasshopper in popular culture. Carradine knew nothing of the practice of kung fu at the time he was cast in the role of Kwai Chang Caine, instead he relied on his experience as a dancer for the part. He also had experience in sword fighting, boxing, and street fighting on which to draw. It was not until after the series was canceled that Carradine began to study martial arts. On June 4th of 2009, David Carradine was found dead in his room at a htel in central Bangkok, Thailand. The cause of death became widely accepted as "accidental asphyxiation."

Wednesday 12.7.16
Morning Trivia: He was the catcher for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967 to 1983 and is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He's a 14-time All-Star selection and a two-time National League Most Valuable Player. He was a key member of The Big Red Machine, which won six division titles, four National League pennants, and two World Series championships. ESPN has called him the greatest catcher in baseball history. Who is he?

A note from the National Weather Service in Seattle: A storm system is expected to affect the region tomorrow and possibly Friday. This system will result in multiple weather hazards and associated impacts, including a mix of winter precipitation and wind. This storm system will bring precipitation to Western Washington tomorrow afternoon into Friday morning. Colder air already in place at low levels will mean that precipitation will most likely begin as snow tomorrow afternoon and evening. In addition, this type of overrunning pattern typically produces more widespread snowfall than was seen with Monday's system. The most probable scenario at this time is that snowfall will transition back to rain at some point tomorrow night as warmer air works into the area, displacitng the colder air already in place. If this happens, it will occur from south to north and would limit the amount of snow accumulation. It is also possible that precipitation will not transition back to rain, and continue to fall as snow through tomorrow night and into Friday morning. If this occurs, snow accumulations will be much higher than if precipitation changes to rain. In addition to precipitation, this storm system will bring strong east winds to parts of Western Washington tonight into tomorrow, particularly to the gaps in the Cascade Mountains including the passes, Enumclaw and North Bend. Sustained winds are expected to range, at this time, between 20 and 30 mph, with gusts as high as 40 mph in those areas. In addition to snow, a mix of winter precipitation is possible over Western Washington, including isolated pockets of freezing rain. Snow and Ice accumulations on roadways and bridges may cause hazardous driving conditions. Confidence is relatively high at this time that precipitation will begin as snow tomorrow afternoon and evening. Given the uncertainty concerning the transition back to rain, if it occurs at all, confidence regarding the duration and amount of snow accumulation is low.

Yesterday, the Seahawks officially placed Earl Thomas on injured reserve (out for the season). They brought back safety Jeron Johnson to provide secondary depth, signed fullback Marcel Reece, and made room for the former University of Washington receiver by waiving runningback George Farrmer. The Seahawks can clinch the NFC West Sunday if they defeat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field and the Arizona Cardinals lose at Miami. The Seahawks last win at Lambeau was November 1st of 1999. Jon Kitna threw a couple of touchdown passes and Brett Favre threw four interceptions. Seattle won 27 to 7.

Birthdays: Actress Ellen Burstyn is 84; singer and songwriter Tom Waits is 67; basketball's Larry Bird is 60; football's Terrell Owens is 43; baseball's Eric Chavez is 39; and singer Sara Bareilles is 37.

Today is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, marking the attack by 200 Japanese aircraft against Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, killing nearly 3,000 on this date in 1941. The attack began at dawn. It crippled the US Pacific Fleet, and caused the US to enter World War II. The next day President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated in a speech to Congress it was "a day that will live in infamy". The US then declared war on Japan. Today is Harry Chapin Day, marking the singer's birth December 7, 1942. His hits included Taxi, WOLD, and Cat's In The Cradle. He received a special Congressional Gold Medal for his efforts to eliminate world hunger. He was killed in a traffic accident in 1981 on his way to a benefit show. Today is National Cotton Candy Day -- Cotton Candy was originally called fairy floss.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1968, history's most overdue library book, Dr. J. Currie's Febrile Diseases, was returned to the University of Cincinnati Medical Library. It had been checked out 145 years earlier by Mr. M. Dodd and was returned by his great-grandson, Richard Dodd. The fine was estimated at $2,264. It was waived. In 1980, the Chicago Bears scored nine touchdowns to embarrass Green Bay 61-7. In 1998, officials of Madame Toussaud's traveling wax museum in Sydney, Australia, finally sewed the zipper up on US President Bill Clinton's pants because visitors kept unzipping it. In 2004, singer Jerry Scoggins died at age 93. He sang The Ballad of Jed Clampett, the theme song on The Beverly Hillbillies.

Time magazine has named Donald Trump its Person of the Year -- calling him President of the Divided States of America.

Well, that didn't take long. Did you see that tickets for the general public to the MLS Cup game on Saturday featuring the Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC sold out in three minutes on Monday? That's the word from the MLS in a news release. The game begins at 5 Saturday afternoon at BMO Field in Toronto.

Facebook has finally admitted it has a problem with fake news -- and some responsibility to stop the spread of misinformation and propaganda on its platform. So the social media giant is rolling out a new feature that shifts the work of flagging false stories to you, the Facebook user. Surveys have started popping up below stories on Facebook, asking users to evaluate how misleading an article’s language is or whether it leaves out “key details.” The feature doesn’t seem to be widespread yet.

A New Jersey man won a $1 million lottery jackpot because of an error. One of the owners of Samn’s Day and Night Food Store said her mother sold the winning ticket to the player, a 70-year-old who is a regular customer. The man usually picks his own numbers but the store owner’s mother accidentally sold him a quick pick ticket, which turned out to be the winner.

Hairspray in live on TV tonight. This is a small-screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical (which itself was based John Waters' 1988 indie comedy film). In 1962 Baltimore, overweight teen Tracy Turnblad becomes a local celebrity after landing a role dancing on a popular show and embarks on a campaign to integrate the all-white program. Tony winner Harvey Fierstein and newcomer Maddie Baillio head an all-star cast that includes Dove Cameron, Kristin Chenoweth, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson and Martin Short. It's tonight on NBC.

Trivia Answer: Johnny Bench who is 69 today. Bench was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, in 1989 alongside Carl Yastrzemski. He was elected in his first year of eligibility, and appeared on 96% of the ballots, the third-highest percentage at that time. In 1989, he became the first individual baseball player to appear on a Wheaties box, a cereal he ate as a child. In 1999, Bench ranked Number 16 on The Sporting News list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players. He was the highest-ranking catcher. Bench was also elected to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team as the top vote-receiving catcher. Starting with the 2000 college baseball season, the best collegiate catcher annually receives the Johnny Bench Award. Notable winners include Buster Posey of Florida State University, and Kurt Suzuki of Cal State Fullerton. On September 17th of 2011, the Cincinnati Reds unveiled a statue of Bench at the entrance way of the Reds Hall of Fame at Great American Ball Park. The larger-than-life bronze statue shows Bench in the act of throwing out a base runner. Bench called the unveiling of his statue, his "greatest moment."

Tuesday 12.6.16
Morning Trivia: He's a comedian, actor, writer, and an Oscar-winning film producer. He's known for his distinctly lethargic voice and slow, deadpan delivery of ironic, philosophical, and sometimes nonsensical jokes. He was ranked as the twenty-third greatest comedian by Comedy Central in a list of the 100 greatest stand-up comics. He was awarded the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for his 1988 short film The Appointments of Dennis Jennings. Who is he?

Look out, they're saying the Indianapolis Colts are peaking at the right time. The Colts moved into a tie with Houston and Tennessee atop the AFC South after whipping the lowly New York Jets on Monday Night Football last night, 41-10. Indianapolis is 3-and-1 over its past four games. The Colts have turned things around after stumbling to losses earlier this season at a time when making the playoffs seemed unlikely. The Jets, meanwhile, are now mathematically eliminated from postseason play.

Birthdays: Actress JoBeth Williams is 68; Craigslist founder Craig Newmark is 64; R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck is 59; she was Maggie on Northern Exposure, actress Janine Turner is 54; producer, writer, director, actor, and comedian Judd Apatow is 49; and Johnny Football -- quarterback Johnny Manziel -- is 24.

Today is St. Nicholas Day. Yes, there really was a christian Saint Nicholas. He lived in the country of Greece, just a couple hundred years after the birth of Christ. This day is in honor of Saint Nicholas and his life. Saint Nicholas became a priest, and later, a Bishop of the early Catholic Church. True to the ch*ristian concept of giving up belongings and following Christ, St. Nicholas gave up all of his belongings. He was well known for giving to needy people, especially children. There are may stories and tales of him helping out children in need. The practice of hanging up stockings originated with Saint Nicholas. As the ancient legend goes, Saint Nicholas was known to throw small bags of gold coins into the open windows of poor homes. After one bag of gold fell into the stocking of a child, news got around. Children soon began hanging their stocking by their chimneys "in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there." In many European countries, St. Nicholas brings fruit, cakes, and gifts to all good little children. The name ‘Santa Claus’ evolved from St. Nicholas via a Dutch dialect form of the name, Sinte Klaas or Sinterklaas. The first church in what would become New York City, built by the Dutch in 1624, was named for Sinterklaas. Today is Miner's Day in West Virginia. Today is International Bad Hair Day.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1883, the debut issue of the Ladies' Home Journal was published. In 1923, a presidential address was broadcast on radio for the first time as President Coolidge spoke to a joint session of Congress. In 1960, Thomas Monaghan founded Domino's Pizza. In 1995, vegetarian Linda McCartney, the wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney, paid $4,600 at a London charity auction to save a prize turkey from the dinner table. Traditionally, the champion bird was purchased and served by a restaurant. In 2003, Army became the first team to finish 0-and-13 in major college history after losing to Navy 34-6.

It became obvious early in his press conference yesterday afternoon that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll really didn't care to address the Earl Thomas injury, a broken tibia suffered against the Carolina Panthers Sunday. In fact, Carroll seemed almost irked by the numerous media questions about the five-time All-Pro, but he did say, "He is going to be out for the season. He’s got a serious recovery time he has to go through and there is no shot for him to come back this year. He seems to be doing okay, he's doing all right. He's going through the emotional part of dealing with it. I’m not going to talk about recovery time. As for surgery, I don’t know that." Since there is little time in the NFL to mourn the loss of a wounded warrior, even one as gifted as Thomas, Carroll seemed almost eager to jump ahead to Steven Terrell, who will replace Thomas in the starting lineup. Carroll said, “I don’t think you are ever going to replace Earl Thomas but we’re going to play Steven at that spot and he’s going to do the best he can do. We’re very confident in what he can do. He’s been with us a long time, he knows the concepts and is a very disciplined player.” The Seahawks at 8-3-and-1 clinched their fifth consecutive winning season Sunday night. They travel to Green Bay Sunday to face the Packers. Catch the game Sunday afternoon at 1:25 on FOX.

Beyonce and Adele are competing in the top three categories at the Grammy Awards. The Recording Academy announced this morning that Beyonce's Lemonade and Adele's 25 are nominated for album of the year, along with Drake's Views, Justin Bieber's Purpose, and Sturgill Simpson's A Sailor's Guide to Earth. Beyonce leads with nine nominations, Drake, Rihanna, and Kanye West each have eight nominations. For song of the year, Beyonce's Formation and Adele's Hello are battling Lukas Graham's 7 Years, Mike Posner's I Took a Pill In Ibiza, and Bieber's Love Yourself, co-written with Ed Sheeran. Beyonce, Adele and Lukas Graham's tunes are also nominated for record of the year, competing with Rihanna and Drake's Work and twenty one pilots' Stressed Out. Best new artist nominees are Chance the Rapper, Maren Morris, The Chainsmokers, Anderson Paak and Kelsea Ballerini. The Grammys air live on February 12th.

In what can only be described as a space oddity, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is being cared for in a New Zealand hospital by Dr. David Bowie after being evacuated from the South Pole. The coincidence certainly tickled Aldrin's manager, Christina Korp, who posted a photo on Twitter of Aldrin and Dr. Bowie together. Korp Tweeted, "You can't make this stuff up." Bowie -- the singer and actor, not the doctor -- released his hit Space Oddity about a fictional astronaut who loses communication with ground control in 1969, just days before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the moon. The 86-year-old Aldrin was evacuated from the South Pole over the weekend after falling ill and was flown to Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island, where he remains in quarantine. He has been advised by doctors to remain until fluid in his lungs clears.

University of Washington quarterback Jake Browning, who has already been honored this season as the Pac-12's offensive player of the year, will not be a finalist for the Heisman Trophy. Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson is a Heisman Trophy finalist for the second consecutive season, joining Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson, Michigan linebacker Jabrill Peppers and Oklahoma teammates Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook. The finalists were announced yesterday on ESPN and the award is being presented Saturday in New York.

The Oscars finally have a host: Jimmy Kimmel is emceeing the 89th Academy Awards. Kimmel is hosting the show for the first time, the Academy of Motion Pictures said yesterday. In September, he hosted the Emmy Awards for the second time. The selection of Kimmel gives ABC, home of the Oscars telecast, the choice the network had sought. The academy waited much later than usual to name a host for the February 26th ceremony.

Here's your number for the day: 22 billion. That's the number of letters, packages and cards the U.S. Postal Service expects to deliver between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The busiest mailing day this year is expected to be Monday, December 19th.

Trivia Answer: Steven Wright who is 61 today. Wright's 1985 comedy album , titled I Have a Pony, was released and received critical acclaim. It was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. The success of this album landed him an HBO special. The performance would become one of HBO's longest running and most requested comedy specials, and would propel him to great success on the college-arena concert circuit.

A couple of Wrightisms:

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before.

I didn't know it then, but looking back, in hindsight, I realize that when I was younger I could see into the future. Now I'm getting all my premonitions as flashbacks.

In 1989 he and fellow producer Dean Parisot won an Academy Award for their 30-minute short film The Appointments of Dennis Jennings, directed by Parisot, written by Mike Armstrong and Wright, and starring Wright and Rowan Atkinson. Upon accepting the Oscar, Wright said, "We're really glad that we cut out the other sixty minutes." Numerous lists of jokes attributed to Wright circulate on the Internet, sometimes of dubious origin. Wright has stated, "Someone showed me a site, and half of it that said I wrote it, I didn't write. Recently, I saw one, and I didn't write any of it. What's disturbing is that with a few of these jokes, I wish I had thought of them. A giant amount of them, I'm embarrassed that people think I thought of them, because some are really bad."

Monday 12.5.16
Morning Trivia: He was a multiple Academy Award-winning American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He's famous for his influence in the field of entertainment during the twentieth century. As the co-founder -- along with his brother -- of a production company, he became one of the best-known motion picture producers in the world. He and his staff created a number of the world's most famous fictional characters. He received fifty-nine Academy Award nominations and won twenty-six Oscars, including a record four in one year, and thus holds the record for the individual with the most awards and the most nominations. He also won seven Emmy Awards. Who is he?

Winter's still a few weeks away but Mother Nature's not waiting. Quite the morning across Western Washington.

It was the worst great game in Seahawks history. Tyler Lockett zoomed into dominance in the offense and kick-return game for the first time this season after a long battle through a September knee sprain. He took off on a 75-yard fly sweep to put Seattle up 30-7 on stunned Carolina one play into the third quarter. Thomas Rawls showed the decisive cuts and spin moves while barreling like a runaway dump truck for 103 yards and his first game with two touchdowns rushing of his career. And that was all before halftime of the Seahawks’ 40-7 victory over the Panthers, a rematch of Carolina’s playoff win last January on a cold Sunday night in more ways than one at CenturyLink Field. With retired running back and locker-room hero Marshawn Lynch watching from the warming bench wearing a neon-orange parka on a 35-degree night, the Seahawks won for the fourth time in five games -- and looked as awesome offensively as they had looked awful the week before in losing 14-5 at Tampa Bay. The Seahawks maintained their three-game lead over Arizona atop the NFC West heading into next weekend’s game at Green Bay. And they kept their place as the No. 2 seed in the conference. Four games remain in the regular season. But Earl Thomas apparently will not play in any of them. One quarter into his return from missing his first career game out of 119 last week with a strained hamstring, Seattle’s three-time All-Pro safety got what his team confirmed was a fracture in his left leg below the knee. That was the result of a leg-on-leg smash from teammate Kam Chancellor as they went for a possible interception of Cam Newton early in the second quarter. Undrafted rookie backup quarterback Trevone Boykin entered with 9:28 left. Wilson finished 26 for 36 passing for 277 yards, a touchdown, an interception and passer rating of 92. He also ran three times for 29 yards.

Birthdays: Richard Wayne Penniman, better known as Little Richard, is 84; from Loggins and Messina, musician Jim Messina is 69; former quarterback Jim Plunkett is also 69; actress Morgan Brittany is 65; NFL hall of famer Art Monk is 59; from The Goo Goo Dolls, John Rzeznik is 51; comedian Margaret Cho is 48; he was Malcolm on Malcolm in the Middile -- he says his last name is pronounced me-YOO-nez -- actor Frankie Muniz is 31.

Today is Boycott Day, the 58th anniversary of the city bus boycott in Birmingham by residents protesting the arrest on December 1st of seamstress Rosa Parks. Today is Bathtub Party Day. Have a personal Bathtub Party -- draw yourself a tub full of warm water, add a few bath oil beads, and voila. Today is also Repeal Day. It commemorates the repeal of the 18th Amendment on this date in 1933. Once more, Americans were free to buy, sell, and consume alcoholic beverages. I'll drink to that.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1782, te first native US president, Martin Van Buren, was born in Kinderhook, New York. In 1945, the so-called Lost Squadron disappeared. The five US Navy Avenger bombers carrying 14 Navy flyers began a training mission at the Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station. They were never heard from again. In 1968, Graham Nash quit the Hollies. Three days later, he announced the formation of Crosby, Stills and Nash. In 1992, the Denver Post quoted a Department of Energy memo showing that a vital safety system at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant required 43 workers to change a light bulb. In 1994, Republicans chose Newt Gingrich to be the first GOP speaker of the House in four decades. In 2002, actor Richard Gere won the Plain English Campaign's Foot in Mouth award in Britain for the year's most baffling celebrity quote. Gere won the award after telling a Sunday newspaper: "I know who I am. No one else knows who I am. If I was a giraffe and somebody said I was a snake, I'd think 'No, actually I am a giraffe."

Moana sailed to the top of the domestic box office for the second consecutive weekend. The Disney animated adventure picked up $28.4 million to push its stateside haul to $119.9 million. Not that Moana faced much in the way of competition. The weekend after Thanksgiving tends to be a slow one for the movie business and this year's edition was in keeping with that tradition. The only major new release, Incarnate, failed to sell many tickets, earning $2.6 million and falling short of its expected $4 million to $5 million opening. So, Moana topped the list. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came in second. Arrival finished third. Allied placed fourth. And Doctor Strange rounded out the top five.

The turnaround on Montlake is complete. The Washington Huskies are getting a chance to play for the college football national championship. The Pac-12 champion Huskies were selected as the No. 4 seed by the college football selection committee. That means they'll face undefeated Alabama on the 31st in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. The Huskies punched their ticket with a convincing 41-10 win over No. 8 Colorado in the Pac-12 Championship Game on Friday, finishing their season at 12-and-1. It's the most wins for the program since 1991, when the team went 12-and-0 and shared the national championship with Miami. Alabama has played Washington four times previously, twice in bowls and not since 1986. Huskies fans were holding up signs at games late in the season, proclaiming "We want Bama." Washington coach Chris Petersen said on ESPN, "Sometimes you got to be careful what you wish for. I didn't hold up that sign." Washington's last national title came in 1991, when the Huskies were No. 1 in the final coaches' poll. Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State round out the other three spots.

While the Huskies are headed for the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, the Cougars are heading to San Diego. The 8-and-4 WSU football team was selected to play against the University of Minnesota in the National Funding Holiday Bowl on the 27th at Qualcomm Stadium. WSU started the season slowly, losing the first two games of the season but clicked off eight straight wins. The team finished second in the Pac 12-North after losing to South Division champions Colorado and College Football Playoff-bound Washington in the Apple Cup. The Gophers also finished 8-and-4. Each of Minnesota’s losses came against ranked foes — Penn State, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin. WSU last played in the Holiday Bowl in 2003, beating the Texas Longhorns 28-20. Their only other time was a 38-36 loss in 1981 to BYU. Mike Leach is 1-and-1 in bowl games as coach of the Cougs.

If you failed to get your fill of football over the weekend, there'a always Monday Night Football. Tonight's contest features the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets. Kick-off is at 5:30 on ESPN.

Trivia Answer: Walter Elias Disney -- Walt Disney -- who was born on this date in 1901. He died of lung cancer on December 15th of 1966.

Friday 12.2.16
Morning Trivia: She's a singer, dancer and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows as a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997. Her first and second studio albums became international successes. In 2007, her much-publicized personal issues sent her career into hiatus. Her erratic behavior and hospitalizations continued through the following year, at which point she was placed under a still ongoing conservatorship. She is regarded as a pop icon and credited with influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s. She became the best-selling teenage artist of all time and garnered honorific titles including the Princess of Pop. Who is she?

We've got a Pac-12 championship to decide. The Washington Huskies meet the Colorado Buffaloes. The Huskies trying to stay in the National Championship picture. The game is down in Santa Clara at Levi's Stadium tonight at 6 on Fox.

Hawks-Panthers. They've met eight times since 2010 -- that despite an entire continent between the franchises. A rivalry of sorts developed -- and was welcomed after the San Francisco 49ers blew up. But neither team is talking rivalry ahead of the matchup this weekend. Both are so absorbed averting disaster that the identity of the next foe is of secondary importance. The Panthers at 4-and-7 are in danger of missing the playoffs. They're telling themselves that because five of the losses were by three points or less, they really are closer to playing like defending NFC champions than the record indicates. Meanwhile, the Seahawks continue to tell themselves that last Sunday’s 14-5 loss in Tampa, the club’s most dreary under-performance in the Russell Wilson era, was, A bad night at the ball game. We'll see. Hawks-Panthers, Sunday night at 5:30 on NBC.

Birthdays: Known for playing Wonder Woman before Lynda Carter, actress Cathy Lee Crosby is 72; he was Bulldog on Frasier, actor Dan Butler is 62; TV newsman Stone Phillips is also 62; Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage is 56; actress Lucy Liu is 48; tennis pro Monica Seles 43; singer Nelly Furtado is 38; Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers is 33; and singer-songwriter Charlie Puth is 25.

Today is Enron Day. The once high-flying Houston energy company filed for bankruptcy on this date in 2001. Today is Safety Razor Day. King Gillette patented the first razor with disposable blades on this date in 1901. And today is National Fritters Day. Aren't we lucky that this this special day has finally arrived!? Before you can begin to celebrate this very important day, you need to know what a "fritter" is. Many people don't, making it all the more fun to eat your first fritter today. A fritter is a fried cake or dough with fruit or meats inside. Don't fritter this day away without eating at least one fritter.

Calendar notes: On this day in 1949, Gene Autry hit the charts with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The song had evolved from a 1939 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog featuring a red-nosed reindeer. In 1969, on NBC's I Dream of Jeannie, genie Jeannie married her master, Captain Tony Nelson. Barbara Eden played Jeannie, Larry Hagman was Captain Nelson. The show ran six years. Also in 1969, the Boeing 747 jumbo jet got its first public preview as 191 people flew from Seattle to New York City. Most of the passengers were reporters and photographers. In 1970, the United States Environmental Protection Agency began operations. In 1982, doctors at the University of Utah implanted a permanent artificial heart in the chest of retired dentist Barney Clark. He lived 112 days with the device. The operation was the first of its kind. In 1983, MTV aired Michael Jackson's Thriller video for the first time. In 1998, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates donated $100 million to help immunize children in developing countries. In 2003, the US Supreme Court ruled that after knocking, police don't have to wait longer than 20 seconds before breaking into the home of a drug suspect. In 2005, the US Transportation Security Administration decided to allow passengers to carry scissors and some tools on planes.

A study shows that if you eat slowly, you will eat less -- and you will enjoy the meal more. Women consumed about 70 fewer calories when they were told to take their time eating a meal of pasta and sauce, compared to when they were instructed to eat it as quickly as possible. They also rated the meal as more pleasant when they ate slowly.

In theaters today, the horror-thriller Incarnate which will probably not unseat Moana from the top of the box office chart. Moana is expected to bring in another $27 million.

Trivia Answer: Britney Jean Spears who turns 35 today. Those first two albums were ...Baby One More Time in 1999 and Oops!... I Did It Again in 2000. The title tracks of each broke international sales records. Her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including a Grammy Award, six MTV Video Music Awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award, ten Billboard Music Awards including the Billboard Millennium Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She has sold 100 million albums and over 100 million singles worldwide making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Rolling Stone recognized her instant success as one of the Top 25 Teen Idol Breakout Moments of all time, while VH1 ranked her eleventh on their "100 Greatest Women in Music" list in 2012, and Billboard named her the sexiest woman in music. Spears appeared on the cover of Marie Claire UK for the October 2016 issue. In the publication, Spears' revealed that she had suffered from crippling anxiety in the past, and that motherhood played a major role in helping her overcome it. In November 2016, during an interview with Las Vegas Blog, Spears confirmed she had already begun work on her next album, stating: "I’m not sure what I want the next album to sound like. I just know that I’m excited to get into the studio again."

Thursday 12.1.16
Morning Trivia: He is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential stand-up comedians of his era: Jerry Seinfeld called him "The Picasso of our profession"; Bob Newhart called him "the seminal comedian of the last 50 years. He won an Emmy Award in 1973, and five Grammy Awards -- in 1974, 1975, 1976, 1981, and 1982. In 1974, he also won two American Academy of Humor awards and the Writers Guild of America Award. The first ever Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor was presented to him in 1998. He's listed at Number 1 on Comedy Central's list of all-time greatest stand-up comedians. Who is he?

Snow for the MLS Cup? It could happen. The game is set for Saturday, December 10th, in Toronto after Toronto beat Montreal to win the Eastern Conferense final last night. The Seattle Sounders are going to Canada. The long range forecast for the 10th in Toronto calls for a high of 34. However, there's only a 20% chance of precipitation.

Birthdays: Actor and director Woody Allen is 81; golfer Lee Trevino is 77; Blue Oyster Cult frontman Eric Bloom is 72; the drummer with The Doors, John Densmore is 72; The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler is 71; singer Gilbert O’Sullivan is 70; actor Treat Williams is 65; she was Lucy on Dallas, actress Charlene Tilton is 58; and singer Vance Joy is 29.

The inventor of the McDonald's iconic Big Mac, Michael James "Jim" Delligatti, has died. He was 98. Delligatti was a longtime Pennsylvania McDonald’s franchisee who created the Big Mac about 50 years ago. Delligatti is also credited with participating in the creation of McDonald’s breakfast menu, specifically the hot cakes and sausage meal originally created for third-shift steelworkers.

Today is World AIDs Day. Today is Eat a Red Apple Day. Apples are delicious. Apples are nutritious. That's a great combination.

National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month begins today, sponsored by Parenting Without Pressure. Really? Cookie Cutter Week begins today. Today is Rosa Parks Day, the anniversary of her arrest in Montgomery, Alabama, when she refused to give up her seat and move to the rear of a city bus. Ms. Parks died in 2009 and became the first woman to lie in honor at the US Capitol.

Calendar notes: On this date in 1891, Canadian YMCA trainer James Naismith nailed two peach baskets on opposite ends of the Spring College gym in Massachusetts and instructed his students to toss soccer balls into them. It marked the birth of basketball. In 1913, the first drive-in automobile service station opened, in Pittsburgh, PA. In 1953, starlet/model Marilyn Monroe was featured as the nude centerfold in the first issue of Playboy magazine. In 1959, 12 countries, including the US and USSR, signed a treaty that set aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve, which would be free from military activity. In 1969, the US government held its first draft lottery since World War II. In 1992, in New York, Amy Fisher was sentenced to 5-to-15 years in prison for shooting and wounding Mary Ann Buttafuoco. Within a year there were three TV movies about the case. In 1997, Kenny G set a record when he held a note on his saxophone for 45 minutes and 47 seconds. In 2004, Tom Brokaw signed off for the last time as anchor of the NBC Nightly News. He was succeeded by Brian Williams ... for a while.

We've got a Pac-12 championship to decide. The Washington Huskies meet the Colorado Buffaloes. The game is down in Santa Clara at Levi's Stadium tomorrow night at 6 on Fox.

With each passing game, it looks like the Carolina Panthers -- who at 4-7 sit three games out of first place in the NFC South -- won't make a return trip to the Super Bowl this season. In all likelihood, the defending NFC champs won't even make the playoffs this year -- but don't expect Richard Sherman to feel bad for them. After quarterback Cam Newton and the Panthers defeated Sherman's Seahawks in the divisional round last season, Newton celebrated by running around Bank of America Stadium smiling and high-fiving fans. Sherman said Newton crossed a line when he grabbed a 12th man flag from a Seahawks fan, crumpled it and threw it in the air. Sherman said yesterday, "I guess karma gets you. It doesn't look like you're going to be in the playoffs this year." The Seahawks cornerback has another chance to deliver karma to Newton when Seattle hosts Carolina in Sunday night's rematch. Unlike the Panthers, Seattle sits comfortably in first place in the NFC West and is expected to make the playoffs for a fifth straight season. Hawks-Panthers, Sunday night at 5:30 on NBC.

Thursday Night Football tonight: the Dallas Cowboys are at Minnesota to take on the Vikings. The game is on NBC, the NFL Network, and is streaming on Twitter. Kick-off at 5:25.

Also on TV Tonight, A Charlie Brown Christmas. In this digitally re-mastered version of the 1965 special, Charlie Brown looks for the meaning of Christmas. It's tonight on ABC.

The Tacoma Dome -- Tacoma's iconic arena -- is in for a $21.3 million face-lift. The Tacoma Dome, Washington State's largest indoor venue, is set to receive new seating, exterior renovations, an updated backstage area, modernized restrooms, and updated loading docks and security systems, according to city officials. The Tacoma Dome was built in the 1980s. Some of the world's most popular musical artists have played there, including David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen. It is the largest wood domed structure in the world. Renovations will begin in the summer of 2017. New seating is set to be installed during the summer of 2018 with all renovations completed by the fall of 2018. The city says the facility welcomes about 500,000 guests and hosts 125,000 shows annually. The implosion of the Kingdome in Seattle on March 26th of 2000, made the Tacoma Dome the largest in the state.

Trivia Answer: Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor who was born on this date in 1940. Pryor suffered a mild heart attack in November 1977. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1986. By the early 1990s, he was confined to using a wheelchair as well as a motor powered scooter for the remainder of his life to get around when his multiple sclerosis began to take its toll on his body. In 1990, Pryor suffered a second and more severe heart attack and underwent triple heart bypass surgery. On December 10th of 2005, nine days after his birthday, Pryor suffered a heart attack in Encino, California. He was taken to a local hospital after his wife's attempts to resuscitate him failed. He was pronounced dead at 7:58 in the morning. He was 65 years old. His widow Jennifer was quoted as saying, "At the end, there was a smile on his face."